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Even in sentencing MPs appear above the law: scumbag Claudia Webbe, the acid attack threat and Mohammed Ibram Saleem

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 5 November 2021

They just think they are better than us. They deserve more pay,longer holidays, bigger pensions, to live by different rules and for us to venerate them.  For the political class different rules seem to apply and there are different punishments should they break them. Take the career politician that is Claudia Webbe, a woman found guilty of harassing and stalking another woman, threatening to throw acid over her face and to send nude pictures of her victim to the victim’s kids. What a vile piece of work.

Ms Webbe’s barrister insisted that Ms Webbe, who described herself as a “black woman in a white person’s court,” was the victim. She had apparently suffered racist abuse when this trial came to light. Or was that just abuse for being such a creep which was targeted at a person of colour who was a creep? It does not matter. It must have been racist. Webbe was the victim.

Now meet Mohammed Ibram Saleem who also stalked a woman online, asking that she marry him and have his kids. When she blocked him he told her cousin that he wanted to throw acid in her face. In 2017 this chap was sentenced, largely on the basis of the acid threat, to 19 months in jail.

So what sentence did Webbe get? The same as Saleem? Think again.

10 weeks in jail suspended for two years and a fine of £1,000 which she says she is too poor to pay other than in pitiful instalments. In other words while Saleem served a good stretch, Webbe is free to go and can even continue to be an MP so crazy are the rules on recall petitions.  Not only is it one rule for them and one for us, as Owen Patterson and his Tory chums appear to believe, but if caught it is also one punishment for them and one for us.

Yet MP’s express amazement that folks do not think that they merit a pay rise, from £81,000 a year, and do not respect the valuable service they offer to the community.  Indeed, I can’t think whywe dirsty plebs are not more appreciative of such fine public spirited folk as Patterson and Webbe and the rest of them. Think of the stench of corruption and sleaze tonight as we all celebrate the death of almost the last person to enter Parliament with wholly honest intentions.

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