As Britain basks in a heatwave, the like of which not seen for 60 years, the deadwood press bangs on about global warming

Tom Winnifrith Thursday 13 August 2020


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Yes the UK is very hot… in August. So it must be global warming right? Not just summer and a hot one at that? As the Daily Mirror points out, it has not been like this for almost 60 years so, er hang on…

So that was back in the 1960s when we did not know about global warming. In fact, the scientific consensus then was that we were set for a new ice age! 

Normally, the global warming nutters say that freak events like this week’s weather will become more common. I suggest that what we see here is that freak weather is actually freak weather, i.e. it happens rarely. That is not, I suggest, evidence of global warming, man-made or otherwise. As a general rule when we have hot weather that is described by cultists as evidence of global warming. When there is cold weather it is cited as evidence of climate change. Those not subscribing to the cult just reflect that, as was the case 60 years ago, 600 years ago, and 6,000 years ago, the weather changes. 


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