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Photo Article: Third Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks Training Walk

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 26 March 2023
Instead of heading straight to the petrol station on the Wrexham Ring Road and back, I took a diversion from just inside the village boundary, a walk across the fields to Frog Lane, something advertised as ½ mile. My plan was to do the walk and back on both legs of my walk to the petrol station so adding 2 miles to last week’s nine miles. Plans, plans, plans.

I am buggered if the walk to Frog Lane is only ½ mile as advertised. I reckon it is more so am chalking today’s training walk up as 11.5 -12 miles. As promised in yesterday’s bearcast, I include a photo of the petrol station and also of a pub I pass on the way to the station on the outskirts of Wrexham. Look at the opening times!

I am told somebody bought it to use as a house but could not get planning permission for change of use so he lives there and on the hours shown opens up for the odd drinker. So it is still a pub.

I felt okay at the end of today’s walk, very confident that I could have done 20 miles without collapsing. Although after an afternoon of work in the strawberry patch and planting the first lettuces and spring onions I am now tightening up.

Next week I shall target 15. So I guess that I am pretty much on track for the 34 miles of the actual walk on June 17. I am not sure how my fellow rogue bloggers are doing with their training but shall enquire and report back/snitch on them midweek.

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