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Think back to July and August and those parched Welsh lakes like Vyrnwy – where are the media & the cultists now?

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 22 November 2022

The global warming cultists and their publicists at the BBC and across the liberal deadwood press in Britain had a field day in the summer of 2022. On July 19th the record high temperature for the UK of 40.3 degrees centigrade was recorded. The recording station was at RAF Coningsby at the side of a runway being used by after-burning Typhoon jets. And if you suggest that that might be a bit of a fix you are obviously a global warming denier, not following the experts and might as well admit that you are a Nazi right now. A month later came the dramatic photos from Wales…

You could not escape wall to wall media coverage of reservoirs losing water. The posterboy was lake Vyrnwy, a Welsh reservoir created in the 1880s which submerged the Welsh speaking village of Llanwddyn so that thirsty English folk in Liverpool could get clean water.  The English bastards up to their usual trick.

But in August 2022, so severe was the drought that the ghostly remains of Llanwddyn started to appear. The press was astounded although it has happened several times before, in 1976 and on a  number of occasions in the era before the cultists said that global warming started.  But that is a mere detail. The press neglected to mention that Llanwddyn is at one end of the lake not the middle, the deepest bit. But still this was evidence of global warming and we were warned that such droughts are something we would have to learn to live with.

Those of us who can remember 1976 but are yet to slip into the first stages of senility might have rolled our eyes. For personal reasons I remember 1976 well. The reservoir down the road dried up. Of course, it was full again by the summer of 1977 but that is a minor detail. Back in 1976 the experts had only just stopped warning us about the coming ice age and global warming had not yet been invented.

So how is lake Vyrnwy doing now? Oddly, just three months on, the press has disappeared just as has Llanwddyn once again. So there are no reports of what is happening now. However the United Utilities water company does put out a table covering all reservoirs within its region and it is of note.


% capacity

Change on week

% This time in 2021





West Cumbria




Haweswater & Thirlmere




Pennine Sources




Dee & Vyrnwy Reservoirs




As you can see two of five districts have more water now than in 2021, one is broadly the same and two including Dee & Vyrnwy are below 2021 levels but are catching up. This table is the most recent but is from 13 November and as someone living 30 yards from the Dee I can say that a week’s worth of almost non-stop rain sees the river in my fields within inches of bursting its banks.

On the internet, I can see the levels up at Lake Bala (Llyn Tegid) higher up the Dee and they too are rising. I would be shocked if capacity at Tegid had not increased materially in the past week and we still have the whole winter to come. No doubt, despite the global warming, we will be seeing releases from the dam which holds in Llyn Tegid before the winter is out to release surplus waters from the lake, causing flooding further downstream where I live.

And it is no reason to believe that Vyrnwy will be much different. The Utilities website shows that water is both entering but also leaving the lake via the river Vyrnwy. So it has filled up materially. And by the time the winter is done it will be heading back to, if not at, full capacity. So much for perma drought…

Now why do you think the cultists and their media propagandists are no longer shouting about Vyrnwy and Llanwddyn any more?  

It is just another inconvenient truth which must be ignored if the GroupThink narrative is to be respected.

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