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BREAKING: Does the University of Lancaster condone a celebration of the Hamas attack on Israel? Professor Simon Mabon does

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 21 October 2023

Simon Mabon is a Professor of International Politics at the University of Lancaster. He is such an expert that the BBC interviews him regularly, only yesterday he was on BBC 5 Live giving a less than balanced view on what is happening in Israel and Gaza. His twitter account has now been closed to non followers so the BBC’s Jeremy Bowen can still see his tweets but you and I cannot. Unfortunately for the Prof some pesky Jews got there first!

As you can see below the professor celebrates the October 7 pogrom in which Hamas slaughtered 1400 Israelis, raping girls in front of their families before slitting their throats, decapitating babies, executing with a bullet in the back of the head a holocaust survivor, literaly finishing off the work of the Nazis and so much else besides. He described what happened in a now hidden tweet as an“act of resistance.”

No it was an act of horror aimed at killing and torturing Jews.

How on earth can a Jewish student at Lancaster feel safe with a man like this holding such a senior position. Organisations such as Citibank have shown a zero tolerance of those going on social media to espouse views like this and have sacked folks on the spot. Lancaster University should be doing the same.

I have written to Lancaster University’s press office asking for a comment but it appears unwilling to reply. That does not surprise me. Campuses across the UK have become a sewer of ignorant anti-semitism and show no desire to clean up their act.


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