2 days ago

Bidstack – those dreaded words “strategic review” – The fat lady should book a gig for April Fools day

Oh dear, oh dear. As so often predicted, the stockmarket career of Lyin’ James Draper and Bidstack (BIDS) really is going to end in tears. That is bad news for cross dressing IT consultant Mike Turner, a celebratory ouzo for the Sheriff of AIM.


90 days ago

Another ouzo for the Sheriff, vindicated again: Canadian Overseas: The fat lady warms up as it defaults on debt

And to think that Canadian Overseas Petroleum (COPL) founder Arthur Millholland said that I was a “snake oil salesman” and did not understand accounts. As the Fat Lady now books a ticket to gig with Arthur in the socialist hell hole of Canada, the shares have collapsed again, to just 0.4p. They were 25p when I first started exposing this crock 20 months ago prompting that misleading RNS response from Art. The shares should be suspended now as Canadian is now totally screwed. It is a zero.


91 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: A message from a “thoroughly odious “ man, i.e. me

I have decided who will be the subject of this year’s Christmas Carol. Hint: he has been known to mention how well educated he is. In today’s podcast, recorded before a Tingo-Tastic ouzo vindication moment, I discuss Canadian Overseas (COPL), Verditek (VDTK), Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and the morons and RBG Group (RBGP).


93 days ago

Photo Article: The cheek of it: will you install a flat screen TV in your eco palace in Greece said the chap?

I designed what was a hovel in the Greek mountains to be an eco palace, a house with sleek lines, vast amounts of clean air in vaulted ceilings and a place of quiet where you can forget about the horrors of the outside world.  As you can see below what I have created is just that. If you want, you can sit there all day by the pool or inside looking at the view outside or at long lines of bookshelves and traditional stone walls. It is, as you can see below, an ideal retreat.


102 days ago

SHOCKING: Allenby quits as Tintra Nomad and broker chaps you are fucking cowards & a disgrace to AIM, more ouzo for the Sheriff

I say this with the greatest respect to good friends at Nomad Allenby but in the scandal of the fraud Tintra (TNT), the AIM Company of the year 2022, they have behaved in the most shameful manner. I really do not know how they can sleep at night. At 11.02 AM today Allenby quit as Nomad and broker leaving the shares suspended. That came 2 hours after Tintra published a circular (for which Allenby will have earned a fat fee preparing).


113 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Malcolm can say what he likes about Ceres but he's wrong & a serious suggestion for Sus Barbatus at Skinbiotherapeutics

I start with it being the first day of Advent and a moan about folks starting Christmas far too early. Then onto Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX), why I am not selling and a suggestion for Stuart Ashman, a serious one, on how he can regain investor trust at a stroke. Then it is Tintra (TNT), Ceres Power (CWR), free speech on this website, Totally (TLY), Vast Resources (VAST) and Rua Life Sciences (RUA),the sponsor of today’s ouzo moment.


113 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Bathing in ouzo tonight as Verditek fesses up

I start with a couple of very proud Dad boasts. then it is onto Old Mother Walter’s ruin and Verditek (VDTK). Rejoice! Rejoice!. Then I cover small cap profits warnings, Braveheart (BRH), Tern (TERN), Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN), Eurasia (EUA), Hydrogen Utopia (HUI), Upland Resources (UPL) and Wildcat Petroleum (WCAT). 


128 days ago

Today’s ouzo moment at Sheriff Towers – Wheelsure to delist, the gig is up

As you know, I do not like to blow my own trumpet. Modesty really is my middle name and I have no desire to rub the nose of crony capitalist advisers such as Liam Murray of Cairn Financial in it and so it is with real reluctance that I dance on the public markets grave of Wheelsure Holdings (WHLP).


130 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: that email I received must be an April Fool and Ouzo man's new short idea is a very good one

I discuss the April fool without revealing which paper sent it. But apparently it is not an April Fool. Well I never. Then I look at Technology Minerals (TM1) and its problems with the FCA, Saietta (SED),Harland & Wolff (HARL) and house prices and the housebuilding stocks with a reminder of my top short idea in the sector.


136 days ago

BREAKING: Yet More ouzo for the Sheriff! The Fat Lady is heading to Jockland for a gig at Scotgold

Oh dear, oh dear, pity all those deep fried Mars bar munching viewers of BBC Scotland and the rapidly dwindling band of listeners to Radio 4’s Today programme suckered into buying shares in Scotgold (SGZ) by its fake news. Pity all those Bulletin Board Morons who knew better than the Sheriff as I flagged up red flag after red flag and published damning internal emails sent to Winnileaks. My full, and excellent coverage is HERE. Today Scotgold has essentially admitted that the game is up.


145 days ago

UPDATED: Ouzo time: Peter Hill and Global Petroleum – a champion fat cat value destroyer: is the gravy train, finally, on the rocks as Panmure tries 0.045p bailout

On 13 October 2014 I wrote a piece: “Peter Hill (MA Oxon) of Global Petroleum – a case study in AIM casino piggery”. Global (GBP) shares were then 3.5p down from 12p three years prior when Hill took over. Hill has trousered millions since then and the shares are now just 0.0675p and that could well be 0.0675p too high for there is a horrible warning today.


149 days ago

BREAKING: More ouzo – its all gone horribly wrong at Richard Poulden/David Lenigas/ Zak Mir promote Valereum

Oh dear, oh dear. Do you remember when the Sith Lord Zak Mir was being pushed brown envelopes to say these shares were heading to 200p while David Lenigas said they were going to 100p repeatedly on twitter? Or was it the other way round. Anyhow that pumping allowed Richard Poulden, assisted by spoofery from London’s new Lord Mayor to do a placing at 64p. I have repeatedly exposed the shenanigans and now vindication for me. Ouzo for the Sheriff no more brown envelopes for Mir.


149 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Go F*ck yourselves again FTI Consulting, FD Technologies £46 to sub £9, ouzo for the Sheriff

I explain that I was up late struggling to put together a business plan. It’s been a long time since I did that. Then I look at Nightcap (NGHT), a barrels of ouzo moment for me and more shame for the serial PR bullies at FTI Consulting as FD Technologies (FDP) warns yet again and finally at CAB Payments (CABP), the worst IPO of 2023.


