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After two nights of global warming falling here in Wales – the latest reservoir data is out and exposes the cultists yet again

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 18 January 2023

As I write, the snow, which has fallen for the past two nights, exposing my son for the seventh time in his seven years on this planet to something cultists said he’d never see, is melting and the flood waters here on the river Dee in North Wales are actually receding. But still my fields are flooded as you can see HERE. More importantly we now have data on reservoir levels in the United Utilities region which includes this part of Wales. This data is now the highlight of my week and again shows what tosh the global warming cultists in the mainstream media GroupThink were talking last summer.

In August 2022 they seized on images of a dry Lake Vyrnwy up in the hills above us and told us all that we better get used to this as it was all part of the global warming.

Ten days ago, I took my kids up to the lake and as the photos you can see here showed it is pretty full despite releasing vast amounts of water! Today we have new data from all of United’s 1200 reservoirs on lake levels as at 15 January (Sunday). Across the region, the stock of water was  up 1.8 percentage points on the week  at 91.9% which is higher than both last year ( 89.9%)  and the long term average ( 91.5%). So much for global warming and long term water shortages  in North West England and North East Wales then!

Here in North East Wales, the reservoirs of the Dee and Lake Vyrnwy are lumped in together and the water stock rose by another 1.4% on the week to 84.5%. Okay that is below last year (91%) and the long term average (93.6%), but the gap is closing rapidly (by 3.5 percentage points on last year and by 1.3 percentage points on the long term average). And with the snow and rain that has fallen in the hills since the weekend I am betting on that gap closing again next Sunday.

The point here is that the cultists/alarmists promised us, upon the basis of a hot summer in 2022, that what we were seeing at Vyrnwy was evidence of long-term climate change, that is to say drought. And here we are just five months later and reservoir levels in the region they singled out are higher than ever. And even at Vyrnwy the ever rising levels are hardly indicating drought are they?

If the followers of Doom Goblin Greta Thunberg cannot even get a five-month forecast right why should we commit economic Hari Kiri and condemn the citizens of the UK to the most expensive fuel prices in the world, on the basis of long term forecasts?  As grannies freeze to death tonight can any of the cultists on whose hands the grannies blood now rests, explain the logic of the green mania the UK is engaged in?  

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