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Amen, I just despair

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 4 January 2021

In the closing Congressional prayer yesterday, an ordained pastor from Missouri, congressman, or should that be congressperson, Emanuel Cleaver, ended with the words “amen and awoman”. I despair not only at his crass stupidity but also at that of the mainstream media. Here is how the little read Independent reports it:

Democrat lawmaker’s gender inclusive ‘amen and awoman’ congressional prayer causes stir

Some Republicans have hit out at Cleaver’s prayer, saying ‘amen’ does not refer to gender

Democrat representative Emanuel Cleaver caused a stir online after he ended his congressional prayer with the words “amen and awoman.”

Mr Cleaver was invited to deliver the prayer opening up the 117th Congress on Sunday, when he decided to introduce a gesture towards gender neutrality.

Reporter Stuti Mishra thinks those ghastly bigoted Republicans are just not being inclusive and we should go down this path. But the fact is that those Republicans are 100% correct. Amen comes from the old Hebrew and means “so be it”. It is thus how a congregation responds to a prayer. It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with gender.  It is actually quite inclusive since the word is used by Jews, Moslems and Christians.

That an ordained minister appears not to know this is shocking. That the deadwood press does not call out this woke nonsense but instead attacks those that do is not shocking at all. I would expect nothing less in 2021.

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