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Jon Snow of Channel 4 Fake News suffers his worst bout of Trump Derangement Syndrome yet

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 7 June 2019

Back in the Studio, Anne Applebaum, a well known sufferer from Trump Derangement Syndrome, had just made the ludicrous claim that had Donald Trump been President in the early 1940s his isolationism would have meant that the USA would not have joined the fight against the Nazis.

Snow, whose introduction to the D day minus 1 Channel 4 News made it clear that he thought Trump and indeed anyone who does not, like him, read the Guardian is a Nazi, lapped it up. He turned to a lefty historian standing next to him at Portsmouth saying “isn’t that remarkable” if Donald Trump had been in charge America would not have taken part in D-Day.

The historian, though a lefty, did not have full blown Trump Derangement Syndrome so pointed out that Japan attacked Pearl Harbor putting it at war with the US so forcing Japan’s ally Germany to declare war on the US so sucking America into WW2. Not even Trump could have stopped that.

Snow looked perplexed as hard facts overwhelmed fake news. He moved on.

He really should move on. A man of his age knows his history and surely he must have known what utter tosh he was spouting? Even by the standards of Channel 4 Fake News this was a low point.

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