198 days ago

Photo article: day 0 and 1 of the Greek Hovel olive harvest 2023

By way of context, olive production across Greece will be half what it was last year. Spain and Italy are far worse. As a result, olive oil which I could sell at the village press for little over 2 Euros a litre in 2021 could now be sold for almost 10 Euro a litre. The problem is, of course, that while some farms are not down by much, others  including mine, have suffered a catastrophe. I reckon we will be lucky if we get a fifth of our 2021 harvest. However…


207 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Matt Earl is right to be short ASOS - could it go all the way?

In today’s podcast I look at ASOS (ASC), Belluscura (BELL), Versarien (VRS), ICG Longbow (LBOW) and lessons learned from the ouzo moments and 100% vindications today at MGC Pharmaceuticals (MXC) and Cook’s Coffee (COK) another disaster from Andrew Monk’s VSA Capita (VSA).


207 days ago

VINDICATED AGAIN Another day, another ouzo moment – MGC Pharmaceuticals shares collapse

Shares in MGC Pharmceuticals (MXC) were 2.25p valuing the crock at £70 million when I published my first explosive dossier HERE just 20 months ago. Of course folks like broker Turner Pope, evil PR Spinners IFC Advisory (not having a good day are we chaps?) and the bulletin board morons knew better than silly old TW. I’ve kept on exposing this all the way down and today the shares are down by almost 50% on the session at just 0.055p after more disastrous news.


284 days ago

BREAKING: More ouzo for the Sheriff as £250m con Dev Clever goes bust

There were some share promoters who pushed Dev Clever (DEV), which IPO’d at 1p, as being worth 50p per share and indeed the shares reached the 40s and were suspended at just over 30p making this a £250 million disaster waiting to happen. I pointed out that it was run from a lock up in Stafford, that it was a cash guzzling POS, the stinky share sales by the CEO ahead of a lack of profits warnings, spoof investments at a premium to the share price made by companies with no cash. My list of exposes was a long one as you can see HERE. This was always going to be a disaster but natch, mug punters knew otherwise.


302 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel - a pointer to the Olive harvest this December

Our lunatic lefty friend L was clear: everyone says the olive harvest this year will be terrible, almost not worth doing. L likes bad news as it provides him with an opportunity to blame it on the Tories, Brexit, Global Warming, Donald Trump, the Daily Mail or Russia. In this case it is global warming and the hot weather and lack of rain this summer. But before I panicked as Jeremiah continued his monologue I needed to look for myself. For, this December, four readers of this website have volunteered to join me for a harvest: three returnees and a newbie. 


332 days ago

More ouzo needed – Massive new vindication: MGC Pharmaceuticals keep the lights on placing at just 0.12p

Shares in this dreadful company were 2.25p with the company capitalized at £70 million on January 11 2022 when I published a, crammed with red flags, dossier. Bulletin Board critics and advisers said I had it all wrong. Today the shares have collapsed by another 55% to just 0.115p after a bailout placing and warning that the Fat Lady may have a gig. More ouzo for a once again vindicated sheriff who has warned folks so many times.


338 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Totally unimpressed & also trying a new ice cream recipe

I am not sure about the home made honey ice cream, I shall report back tomorrow. Meanwhile I discuss Mirriad (MIRI), Canadian Overseas Petroleum (COPL), valuing oil E&P plays, Zephyr Energy (ZPHR), today’s ouzo moment with Scotgold (SGZ), target price 0p and a full investigation by AIM regulation and the FCA, and Totally (TLY


344 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: if Piers Linney is worth £69m I am a banana

I question the net wealth claimed by two former Dragons in the Mail on Sunday. Linney’s claim is a joke following the demise of Outsourcery (OUT) as is that of Sarah Willingham of Nightcap (NGHT) which I look at after its latest crap acquisition and lack of profits warning. Then it is onto Wandisco (WAND) and the proposed bailout at just 50p, to Eurasia (EUA) where nothing at all adds up. Then onto today’s ouzo moment, the suspension of Eight Capital Partners (ECP), the insolvent fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and Canadian Overseas (COPL) whose shareholders’  reactions to my latest piece show themselves to be as unpleasant as they are stupid. When Canadian, already 90% down since my first big bear call, heads towards 0p as it will inevitably do I will have no sympathy at all.


346 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: ouzo after 12 years from Warwick and after almost as long from Advanced Oncotherapy

After 12 years of campaigning, a result from Warwick School last night as reported HERE but now another victim of sexual abuse has been in touch so I guess the campaigning goes on. I am almost certain that I will name a paedophile teacher tomorrow. Then more, after I exposed it in almost 300 articles, ouzo c/o Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) which looks to be, effectively, brown bread.  I look at looming share suspensions including Premier African (PREM), Boohoo (BOO) and Revolution Beauty (REVB), the fraud Supply@ME Captal (SYME) and Cellular Goods (CBX), also on deadline day.


349 days ago

Another ouzo for the Sheriff as Procook swings into loss and warns yet again

I explicitly told you to duck this IPO in November 2021 when founder shareholders dumped 27.4 million shares at 145p and Procook (PROC) raised nothing for itself. Time and time again I have been vindicated and though CEO Daniel O’Neill periodically spoofs the mugs with token share purchases, a fraction of his IPO “winnings”, the shares have continued to slide. Today after piss poor finals and a profits warning they are just 25p. And that is generous.


350 days ago

GOTCHA: Deepverge suspended pending clarification, its game over with £50m spaffed, as the curse of Brandon strikes, ouzo for the Sheriff

It is ouzo on my strawberries for breakfast at Sheriff of AIM Towers. For Gerry Brandon who broke AIM Rules in hiding a profits warning before a placing then published fraudulent interims before his next placing the imminent demise of Deepverge (DVRG) should be the end of his AIM career. He should be in jail as £50 million invested goes up in smoke.  Brandon may have “been resigned” just before Christmas but he was the architect of Deepverge’s failure.


351 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Hotel Chocolat is talking almighty tummy rot

I start on the subject of strawberries. Then it is onto: Hotel Chocolat (HOTC), SRT Marine (SRT), Bidstack (BIDS), Non Standard Finance (NSF), Versarien (VRS) and Audioboom (BOOM), today’s big ouzo moment.


