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Tom Winnifrith Friday 3 April 2020


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So far the Betsi Cadwalldr health district seems to have been relatively unaffected by the Coronavirus. But there have been deaths around here in North Wales and there are many more folks who have caught Covid 19 and survived. In order to boost my immune system to improve my odds if I do catch it, I take Joshua for a walk each day first over our fields and then further on along the River Dee on the Welsh side and heading downstream.

After a while Joshua says he is tired and goes in a carrier on my back. As he is a chunky three and a half year old that is quite a load. But it is all good training for my 34 mile Woodlarks walk on June 13 which will go ahead come what may, albeit, on a new route. More on that later but please feel ree to sponsor me here.

Joshua and i have now reached a point where there is a diversion as you can see below. Is this just a farmer thinking of a way of keeping walkers out? I suspect not and that it is for real.  The diversion is fine but seems to be blocked by a mud quagmire from the last floods which is yet to dry out enough to be passable. As such, pro tem, our daily walk is limited to just under three miles. But a few more sunny days and we will be upping the distance once more. 


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