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This week's Welsh Reservoir levels and the global warming cultists having it both ways

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 20 October 2023

Yesi am a geek and this is my pet subject. Outside at the edge of my garden and fields, the River Dee is running high and fast and with non stop rain for most of the past day set to continue overnight, I am braced for the waters to breach the lower orchard. And that prompts me to revisit my specialist subject of water levels in the reservoirs of the United Utilities region and especially here in Wales. 

This keen interest of mine was prompted by photos splashed all over the deadwood press and, natch, the BBC of Lake Vrynwy with water levels so low you could see the abandoned village of Llanwyddn, flooded in the 1880s to provide drinking water for the accursed English. The cultists and the MSM said in 2022 that we had better get used to such sights as drought was a clear result of man made global warming.

As someone who remembers the reservoir near my childhood home being a dry mud patch in 1976 but being full of water and fish a year later I was somewhat sceptical. And thus I have visited Vyrnwy since, taking photos of a very full lake, as you can see HERE, and am also monitoring data on reservoir capacity provided from more than 1200 lakes across the United Utilities Region.

As of 15 October across the region capacity was at 81.8% compared to 52.1% a year ago but also well above the long term average of 73.1%. here in Wales they lump Lake Bala, Vyrnwy and a few small lakes together and capacity as at Sunday was 75.7%. That compares to 49.5% a year ago. It is marginally down on the 77.6% long term average but there has bee a lot of rain this week. Moreover ,what you see is clearly not a sign of a long term drought.

Normally when it rains a lot the cultists tell us that this is a sign of climate change. But last year it raining very little was cited by the “experts” as clear evidence of man-made climate change. Surely they cannot have it both ways can they? Looking back to 1976 that was a dry year and then we had a stack of rain and the lakes filled up again. Can any member of the Doom Goblin’s cult explain to me why man-made climate change has made any difference to weather patterns and rainfall between the late seventies and now?

I am offering hard data, the cultists just assert a belief.

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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