352 days ago

Dire warning from Audioboom, poor Gary Newman: he should have trusted his site Editor

It’s ouzo on cornflakes this morning for the Sheriff of AIM as Audioboom (BOOM) has served up another dire, and, I suggest, misleading lack of profits warning. For fanboy Gary Newman it looks like cold cabbage water tonight. And if anyone is thinking of bottom fishing as the shares have slumped by 23% to 216.5p. Don’t! Things will get worse.


353 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - so many ouzo moments today but I start with an apology on Kefi

I misspoke on Kefi Gold & Copper (KEFI) though I corrected myself in the text yesterday I apologise again today. Then it is onto Joshua’s Sports Day which has made me so unbelievably angry. Then to the ouzo moments as I look at: Revolution Beauty (REVB), Boohoo.com (BOO), Guild ESports (GILD), Avacta (AVCT), Bidstack (BIDS), Deepverge (DVRG), Gear4Music (G4M) and Microsaic (MSYS).


353 days ago

More ouzo for the Sheriff! Bidstack: dire numbers, cash crisis, material uncertainty and death spiral on the way

Bidstack (BIDS) delayed and delayed its results in the hope that it might have secured a refinancing by the time dire numbers were published but in the end this POS company had no choice but to fess. The numbers are truly dismal, H1 2023 looks to be piss poor to, the auditors flag up a material uncertainty and unable to get a placing away its death spiral time.


355 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Scoop!

In today’s Bearcast I discuss my pal Jon’s imaginary g/f the air hostess, Andrew Bell’s imaginary g/f and today’s walk. If it has slipped your mind you can still add to the £26,500 raised by the Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks HERE. Then onto my massive Avacta (AVCT) scoop which demands a statement Monday and is another reason that my bearish stance has been vindicated. Again. More ouzo for the Sheriff.


388 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The IRA man has another go at me again as Proactive disgraces itself over Canadian Overseas and its N-N-N ouzo time!

I start with my latest run in with my neighbour, the IRA man. Then it is onto Canadian Overseas Petroleum (COPL). I discuss it deceiving investors, how the shares are a 100% slam dunk sell and also a shocking article about it ( see below) on Proactive not, as I said, by my pal Ian Lyall but by another pal Jon Hopkins. Hoppo should be ashamed. Then I look at Anglesey Mining (AYM), Zephyr Energy (ZPHR ) – hard cheese Cliff – Powerhouse Energy (PHE), Boohoo (BOO), where there is no ouzo for Ouzo man, and nanosynth (NNN) which has gone bust so meaning a vindication ouzo for me tonight and more shame on penny share grifter, brown envelope man, Zak Mir.


400 days ago

KERBOOM: Ouzo at Sheriff Towers – it is essentially game over at Purplebricks

Neil Woodford and Thirsty Paul Scott took the knee at the disruptive potential of online estate agent Purplebricks (PURP). In latter years the deadwood press blew smoke up the arses of the CEO and CFO as they were both women. Girl Power! More ESG vicar? Of course, the numbers never stacked up and the fundamental business offering was dire so shareholders and customers both got screwed. Those of us who do actually look at how a business runs and at hard numbers may be sexist old dinosaurs for doing so but we have another win. Today’s fess up from the birds in charge is grim.


424 days ago

More ouzo for a vindicated Sheriff as Asimilar admits to £36m loss, has no cash and says is leaving the AIM sewer: Told y'all

Oh dear, oh dear. At least Asimilar (ASLR), of which I have often warned, is back from suspension having belatedly published its annual results. But the numbers are, though disastrous, still not credible, there is almost no cash and the company says it wants to quit the AIM sewer. It will be no loss to the sewer.


427 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: ouzo tonight as Deepverge forced to fess up, next up Tern: about that placing?

In today’s podcast I look at Deepverge (DVRG), another triumph, Amigo (AMGO), Cineworld (CINE), the spoof at Genflow Biosciences (GENF), Wildcat Petroleum (WCAT) and Tern (TERN) where a statement is needed.


431 days ago

A bad week for all things Ince – ouzos all round for me

It has not been a good week for all things Ince. First up, Mr Paul Ince, once the Guv’nor, was fired as manager of Reading. Like all West Ham supporters, a P45 for Judas, is, for me, a good start to the week. Better still, yesterday afternoon, Ince Group (INCE) announced it was going into administration.


435 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Go woke go broke with Dylan Mulvaney, the Nike sports bra and Bud light

I start with the madness of using Dylan – who is the sort of “woman” you might think twice about dating – to promote sports bras or beer. I enter the quagmire of the Corporate Equality Index. Then it is on to the CBI, not asking if it is now fit for purpose but whether it ever was. Finally an ouzo moment as nanosynth (NNN) shares slump HERE but this episode begs massive questions for its advisers and AIM Regulation about how dumb morons were duped.


438 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: No Giles McDonogh falling house prices is good news

I start with a slam dunk political bet in the wake of Donald Trump’s looming arrest – a clean sweep for the Republicans in 2024, as I explained a couple of weeks ago HERE. Then onto why house prices falling at the fastest rate for 14 years ( a misleading headline) are to be welcomed but not if you are long Purplebricks (PURP) or the housebuilders. Not that I’d necessarily go short either. Today’s ouzo is sponsored by Asimilar (ASLR). I also cover Genedrive (GDR) and the placing it will not ‘fess to although it is clearly underway. Then I look at Pensana (PRE) where yakking on about climate change and hiring stacks of lesbians from Islington seems not to have prevented a bit of a looming cash crisis. How, I wonder, do folks in London N1 describe a fat lady in a woke way? Hey Magna Carta, guess what I forgot to mention today? HERE is a clue


465 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The $1 billion AIM fraud, IQE & Atlantic Lithium merit lots of ouzo tonight as the teachers disgrace themselves

I start with the fecking stay at home in the face of sod all snow teachers, who are a disgrace as I explained HERE. Then it is onto Ben’s Creek (BEN) as disgraced Peter Shea emerges from under a stone, then IQE (IQE) , Wandisco (WAND), Atlantic Lithium (ALL), BSF Enterprises (BSFA) and Hammerson (HMSO).


