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Photo article: rowing with the Mrs, I win and Joshua gets a much needed haircut

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 4 March 2019

There is a bit of a cycle here. Joshua's hair gets longer and longer. I say "he looks like a girl I thought we had agreed not to raise him in a gender fluid way." The Mrs says "oh but look at his sweet curly locks." I say "you cannot be serious" and in the end I prevail and I take the little lad off to the barbers where we both have a hair cut, he gets a bit of chocolate as a bribe to behave well and we go home. At that point the Mrs coos, says how sweet he looks and admits that I was right which, as you can see below, I was.

When the Mrs has a hair cut I make a point of saying how great it looks as all sensible husband's know to do. Natch the reverse is not true. Anyhow the cycle of denial and acceptance will all be repeated in about three months time. 

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