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Photo article from the banks of the river Dee - the first signs of spring

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 1 February 2022

I have abandoned the young mums group on Tuesday’s as I just seemed unable to make any small talk with alll the other primary carers. It’s partly down to my own lack of social skills and partly down to the fact that I was the only person in the room not to have certain shared experiences as a young mother. Instead I am starting my training for Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks with a weekly walk with Jaya on my back.  To date I have been doing two and a half miles every day and that will continue. But now, Tuesdays and one weekend day will see a longer bonus walk.

Today, we started along the Dee on the Welsh side through our fields before we headed across the bridge to England and then headed along the river towards Chester on the side of the infidels. After an hour and twenty minutes we reached a wood where the snowdrops were blooming, as you can see below,, a sign that winter is past its worst. And at that point we headed back.  All in all, I reckon that I managed about five and a half miles which, given that Jaya is a chunky baby, was not a bad effort for an old man. Next week, we will try for a bit more.

Rogue Bloggers is not until late May or June so if I get to doing 12-14mile walks by the end of this month, I shall be well on track

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