465 days ago

IQE – another shocking warning, more ouzo justified in North Wales, but its cabbage water time in South Wales

For years supporters of IQE (IQE) such as thirsty Paul Scott and our own Malcolm Stacey argued that it was a tech play and this justified fancy doo-dah valuations. I argued that it was simply a manufacturer operating in a cyclical commodity space and a not very good one at that. Today comes another dire lack of profits warning which will be enough to turn the bulls to drink and is a good reason for this sober bear to enjoy a small ouzo tonight.


465 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Atlantic Lithium collapsing on Blue Orca bear dossier

I start with a rant about the fecking GPs and the bloody teachers as approx. 0.0 inches of snow accumulates and my father in law has to go to hospital again. I am so bloody angry about both. Then it is onto the collapse in the share price of Atlantic Lithium (ALL) – about which I explicitly warned you all just under four months ago HERE – after a bear dossier was published: see below. Then I look at Red Rock Resources (RRR), some of the #IWD jokes including one from Jeremy Corbyn and one from Guild Esports (GILD). Finally it is ouzo o’clock as musicMagpie (MMAG) serves up dire results and warns of tough times ahead. Footnote: at 4.15 PM Atlantic shares were suspended “pending an announcement”


465 days ago

Versarien and its 130 claimed patents and trademarks part 2

Conflating the number of patents and trademarks is a bit like myself conflating the number of times I have drunk ouzo and the number of times Cheryl Cole has seduced me. They are both pleasurable just as patents and trademarks are both IP but they are different things. It is not common for people to act in both disciplines; either in respect of IP or pleasure.


466 days ago

Ouzo for Pete Brailey and the bears, another Pantheon disaster as its cash rapidly runs out!

The big bear call from Pete Brailey at ShareStock 2022 last September was Pantheon Resources (PANR) at 122p and its shares are now 31p after another disastrous operational update. To have presented such data if you were drowning in cash would be alright, but Pantheon is not, it is rapidly running out of other folks moolah.


483 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - ouzo on my pancakes as its Schadenfreude day at the Welsh Hovel!

The images below should amuse you. Together with the discussions about getting my wife sacked and me killed, Versarien shareholders – egged on by the vile Neill Ricketts – have given it to me in spades over the years. Natch, today is a good day for me. I discuss many lessons learned and where next. 0p. I also look at Okyo Pharma (OKYO) and Kefi Gold & Copper (KEFI).


485 days ago

BREAKING: Fraser Perring of Viceroy threatens defamation proceedings as Home Reit ‘fesses up & considers dodgy sale

It is ouzo time for Fraser Perring of Viceroy and for Boatman Capital. The bears look to be wholly vindicated as Home REIT (HOME) has fessed up to a collapsing business model and has put its rag bag assets up for sale. Indeed it has had one offer but that looks to be related party and shareholders should not expect to get much. This is a scandal and exactly why bear raiders are so needed. Shares in this company were almost 80p when Fraser published his dossier last November. The shares are now suspended at 38p and shareholders will be lucky to get pennies.


493 days ago

Told y’all: Bidstack forced to restate FY trading statement and, almost certainly, interims – cash crisis by summer

It is an ouzo on cornflakes day of vindication once again. As I predicted HERE, the Bidstack (BIDS) Full Year trading statement of January 3 was accounting for dummies and today it has been restated. Almost certainly the ramptastic interims used to inflate the share price before the last placing will also have to be restated and with a clear warning for 2023 and 2024 on sales, a cash crisis looms by summer. In a country with a proper regulator CEO Lyin’ James Draper would be having his collar felt. Luckily for Lyin’ James, the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation couldn’t catch a cold.


501 days ago

KERBOOM: Canadian Overseas Petroleum admits to financing crisis – told y’all! Another ouzo day for the Sheriff!

I have warned you all repeatedly that Arthur Millholland is ALWAYS a kiss of death and that his latest venture, Canadian Overseas Petroleum (COPL) had piss poor assets and finances built on sand. As ever, savants such as our own PL cited bullish broker notes and other tosh saying that, as someone who started out as an oil analyst, I just did not understand what a great trade this was. Kerboom, a shock admission at 2.24 PM today means its ouzo for the Sheriff tonight and tears before bedtime for the bulls. The shares are now 8.5p, 45% down on the day, and even more down on the last placing at 20p, nine months ago. Kerboom!


505 days ago

KERBOOM: The after hours fess up from Caracal Gold – it is far worse than even I imagined, folks should be in jail

A lot of ouzos for the Sheriff for this one! And I am told that there is now an FCA enquiry into Standard Listed Caracal Goal (GCATfollowing extensive correspondence from myself. Damn Right, there should be. At 4.45 PM yesterday there was a fess up with the company tripping over itself as it tried to cover up its crimes. This company is insolvent and its directors should be in jail. It is hard to know where to start.


506 days ago

Pure Gold: another nail in the coffin, lid almost shut tight

Nigel Somerville has long warned you that Pure Gold (PUR) was a nailed down zero. News today suggests that he would be justified in pouring a good quantity of ouzo on his cornflakes this morning.


506 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Boohoo is it a buy or a short or just one to watch from the sidelines with beer and popcorn?

I start with walking to school with Joshua in the snow then cover being an insider (Kefi and Skinbiotherapeutics) and what it actually means. Then Mode Global (MODE), ouzo on my cornflakes again, folks were warned, Red Rock Resources (RRR) and its comical broker note, and finally today’s trading statement from Boohoo.com (BOO)


508 days ago

Coro Energy: The Sheriff of AIM vs The spider kisser Gary Newman, its ouzo for the Sheriff already

Back on December 8 2022, poisonous spider kisser Gary Newman tipped Coro Energy (CORO) at 0.31p HERE. I then explained why Garry should stick to snogging spiders as anyone tipping a James Parsons run company was bonkers. The shares are now just 0.24p mid and there is an RNS that the market is yet to digest. It is horrific.


539 days ago

Procook – told y’all another warning, an extra ouzo for the Sheriff of AIM tonight!

I explicitly warned you to dodge the Procook (PROC) IPO at 145p on November12 last year. Since then there have been a catalogue of profits warnings and today, just 40 days after the last trading statement there is another savage warning. It will not be the last and the shares, at just 28p, are for morons and financial masochists only.


