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Newsnight on EU – heaven help us: a win for UKIP ( shame no-one watches the show)

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 12 December 2012

I am back with my family in Warwickshire. Being deluded lefties they appear to only get two channels, Pravda One and Pravda 2 and so on the latter I have just found myself watching Newsnight debate the great European question. It was a slam dunk win for the team of Nigel Farage, Terry Smith and a sensible woman from the No campaign in Norway. The only good thing that can be said for the yes side is that their blonde bird talked utter rubbish but was quite fit. That really is it.

The arguments for staying in were utterly spurious. Is Spain really going to kick out the 400,000 Brits living on the Costa del Crime if we quit? Really? Crash the housing market even more. It is not as if those folks take any local jobs they just spend money there. That is rather different to the 27 million Bulgarians and Rumanians who come 2014 can come to the UK to work, claim benefits and use the NHS. Do we really think then Britain is a huge net importer from the EU that the Evil Empire would defy WTO agreements and try to put tariffs on British goods? It is just plain rubbish.

Boris Johnson’s idea that we can stay in the Evil Empire but opt out of CAP, fisheries and anything else we please is spurious. The French Lady made that clear and he is clearly just jockeying for position in the Tory party (down to 26% in the opinion polls) rather than being serious. Even he must recognise that.

The silly woman who speaks for the Labour Party on Europe was worse. Will you offer a referendum? Er, no, but yes but no but yes but no but we will change some things but not others but I cannot tell you what yet and cannot explain why we changed nothing while in power. A real conviction politician of principle.

Newsnight being Newsnight we had to have some deluded leftie Luvvie celebrity who is economically illiterate and so we got Irvine Welsh of Trainspotting fame piped in from Scotland to speak on behalf of welfare addicts and other poor people. Some of whom live outside Scotland. Can we have subtitles if this man is ever on again, I did not understand a word he said but think he was banging on about how the EU was too right wing and needs to give more money to poor people. Much more of him and I think I’d turn to heroin.

Who was the posh twit sitting next to Martin Sorrell? He really was dreadfully patronising. To summarise his conclusion: “I am sure that when the British people hear clear reasoned arguments and debate they will vote the same way as me.” Maybe not pal. Perhaps we plebs might actually be able to think for ourselves rather than deferring to those who regard themselves as better than the rest of us because they just know that only they really understand the issues? Whoever he was, he really came over as a prize tosser.

UKIP is apparently on 16% in the latest opinion poll. On the off chance that anyone was watching this Biased BBC piffle its standing will have risen as Farage and Smith were the class acts on the show. And they had the added advantage. Their arguments stood up.

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