Matt "the Poltroon" Hancock - please explain why can I watch this soccer game?

Tom Winnifrith Friday 16 October 2020


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The last time I saw Brislington Ladies was in a home game in Bristol in the FA Cup against West Ham ladies. About half of the crowd of 80 or so were emigre “cockneys” such as myself delighted to be able to support our side in the South West. The mighty Irons won 6 nil. I see that Brislington Ladies are again in FA Cup action this weekend, this time against Cheltenham Town. And what is more, certain folks can pay to watch the game live.

I assume that Matt Hancock has had a word with Mr Covid and received a pledge that he will not be attending women’s FA Cup matches but was planning on attending men’s games.  Thank you Mr Covid, that is a true act of chivalry. You are, despite what some folks say, a real Gent. I just knew there was a logical explanation for what might appear, to you and I, a glaring inconsistency from the halfwitted Hancock.

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