539 days ago

Tom Winnifrith bonus bearcast - Argo, the end or the beginning of the end?

Tom First things first. We have now passed 50% on the Woodlarks Christmas appeal. If you can help us raise just another £1500 by donating a tenner we are there. Please donate HERE. Secondly Argo Blockchain (ARB) shares have been suspended. An extra ouzo for me tonight. I discuss reference the screen grab, of a page now deleted by Argo or maybe not, below.


572 days ago

Ouzo Man adds to his Versarien short – is he smart to do so?

Reader Ouzo man is brave enough to be short of Versarien (VRS) historically this has been a wise move but the shares have surged in the past couple of weeks to 21.5p from a low of c13p.


579 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: All hail Pete Brailey as other bears wake up to his Pantheon genius

I start with Muddy Waters, Pete and Pantheon Resources (PANR). Then on to ouzo man and his bear calls on Boohoo.com (BOO) and AO World (AO). Finally onto the blow up of FTX and Almeda Research and what that tell us about crypto and NFT hype which is now bursting.


582 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Clem Chambers and the most almighty spoof & extra lashings of ouzo for me after AGM

Maybe I shall save the celebratory ouzos for tonight and double up as I watch liberal tears as we see a Red Wave in the mid terms. I discuss that briefly then go on to look at Applied Graphene (AGM) and what it is like running a company facing corporate death as well as the ethics of my scoop last night. I look at Online Blockchain (OBC), Mello destroying its brand c/o Zamaz (ZAMZ), Argo Blockchain (ARB) and a couple of points about Seraphine (BUMP) from an accounting perspective and in terms of changing consumer behaviour and also how as a bear one can do non financial DD.


592 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I apologise to between 70 and 75% of Australians

After that apology to most of the citizens of a nation that has turned Philistinism into an art form I discuss the Bank of England hiking base rates by 0.75%. Then it is onto ouzo man and Purplebricks (PURP) before I turn to two gold stocks that could now rocket by Christmas, Kefi Gold & Copper (KEFI) and Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV). I own shares in both and both have two reasons for a dramatic near term re-rate. Then Trainline (TRN) where the outlook is not so bright.


596 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I hope you are still short of Avacta said the defamatory & ignorant moron before I blocked him. I hope he stays long & strong

I start with proof below of what an “earth mum” I have become and the blue tick issue on Twitter. Then I look at Avacta (AVCT), Chill Brands (CHLL), Wildcat Petroleum (WCAT), Pure Gold (PUR) and ouzo for Nigel and then Argo Blockchain (ARB) a triumph for the forces of good, transparency, honesty and hard analysis. That is to say myself & Boatman Capital. And a disaster for certain named individuals who are drawn from the forces of evil.


602 days ago

GOTCHA! Made.com …they think its all over…..200p to 1p in 16 months

Hurst has not stuck the ball in the back of the net yet but the crowd of bears are on the pitch clutching bottles of ouzo and is that a Fat Lady I see among them?  Surely this disgrace from the IPO class of 2021 is doomed after the latest news? You cannot say that I did not, on numerous occasions, warn you all


610 days ago

Ouzo for the Sheriff, time for Richard Horseface to sing the ShareProphets National Anthem – Toople goes bust

With serial failure Richard “horseface” Horsman as chairman since its 2016 IPO, Toople (TOOP) has always been a disaster and I have always been a bear. The CEO changed regularly but the pattern of cash guzzling underperformance was always the same. Oh, and it also lied to investors as I showed most recently, HERE. That is never a good sign. Today the Fat Lady has arrived bringing a bottle of ouzo for the Sheriff as she gets read to sing with the loser Horseface.


615 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: two years after my father's death two reasons he'd be happy today and one is celebratory ouzo

I explain what the other is and why I deserve a glass of the nectar of the God’s later. It is all to do with Deepverge (DVRG) and the vindication of yesterday’s scoop. I also explain for BB Moron Stuart Little why breaking the news of the placing was not only not illegal but was a real public service by me and also why I shall be writing to the FCA later asking for it to investigate placings by Turner Pope and Turner Pope’s clients. Ben and James, a.k.a. the Mitchell Brothers, that letter is not “market speculation” it is fact you dimwitted bellends. Then it is onto Argo Blockchain (ARB), Vast Resources (VAST) and to Wildcat Petroleum (WCAT).


635 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: Crack out Evil Banksta's ouzo, vindicated on Naked Wines disaster call in just weeks

The first big call on Naked Wines (WINE) was 18 days ago HERE. Then there was a big follow up article on September 6 HERE. After 2 announcements at no-one is watching O’Clock last night the shares have crashed by 40% today. I discuss where next as I ponder Evil Banksta’s generous gifts on Saturday.


637 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast and Photo: a bear with a sore head

The photo below was of me at Sharestock talking about fraud. I discuss the day and ask those who attended to say which speakers I should drop for next year and to make any other comments. Then I discuss what profits warnings are inevitable a week on Tuesday.  PS Thanks to those offering gifts of wine and ouzo yesterday. It is much appreciated although I am not inquite  the right place to start on them today.


639 days ago

Vindicated yet again: Gear4Music warns again & things are only going to get worse

Oh dear, Oh dear, it is ouzo for myself but tears before bedtime for comrade Malcolm Stacey as Gear4Music (G4M) has issued yet another profits warning. That it does not update us on its cash (or lack of it) position should set the alarm bells ringing.


659 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - could or should Boohoo.com go bust?

I start with a nasty shock my grandmother, Lesbia Cochrane, got in the late 1920s. This is relevant I suggest that a whole swathe of millenials could be getting a similar shock this year and that is one of many reasons why I pose the Boohoo (BOO) question. I look at its balance sheet, cashflows, shocking G (as in ESG) and find myself agreeing with ouzo man. Thewn the chart below and what it means for any company including Purplebricks (PURP) , getting some PR dictated puffery in The Times today, exposed to UK housing. Finally it is 12 days to ShareStock. I am off to mow the lawn for the tents next, book your seats HERE


671 days ago

Predator – ouzo on cornflakes for the Sheriff as Peterhouse quits after share dealing stink

It is sad to have to explain to some demented haters out there but this ouzo on cornflakes thing is my little joke and I am not an alcoholic and you are humourless bastards. These days, I reckon if I shift 5 units a week, that is a heavy week. Anyhow it is ouzo on cornflakes for me after this article and a word of praise for Peterhouse Capital for a shock resignation just before the close yesterday.  Make no mistake this is about the growing share dealing scandal involving Predator Oil & Gas (PRD) chairman Paul Griffiths.


