Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - the new farmhouse kitchen starts to take shape, I treat myself with a 4 stove Aga

Tom Winnifrith Tuesday 27 October 2020


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Slowly things are taking shape in what will be a kitchen dining room. First up, the Aga has arrived and I have treated myself to a four oven model as you can see below.  The tiles are still discoloured from the work done removing years of dirt from the walls and black paint from the beams but are slowly being cleaned, one treatment at a time.

The wall facing the Aga was covered with a ghastly bobbly wallpaper. But that has all gone and what you see are the original timber beams and between them is wattle and daub (mud and straw) covered with plaster. On the other side of this wall, in the library, we retained the original wattle and daub. Here, in the kitchen, the intent is to cover it with a white lime plaster, as we have done in the living room. Tomorrow…. wiring so that this room has light and can be used after 4 PM.

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