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Deluded Lefties demonise Iain Duncan Smith for attacking welfare fraud – what tossers

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 2 January 2013

Iain Duncan Smith has claimed that the bloated UK welfare budget of £150 billion a year is bloated in part by around £10 billion a year being claimed in benefits as a result of quite deliberate fraud, often by international syndicates targeting bankrupt Britain. For this he has been vilified by Deluded Lefties elsewhere for “picking on the poor” for “ignoring the real target, tax dodging multinationals” etc. What a bunch of tossers.

In terms of the multinationals, they are not actually breaking the law. If they use Britain’s tax regulations as they stand to pay a low rate of tax it is because their officers have a fiduciary duty to investors to pay as little tax as is legally possible. If the Government wishes to change the tax rules it can do so. But as things stand, the “wicked corporations” are actually doing nothing wrong. They are stealing from no-one.

Those commit deliberate benefits fraud are, on the other hand, stealing from the British taxpayer. It is you and I who will pick up the tab for this theft either now or (as it adds to Government debt) later. It is criminal. I cannot see how anyone could possibly oppose the idea of IDS that we should stamp it out. And in stamping it out IDS is not targeting the poor he is targeting criminals. Who, in the right mind, could argue with that? Even some deluded lefties must admit that there is some merit in stopping handing taxpayers cash to criminals. Yet IDS has been described as creep of the year and lambasted by many of the usual suspects. Tossers.

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