Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, The Tory Party believed that jobs were created by entrepreneurs and in the private sector

Tom Winnifrith Friday 25 September 2020


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Okay, the Tory party does not believe in liberty and freedom anymore. But at least it knows that Government and money trees are not the creators of real jobs which generate wealth and tax revenues, right? Er..wrong. To her credit, Andrea Jenkyns shares just a few shreds of ideological DNA with real Tories like Margaret Thatcher. However, in the era of Boris that is not something to shout about if you wish to clamber up the greasy pole. 

Thus as the national debt hurtles past 100% of GDP and grows with every month, Tories line up to demand ever more spending on causes they think will win them a few miserable votes. Thus Ben Bradley wants soccer clubs paying their players £250,000 a year to be able to suck at the nipples of the State and Ms Jenkyns boasts of how another £750,000 of taxpayer cash is being tipped down the shitter in her constituency.

In her heart, Andrea knows that it is the private sector that creates real jobs and what it needs is the Government getting off its back, a Government slashing corporation tax so that successful firms have more cash to invest, to expand and hire staff. But no… in these grim times, Andrea must pretend that the Government is using more money tree cash to create real jobs which, in the end, will be extracted from successful firms via higher taxes so that they have less cash to create real, sustainable jobs.


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