A surprise call from lovely Eleni – what on earth am I doing in cold Wales?

Tom Winnifrith Wednesday 18 December 2019


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Well that made my day. Lovely Eleni from the Kourounis taverna in Kambos called to wish my family a Merry Christmas and to say thank you for the books for her two kids which arrived today. I am not sure what her son will make of Tin Tin but if it helps his English a bit all is good. Eleni asks how I am? Cold say I.

For it is terribly cold in Wales. Both outside and inside the welsh Hovel. Though I have our new radiators on full blast there are none in the dining room where I now sit and the floors man has just been to polish the tiles that lead to the rest of the house. I am thus trapped and so have been to my woodshed to saw logs and start a fire. But it is still freezing.

Actually beyond the tiles it is not much better. The now exposed giant fireplaces suck whatever heat the radiators generate straight out of the room. I have ordered some “chimney cushions” to stop this but they are yet to arrive. So, I am cold.

Eleni says that in Kambos and up at the Greek Hovel it is more than 20 degrees. Why, I wonder not for the first time, am I in Wales not Greece?

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