Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - the River Dee rises to reach the first barn

Tom Winnifrith Thursday 13 June 2019


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I was unable to take photos from exactly the same spot as yesterday to show you how much the river Dee has risen as that would have left me in a couple of foot of water. But it has risen and will continue to rise as the rain from Bala makes its way down and because it is still raining. Joshua and I went to inspect it this morning and he is terribly excited and convinced that there are snakes in “his lake”. If that keeps him away so much the better.  The far bank of the river, the English side, has now all but disappeared and so the “lake” streches almost without interruption, for hundreds of yards. Here in Wales…

The orchard is now well under water and the river has now reached the walls of the barns at that end of the farmyard. It has also now broken into the formal garden which is a good excuse not to finish mowing the lawn. I make the distance from the water’s edge to the house itself about eleven yards. So with plenty of water from Bala still to arrive it might just get here. In fifty years the house has never flooded but, I suppose, there is always a first time.  However, the part of the hovel at the river side is the bit where my mother-in-law may come to live at some stage and needs an awful lot of work anyway. Its floorboards are already rotten and most everything needs ripping out. So there is no panic yet.


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