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Photo Article: Flood Report from the Welsh Hovel - the Bridge to England

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 15 June 2019

I have not reported for a couple of days and I am glad to say that the waters are now receeding here at the Welsh Hovel. They have left our garden and the levels in the Orchard are down by a good foot and a half. The photos below are from Thursday and are from the area around the bridge I cross each nursery day walking Joshua off to “borstal” in England.

Photo one is the view from England. That huge copper beech is normally 15 yards from the shore. Instead it was on a narrow strip of land which was rapidly being overwhelmed between the river and a lake which had emerged to swallow up the field behind. Photo two is from the same spot and shows the walk up the river Dee towards Chester. No training walks today.  Photo three is of the river from the same spot.


Photo four is of the walk on the English side away from Chester. Keep walking for three quarters of a mile and you will find yourself opposite the Welsh Hovel. Well maybe not today. Photo five is back in Wales and is the seating area by the bridge. Walk through that and you start the walk across the fields towards the Welsh Hovel. Not today. Photo six is of that copper Beech the other side of the bridge in Wales.

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