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Zoom Recording of the funeral of Tom Winnifrith (my father)

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 31 October 2020

A few folks have asked if there was a recording of the zoom version of my father’s funeral on Thursday. It is not perfect but there is one and it is below. The first 13 minutes show some of the 100 folks who zoomed just waiting. The service begins at c12 minutes. The recording does not do justice to the singing of the choir, essentially the family of my sister T whose husband is the singer James Gilchrist. But, for those who are interested, I hope you can take in a bit of what happened. Before the service, the hearse stopped outside Dad’s house and the family walked behind it to the church. The whole street stood silent in respect which my father would have appreciated very much. 

The coffin was brought in by myself, my brother, three of his son-in-laws (the fourth was isolating as he awaited a Covid test) and a grandson who was very tall and in front of me, meaning that I was tottering on tiptoes. Thanks to insane Covid rules, we also had to carry the coffin back to the hearse and then from the hearse to the graveside where we again lowered it in. The bible and Bronte readings are by three sisters and myself.



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