676 days ago

Hat tip Ouzo Man: data from the taxman shows why Purplebricks is screwed

The new CEO at Purplebricks (PURP) can drone on about cost cutting, diversity and inclusion all she wants but when you are sailing into a macro-economic hurricane, all small ships will sink. My thanks to reader “ouzo man” for pointing out the latest data from the HMRC.


677 days ago

Photo Article Greek Hovel 2022 journey home: Au Revoir Greece

Having spent far too long checking in with ANEK, the ferry company, last night I arrived at Patras a bit later than expected after making a schoolboy error and going to the wrong port, only to find that the Check in did not actually work. So much for the e-ticket I flashed at the guard. So I had to scuttle back to the terminal, checked in manually, and drove on board.


697 days ago

The Greek Hovel summer 2022: Visiting the new ouzerie in Kambos

It is situated on the main road about 300 yards from the main square opposite the olive press and it has drawn some custom from the main square if only because it allows smoking inside which is, of course, illegal. That, and a report that it had the best loos of any watering hole in town persuaded me to take the family.


721 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: V is for Vindication (Kefi, Verditek, Shield and the list today goes on and on)

In today’s podcast I look at Optibiotix (OPTI) where I bought more shares today, Kefi Gold & Copper (Kefi), Guild ESports (GILD) asking if it and David Beckham are breaking up, Nanosynth (NNN), the shysters at Verditek (VDTK) and Shield Therapeutics (STX). It is definately ouzo, or rather elderflower champagne, for supper tonight.


721 days ago

100% Vindication for @TomWinnifrith: Shield Therapeutics admits to failed $30m placing, gets bailout loan but will still be bust by Christmas

Oh dear, oh dear, this is truly awful and explains why results which normally come out late April came out on deadline day today. Shield Therapeutics (STX) is in a mess as I warned so often. Ouzo for me. Cabbage water for those who ignored my explicit warnings and trolled and abused me instead.


767 days ago

Ouzo for the perma bears – Mirriad shares tank on dire numbers and piss poor excuses

I warned comrade Malcolm Stacey and you all that his March 7 enthusiasm for advertising group Mirriad (MIRI) was misplaced and dire results with a piss poor set of excuses vindicate this perma bear once again. Crack out the ouzo.  At 21p, down 14% so far today, the market cap is £59 million making this still a stonking short.


780 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - for the second time in 3 months, North Wales Police call regarding my "sins"

Last time, the complainant was anonymous; this time, it was Julie Meyer. I describe my chat. Suffice to say that Ms “sex toy on expenses” Meyer will again be frustrated. I contrast these Police visits with the way they failed me when I exposed the Chill Brands (CHLL) fraud, and was then harassed and smeared – I wonder how the guilty men, notably those at Buchanan Communications, feel this afternoon. Today, I deserve a shed load of ouzo after numerous triumphs and, in turn, I look at Chill, Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Bidstack (BIDS) and Vast Resources (VAST). Actually, I am joking about the ouzo: the kids and I are off to buy a hosepipe extension, some lavender plants, and an ice cream for Joshua. That is our reward.


781 days ago

Chill Brands bailout fundraise at just 2p - yet another ouzo for the Sheriff

Excuse me if I crow, but all the threats, harassment and smears I have received from those paid to attack me, as well as from dumb investors, enraged that I had dared to expose this crock since 3 February 2021, must now be viewed in light of a bailout placing, announced yesterday, at just 2p.


927 days ago

Photo Article: The Greek Hovel olive harvest 2021 Day 1, a very good result in the rain

It stopped raining by eight and by nine it was dry enough to put the mats down and go into battle. Heroic harvester K from a couple of years ago would have been proud of me. I worked out how to charge the battery and get the twerker working, to lay out the mats and we kicked off on the six trees nearest the house where my special man fertilizer seems to have ensured there is a decent crop. My business partner Nicho the Communist has again warned me that he will kill me if I chop any branches so it was twerking only. Well I say that..


958 days ago

Purplebricks…timber! Ouzo tonight for a vindicated permabear

When I read Purplebricks (PURP) CEO Vic Darvey prattling on about a solid platform to achieve longer term targets my mind immediately switches to thoughts of Cheryl Cole. I feel that I too offer an increasingly solid platform (boom boom) and I have my targets too. Whatever … today Vic served up a ghastly profits warning and shares in Purplebricks (PURP) are in freefall. You cannot say that this site has not warned you all often enough. So what’s the story morning glory?


1011 days ago

BREAKING: Ouzo on my cornflakes: Colin Bloom UK Non Exec at the Umuthi fraud resigns with immediate effect reports company to FCA & SFO

Praise be the Lord! I can reveal that, after my weekend barrage, devout Christian and Tory Party hack Colin Bloom has this morning resigned as the sole UK director of the Umuthi (UHS) fraud.  Amen. Moreover…


1059 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I have never read such total bollocks in my life in an RNS

An early podcast as Joshua and I are off exploring for an old bridge and a back road to Orova shortly. In today’s bearcast I look at Predator Oil & Gas (PRD) – a cause for extra ouzo tonight as Ron Pilbeam gets the order of the boot after my missive to the FCA – at new IPO Spinnaker Acquisitions (SPAQ) which looks like an overpriced nest of vipers and finally at the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME) whose RNS today is just complete and utter bollocks.


1067 days ago

Returning to the Greek Hovel from Kitries again seething with resentment

The Mrs arrives tonight. So last night was the last one of the boys’ holiday with Joshua, the longest time he has ever been parted from his mum, three and a half weeks. There have, surprisingly, been no tears although it is clear that he cannot wait to see her again. And we have had a good time on our road trip and here at the hovel. To celebrate the end of part one of our break, I took him to Kitries for supper.


1068 days ago

Feelings of shame and treachery as I sample the new restaurant in Kambos

The Guardian-reading lefties L&G had invited Joshua and me for Sunday Lunch at the new restaurant in the Kambos town square, the one with starched white tablecloths run by the grandson of Old Miranda. But the night before, Joshua and I wandered down for supper and I suggested that we try the new place for ourselves. Don’t get me wrong.


