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Global Warming: a footnote from 1852 as Sweden is colder than at any time in the life of the Doom Goblin

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 7 January 2024

Global warming, we used to be told, causes droughts, such as the one at Lake Vrynwy eighteen months ago. But then it rains a lot and we are told that is down to climate change as global warming is now known when it involves cold weather. With England suffering severe floods this, the cultists, insist is down to man made carbon emissions and we need to stop using planes (unless we are politicians or celebs with private jets) and slaughter all the cows to stop them farting. Well hang on, with a hat tip to Liz Kershaw, read the diary entry below:

Oxford stranded, railway bridges swept away & much of Gloucestershire under vast lakes of water
Duke of Wellington State Funeral hearse halted by floods between Berks & St Paul’s
The inundations about Windsor & Eton frightful
1/2 of Houses under water 

That was Queen Victoria writing in November 1852, in other words before all those ghastly man made carbon emissions. There were floods before then as well, far worse than we see today.

Meanwhile over in Sweden, a reading last night saw the temperature hit -43.8C  which is the lowest reading taken in the entire lifetime of the Doom Goblin, Hamas supporting Greta Thunberg.

That global warming… they don’t like it up ‘em. I do hope Greta had an electric blanket to keep her warm last night.

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