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Photo from the Welsh Hovel: a predictable casualty of the wind

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 9 February 2024

Regular readers will know that my green intention each year is to buy a Christmas tree which I can plant outside, bringing it in for Christmas before replanting it on January 7 in the garden. One year my tree lasted two Christmases, most years I manage to kill them one way or another after just one Yuletide.

And so, after the 12 days were up I planted our 2023 tree outside. Then along came the recent winds and this morning I discovered that it had toppled. All the other trees I planted in 2023 (c30) plus those from prior years have survived but it seems that I am doomed to failure when it comes to Christmas trees. I have replanted it and, I hope that it will take root this time. Fingers crossed.

Incidentally, if you think that the windows behind it are a bit different they are. The one on the right is a Window Tax window. Most of the windows from the 1690s here were just bricked up in the normal way with a wooden frame around the brickwork. but those on the formal, posh, side of the house were palstered and painted so as to look as if the owners could afford to keep all their windows without actually having to pay the hated tax. 

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