1073 days ago

A new Greek lockdown, even Lovely Eleni has had enough

I have yet to update you all on the dynamics of the, now four, eateries that surround thde small square in the centre of Kambos, the village closest to the Greek Hovel. As Greece implements new laws to make life for all four of them that much harder, it is topical.


1077 days ago

After 2813 days it is ouzo on cornflakes time for the Sheriff of AIM as G3 declared insolvent

2813 days ago after being jerked around and threatened with legal action by its odious PR man, I, nonetheless, published the bloody dossier on Green Dragon Gas, which latterly became G3 Exploration (G3E). Though it has been obviously bust for a while, today it was forced to admit to it. Shame on that PR man, shame on boss Randeep Grewal and shame on those who promoted this enterprise. Today, after almost a year of denial, the Fat Lady has sung.


1081 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Another gotcha for the Sheriff - this time it's Bidstack, bailout placing at 2p

In today’s bearcast with myself and Joshua recorded in Metsovo, I comment on MyHealthChecked (MHC), Boots & EasyJet, the blooming Poulden Lenigas bromance, on Zoetic (ZOE) and on Bidstack (BIDS). More ouzo tonight methinks. 


1088 days ago

My father in Greece: the 25 chickens and penises

My step brother T has sent me a photo of our late father sitting, topless, holding a large chicken and wonders if it was in Greece. It is not terribly flattering so I shall not publish it but it is the sort of memory of an eccentric man you treasure. It reminds me of a story from when we were very young and my father had just returned from a trip to the mountains of Northern Greece. We had stayed at home with mum.


1110 days ago

Another victory for The Sheriff: Iconic Labs – it's game over, it’s officially bust, it's time for the ShareProphets National Anthem

It is ouzo on cornflakes time again as I warned you so many times that this would end in tears. Huge liabilities, dodgy related party deals by TWO management teams, not a cat in hell’s chance of generating cash, yet as ever the Bulletin Board Morons knew better. In recent weeks, they had the “big mo”. But gravity cannot be defied forever and at 6.39pm on Friday night, Iconic Labs (ICON) released the following RNS statement:


1153 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - a surprise windfall for me will pay for 150 olive trees and a lot of ouzo

I discuss that surprise windfall, the Mrs getting her jab and look at Wildcat (WCAT), MyHealthChecked (MHC), Versarien (VRS) and Vast Resources (VAST).


1173 days ago

It is my dead Dad’s Birthday

I am sure that my siblings and a number of other folks who loved my dad, who died last October, will be remembering that it is his birthday today. He would have been 83.


1177 days ago

BREAKING: Ouzo for the Sheriff of Aquis as Block Commodities loses (another) adviser and shares suspended

Cripes! This must be a record. First Sentinel was only appointed as corporate advisor to Block Commodities (BLCC), formerly the African Potash (AFPO) fraud on March 4. Today it has resigned with immediate effect meaning the shares are suspended yet again. The reason: exposes by the Sheriff of Aquis, a man whose day job is the Sheriff of AIM


1236 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Ouzo on Cornflakes day - only kidding

This is Nigel Somerville’s phrase. I should stress that the two don’t mix but it will be used by Supply@ME Capital (SYME) owning morons as evidence that I am a drunk. Hmmmmmmmm on about 2 units a week, methinks not.  I discuss the Supply fraud and what the company’s, honourable and truthful, PR man is telling the morons. And what they should take from it. I look at the silver spike and advise you what Lucian has done in response. I look at reasons for ouzo on cornflakes: Bidstack (BIDS), Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) and Iconic (ICON). I look at a personal winner AEX Gold (AEXG ) which is very cheap and at new bad events at my baddest tip of the year Asiamet (ARS) for which I apologise.


1236 days ago

Bidstack admits to pre Christmas deceit, warns on 2021 – has to be rescue placing ahoy

The first of a number of triumphs today for the Sheriff of AIM is AIM bad boy Bidstack (BIDS). After repeated pressure from this website it has, finally, admitted that its pre Christmas trading statement was a deceit and, better still, has issued a shock warning about 2021. Oh dear, its moronic followers, including Mike Turner, that cross dressing IT freak from Northants, will be cacking themselves as a cash crisis looms. Let’s start with the false market created on 17 December with the misleading RNS signed off by shameless Nomad Stifel.


1241 days ago

More ouzo for me but not for Mike Walters & Tory Toff Lord Willetts as Verditek forced to ‘fess up to its deceit

Twice in the past week, most stridently yesterday afternoon HERE, I have made it clear that Verditek (VDTK), the serial AIM sewer deceiver ramped by shamed tipster “old mother” Walters and chaired by Tory toff Lord Willetts, needed to come clean on yet another pre-placing deceit and its lack of revenues. I guess the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation were listening as this morning the company fessed up. It’s ouzo time for me!


1247 days ago

Two days after letter to FCA Supply@ME Capital shares suspended – ouzo for the sheriff! A Lesson for the morons

My joy this morning is somewhat tempered by the fact that the River Dee which flows past the Welsh hovel in which I live, is at its highest level this century and I have wasted much time putting sandbags by the doors at the river end of the house. Fingers are crossed as, right now, the waters have just reached door level. Notwithstanding that, it is ouzo on cornflakes time, as shares in con Supply@ME Capital have been suspended at my instigation, albeit two days too late.


1262 days ago

GCM Resources – the end or the beginning of the end or perhaps neither

Gary Newman got much grief in times gone by for warning folks about this dog. Today, I imagine he will be enjoying extra ouzo with his fishcakes as the shares were suspended from AIM as the one month notice period of, now, former Nomad Strand Hanson came to a close. But what next?


1275 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Supply@ME ends the year with another monstrous porky

I start with Joshua’s Advent calendar which today, I think, is #fakenews. Then I look at Wishbone Gold (WSBN), Coral Products (CRU) – you guys all owe me a bottle of ouzo, Sarah Willingham’s dog Nightcap, Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) and then finally  don’t all fantasise about killing me at once  the con that is Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and today’s misleading RNS. May i wish you and your families all a very Merry Christmas and please do not dare to reply with any message about Happy Holidays.


