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Taking Precautions in Albania – Damian Conboy/Playboy PR girl tribute (Petra Hat tip)

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 29 July 2012

I start by thanking the lovely Petra ( pictured left) for her assistance in the photo shoot required for this story. She has asked my to accompany her to a beach party starting sometime after 1 am tonight. I tried to explain that this not the sort of thing 44 year old codgers do, but after her assistance today, it would be rude to refuse her invitation. No early start for me tomorrow.

I am advised by a concerned reader that I should take precautions in Albania. You know what I mean? It is really hot there. I need to wear a hat to avoid sunstroke or my sensitive (getting ever less anaemic white) skin getting burned. And so I have bought suitable apparel and, killing two birds with one stone, I thought I’d start keeping my side of my proposed deal with Lucy Sharp the playboy PR girl who networked so effectively with proven liar, Damian Conboy of AIM listed Alecto Resources (ALO).

I have been somewhat disappointed that Ms Sharp has not yet been in touch to start arranging how she is going to help me to understand this networking business but I am sure she is busy helping Mr Conboy turn his initial networking into value-add for shareholders of Alecto. If Lucy has forgotten my suggested arrangement there is a reminder of it for her, HERE.

As for me, I really can’t wait to get started with this networking but as you can see I am already doing my bit to get the Playboy message across to potential customers. Lucy, I am a man of my word. This one is “on the house.”

Not only do I write articles but I am prepared to act as an unpaid male model to boot. Lucy, you cannot say that I am not trying to help you out here. I bet you never thought you’d get all this free publicity when you starting networking with Damian. I trust that he is enjoying the attention as much as you are. Anyhow, Lucy my dear, you have my contact details via Linkedin and I expect to hear from you soon.

Oh heck, lets be creative here Lucy? As I am going to Albania, the country that worshipped Norman Wisdom for decades, here is a second photo in my posed tribute to the great Manx comedian and his legion of Albanian fans. I am really trying to help you here.

I am braced for suffering, on behalf of my readers, the site visit you are arranging for me but am greatly looking forward to receiving more details about your plans to tutor me in the finer points of networking.

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