My first training walk for Woodlarks of 2019 - off to Swineford, donate today! Part 1

Tom Winnifrith Saturday 23 February 2019


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You know what fun I have with training walks. Getting wet. Getting lost. Scrambling up nettle infested steep hills as a result of getting lost. It is all part of the build up to May 25 and the 33 mile Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks Charity walk. Today is the first serious training walk: 12 miles from my front door to a pub in Swineford. I shall carry a camera, my laptop and a phone so will post photos along the way…

The first stretch to Hanham lock is not that tough, paths most of the way although the last mile of that six miles is rather muddy. From memory, the path after that deteriorates badly as I track the river Avon.

The idea is to meet the Mrs and Joshua for lunch but the little fellow is running a bit of a temperature so I might just wan der part of the way back from the Swan at Swineford and call a cab or maybe I shall just call it a day at the Swan. I will see how I feel.

I shall post photos all day over on and I hope that with eight rogue bloggers now signed up for this year’s event in May you might think of me striding through the nettles and make a donation HERE

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