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My dim local Tory MP in Wrexham Sarah Atherton likes banning fun - why not ban booze altogether?

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 22 October 2020

As you can see below, my dim local MP reckons that 39% of violent crime is caused by booze and that alcohol is one of the “driving forces” of domestic violence.  And thus Sarah Atherton is all in favour of banning those committing crimes from gaining any access to the sauce altogether. This, she claims, will stop re-offending.

But surely it is better to stop crimes before they occur rather than stopping re-offending. Ms Atherton fails to say what percentage of violent crimes/domestic abuse are committed by those who have already been caught and punished. Are re-offenders a material portion of those committing alcohol fuelled crimes? 

If it is such a problem why don’t the Tories just ban booze altogether. After all they are banning our kids from playing with other children, banning folks from having ,arge family Christmases, banning folks from attending funerals and weddings and all to curb a disease where the average victim who dies is, at 82, a year older than the average age of all folks dying from all diseases.  The Tory party is the party of banning anything that can be described as enjoyable in the name of hugely disproportionate responses to perceived probalems based on a complete lack of data. 

In that vein, Ms Atherton will surely soon be calling for prohibition. Since her party has already closed most of the pubs with its Covid policies it is not that much of a policy leap.

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