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Is Mike Graham of Talk Radio Britain's dumbest DJ? He manages to make Insulate Britain look smart!

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 26 October 2021

When you are up against the whole roster at Radio 1 it really is almost impossible to be Britain’s dumbest radio presenter but I wonder if Mike Graham of Talk Radio is a shock contender for the title. As you can see below he managed to make a chap from Insulate Britain look smart today and that is some achievment.

The suggestion that the profession of the earthly dad of Jesus, that is to say carpentry, is somehow dishonourable and to be despised is an odd one.  Carpenters can create things of real beauty and if they plant trees as well who, other than Mike, can condemn them. I suggest that carpenters do far more for society in creasting sustainable objects of utility than journalists and shock jocks spouting anger which will be soon forgotten.

I speak as someoone who chops wood for pleasure and fuel but also uses it on restoring a old farmhouse and in creating new gardens and who is a heavy net planter of trees. I suspect that work will be far more of a legacy for me than my work exposing billions of pounds worth of frauds.  Those articles will be long forgotten as people sit and relax under the shade of the new orchard I have created here or the old one I am set to expand next year. 

But it is Mike’s insistance that we can “grow” concrete that appears most idiotic. Perhaps Mike will show us a picture of a concrete tree or a concrete bush on his next show. At what time of year does Mike think concrete is harvested? I am almost tempted to break the habit of a lifetime to tune into Talk Radio to find out the answer.



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