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Where is my I hate Harold Wilson T-shirt? Meet snowflake ignoramus Cailin McCaffery

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 8 June 2023

I have read a couple of books about Harold Wilson and I remember my late Uncle Christopher Booker and my late father agreeing that there were some good reasons to regard the former Prime Minister dimly. The pound in your pocket is worth the same today as it was yesterday said Wilson having just devalued the pound so it was patently worth less. The White Heat of Technology was the sort of vapid nothingness that served as a blue print for Blair’s Cool Britannia.  But I was just two when Wilsonwas evicted from office the first time, by the even more useless Heath. The second time around I was eight. But i still have no real memories of what he did and I certainly never had cause to hate the man.

For I had no direct connection. It is not as if he was Paul Ince, aka Judas, or the war criminal Blair. I don’t think I really hate either of those two Gents either, I just despise them. So I wouldn’t wear my feelings for Blair or Ince on a T-shirt and as for Wilson, who could be so silly?

Step forward Cailin McCaffery the woman below who looks like the sort of millenial who appears on social media saying how she is forced to use a food bank to stay alive thanks to the evil fucking Tories.  In terms of age she is to Margaret Thatcher what I am to Wilson.  She was not born when Thatcher swept to pwer in 1979 so has no idea what a total ,mess the UK was then after fifteen years of incompetence and cowardice from Labour and Heath. Nor does Caitlin have a scoobie of how it became so much less of a mess under Thatch. Yet she wears her hatred on her T-shirt. That is hatred drummed into her by, I suspect, her parents and teachers.

I rather prefer slogons of love and admiration for my T-shirts. Today I wear the Reagan Bush 1984 retro T-Shirt.  I bet Caitlin hates Reagan too if, indeed, she has any idea who the great man was.



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