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A very bad week for #QueersforPalestine as they chant Yemen Yemen make us proud

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 8 February 2024

The week started off badly for the “Zionist” haters as the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that a gay man from theWest Bank could claim political asylum in Israel becuase his sexuality meant that his life was threatenedback home. That is the reason that there are many more members of #QueersforPalestine than there are actual Queers in what the Western snowflakes term Palestine.  Anyhow, forget about that, go die your hair blue and carry on marching against the wicked Israelis and, as you term them, Zionists becuase you can’t, yet, bring yourself to use the J word as you spit hate. Then it got worse for the marchers for Hamas.

The protesters each Saturday have a new chant “Yemen, Yemen, make us proud, turn another ship around.” Of course the Government of Yemen, as recognised by the UN, is attacking no ships. The folks who are doing the attacks are the Houthis, Islamist rebels fighting AGAINST the Government of Yemen, who recruit children to fight for them, engage in slavery, have killed six figure numbers of civilians in the Civil War, give no rights to women, who openly state a desire to exterminate Jews and who are, all round, jolly beastly people.

Yet Western snowflakes of all 108 genders are chanting their support for the Houthis. But as you can see below, the members of #QueersforPalestine would be ill advised to visit Houthi controlled territory to show solidarity.  Life in the West is pretty screwed when our idealistic young folk are marching and chanting in support of folks who are this barbaric.

How about a march in support of those in Yemen fighting against ther Houthis. Oh silly me, they are not trying to kill Jews so they mst be the bad guys whatever else the Houthi’s get up to. 


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