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Photo Article: The cheek of it: will you install a flat screen TV in your eco palace in Greece said the chap?

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 20 March 2024

I designed what was a hovel in the Greek mountains to be an eco palace, a house with sleek lines, vast amounts of clean air in vaulted ceilings and a place of quiet where you can forget about the horrors of the outside world.  As you can see below what I have created is just that. If you want, you can sit there all day by the pool or inside looking at the view outside or at long lines of bookshelves and traditional stone walls. It is, as you can see below, an ideal retreat.

And folks can rent it via Airbnb as you can see HERE.

I contacted the pool man today and the pool will be up and running from May 1 through to early November. My friend, the mad lefty L is heading up soon to put up snake repellent canisters. And most of the summer is now booked out although there are still slots. We will make enough from current bookings to pay for the pool upkeep, our utilities and taxes with a bit left over to put towards my next business venture whatever that might be or maybe the goat farming. But any additional bookings are welcome.

And thus today I got an enquiry from a chap looking to book in May. Do you have good wifi he asked? Yes. I explained I earned a modest crust from writing and podcasting so we have excellent wifi.  And what about a TV? I said no. So, “if I book will you install a flat screen?” he said. I thought about this for one nano second.

Do I want to cover those local stone walls with a TV? Do I want to disrupt the carefully designed smooth lines of the house with a TV? Above all do I want my kids watching the sort of crap they watch in Wales, lapping up the inanity even if the cartoons speak in Greek? Most certainly not! There is a video with earphones which they can take turns to watch but there is so much more to do. Books, walking, visiting castles and caves, sitting in the square or lying by the pool with an ouzo crackling on ice. Who, I ask you, needs a TV?

So, I said no to the TV. On that basis he seems uninterested so we still have three weeks free in May as well as gaps right through to November if you want peace, quiet, great design and to boost the goat farming fund.

If you want more details they can be found HERE


Next up is a view from the pool showing the balcony that leads from the kitchen and beyond it three little windows in the main living space

Photo three is the view from the balcony that runs along the back of the main living space above both the rat room and the main bedroom. Yes those really are mountains.

Photo four is the view along our land, which stretches for 800 yards or so, taken from the main living space. Last year I sat in wonder looking at the local golden eagle perched on that redundant telephone wire. This winter there were three eagles soaring overhead

Next up is the view from the kitchen balcony where newly cleaned items from the bat room are drying. The pool is below and as you look out further, you can see the abandoned convent on the other side of the valley and in the distance Zarnata Castle on the high hill beyond Kambos. The pool is now looking very blue and is almost ready for use.

Finally, taken from the balcony, a view into the main living space, now with a table for meals and with a massive sofa for lying on watching old Sherlock Holmes movies. Note the clean lines. No giant flat screens on these walls!

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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