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Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - opening up the fields - a new run in with teenage mutant curtain twitcher Abi?

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 19 June 2021

It was this time last year that I had my first run in with infamous Abi Lancelotte and her mum. My “crime” then was getting a path around our fields moved by a tractor and telling folks they could walk along it, enjoying the river and fresh air in lockdown. What a bastard thing to do! Abi, her mum and a few others went ballistic and some folks were soon moaning about the good old days before incomers (i.e. English infidels) started moving in.

Abi lives with her mummy and daddy in a house on the edge of the top meadow and seemed to think that allowing folks to walk their dogs on my land was a great intrusion into her privacy and might see hoards of burglars rushing to rob her house. Well, just to make it easier for them I have mowed a three-lane strip at the top of the top meadow, as opposed to the one-lane strip by the river, pictured below. Today I took my strimmer to remove any nettles, ferns and thistles blocking off houses such as Abi’s from the meadow.

Actually, the wider strip in the top meadow was in response to a neighbour who asked for it as his wife suffers from hay fever. As I strimmed today, yet another neighbour congratulated me on the work we are doing. It seems folks in this village are now nearly all coming round to seeing things my way. Anyhow, tomorrow I will post the invitation on the village facebook group and then put on my tin hat and wait for the inevitable grief.


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