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The Tories politicise Easter - it is just a bit tacky

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 4 April 2021

I am glad when politicians of any party say Happy Easter or Merry Christmas rather than, not wishing to cause offence to those of other faiths who will not be offended anyway, saying “Happy Egg day” or “Happy Holidays.” I really do dislike that phrase Happy Holidays when it is wheeled out for the days folks get off work ONLY because that is the time of year Jesus was born. Okay he probably was not born then for reasons I have discussed before but you know what I mean. However, this year, Tory MP after Tory MP has taken to Twitter to politicise, to appropriate, Easter and Good Friday, for themselves. I bring you one such tweet from Edward Timpson MP.

It is not the message of the tweet but the picture that goes with it. I am not wild about the bird’s nest although I understand the egg symbolism. Nonetheless, it is a watering down of what Easter is about which is the cross, the death and resurrection of Jesus. But what really irks me is having the Tory logo on both images. Easter and indeed the Christian faith does not belong to the Tories. God loves everyone, even Matt Hancock.

In the greater scheme of things, it is not a big deal but it is just a little tacky that the Tories decided to produce such an image and that their poodle like MPs lined up to tweet them out without any great thought.



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