1365 days ago

Wellesley Finance – finally admits it is bust: 4 kills out of 4 for the Sheriff of mini-bonds, more disgrace for FCA

I have been warning about Wellesley Finance Plc since Sunday 17 February 2019.  It was the third in a series of articles I wrote about mini bond lenders in early 2019, starting with London and Capital Finance Plc, then Blackmore Bond Plc, and finally Bassett & Gold Plc with the other three now all in administration with substantial losses of investors capital. Now its 4 from 4 – ouzo at the Sheriff of mini bonds towers! And, again, the FCA has fecked it up whden it comes to ignoring clear warnings and its basic job of protecting investors.


1373 days ago

Ouzo for Tom Winnifrith: Aquis Regulator acts on his specific complaint, fines Block Commodities run by Lyin' Chris Cleverly

Oh dear, Lyin’ Chris Cleverley, the cousin of Tory party bigwig James ,is in a spot of bother having been slammed by the regulators of the junior exchange Aquis for misleading investors in his POS company Block Commodities, formerly African Potash. Better still Aquis acted on a specific letter from my good self sent on 18 November 2019.


1387 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel August 2020 - day 10, the pool and a view to die for

It was Uncle Johnny’s last full day with us and after the trek to and from Mistras the previous day it was agreed we would do nothing all day. Nothing all day at the Greek Hovel used to mean wandering around snake spotting. These days it means dipping into the library of books out at the hovel or just dipping into the swimming pool which, notwithstanding the water shortage affecting us and the whole village of Kambos, was full at all times. Yes, I do know what you are thinking!


1410 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: BREAKING, the first member of the Quindell crime gang to face legal action - it should be this week

A source who is 100% reliable tells me that the first member of the Quindell crime gangto face legal consequences will discover the good news this week. I shall keep you posted but I am in the right place to secure barrels of ouzo with which to celebrate. Elsewhere I discuss Eqtec (ETQ) and why an eminent poster on our comments section is wrong to give it a clean bill of heath regarding its fraud. I debate valuing stocks in relation to NAV with respect to mining stocksand investment companies and why it is different. I look at Cineworld (CINE) and bid rumours, Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and lunacy and at the atrocious results from Versarien (VRS) and its startling admission re its illegal taxpayer loan. I also discuss why i am not panicking on gold and the gold shares I own.


1428 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Journalist-smearing motherfuckers Citigate Dewe Rogerson & FastJet Edition

I have been waiting for this day for a long while. I hope that comrade Graham Neary has a glass (or seven) of Black Velvet over in Ireland tonight. I shall have an ouzo as I enjoy some karma heading to the - journalist-smearing – fascist PR bastards at Citigate. I should warn you that this podcast contains some bad language as I consider the AIM demise of Fastjet (FJET). I laugh at a rumour about Ascent Resources (AST) and the whore blogger Malcolm Graham Wood and I consider the laughable plans of the pathetic nanny state regime of Bojo to tackle obesity.  I also look at Cineworld (CINE), R4E (R4E) and Supply@ME Capital (SYME), three firms I fear are in the merde. And did I mention that Citigate Dewe Rogerson are a bunch of journalist-smearing motherfuckers whose comprehensive lack of ethics I shall toast with ouzo tonight?


1430 days ago

Get your chequebooks out you Fenian scumbags - who is laughing about Brexit now?

As a part time resident of Greece, I am most delighted by the EU bailout. Not only does the mightly Hellenic Republic have almost no cases of Covid now, but we are also going to get shed loads of cash from other EU countries for our politicians to steal. Oops… I meant to invest wisely in rebuilding the economy. Fabbo. As you can see below, Greece is the fourth biggest winner from the great EU Covid lottery and, in terms of per head of population, I think we have (again) topped the handout table. Ouzos all round in Greece. Elsewhere, others are not so happy.


1475 days ago

BREAKING: Tom Winnifrith yet again commended by regulator: The FRC thanks him on Diversified Gas & Oil

Here is another commendation for me for my pig ignorant critics on the Bulletin Boards and supporters of fraud to ignore. One day, maybe even Roger Lawson and certain thirsty share bloggers from Brighton might actually be forced to admit that the folks who matter not only respect my work but act on it too. This tme it concerns what was the largest oil company on AIM before it moved to the main market, Diversified Gas & Oil (DGOC). I complained about its accounts, the FRC thought I was correct and forced Diversified to make changes. The letter below makes that clear. Ouzo for the Sheriff of AIM tonight methinks.


1491 days ago

Vindication for Tom Winnifrith (yet again): Ouzo time! Akazoo (InternetQ as was) admits it’s a total fraud: sales and users almost all fiction

Those who read my From Athens with Love dossier on InternetQ (INTQ) in 2015 when it was AIM listed will have been in no doubt that its users and sales were pure fiction. Today there is final vindication for me, this is yet another massive fraud from Greece.


1647 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - More ouzo needed as Sound forced into statement and Bidstack finally comes clean

A day of triumph at the Welsh Hovel sees me discuss Sound Energy (SOUwhose hand I forced last night with this article, Bidstack (BIDS) which has finally come, partially, clean about the mess it is in and Iconic (ICON) which has yet to ‘fess up to its woes but will do so soon. I also discuss one very good company, Optibiotix (OPTI)


1668 days ago

Back in Kambos – an ouzo in what used to be Miranda’s

I still have not worked out what it is called these days but other than the name nothing changes.


1677 days ago

IQE – yet another profits warning? Told y’all: ouzo time!

I lose count of how many warnings cash guzzling chip producer IQE (IQE) has now issued in its current sequence but, as I predicted, another one has arrived.  The worry must be now that iby Q2 2020 it will find itself right up against the limits on its new £57 million bank facility.


1722 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast brought to you from the killing fields of the Welsh Hovel

My cats are on a roll, It is horrfic. I mention this at the start just to annoy NoGold. Them ouzo for Nigel as Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) fesses up on a fake RNS. But it is still stuffed. I look at Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) as it dissembles, Brady (BRY) whose shares should be suspended, Clear Leisure (CLP) and a joke deal and Ted Baker (TBK) which seems fecked.


1784 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - ouzo time thanks to St James House

In today’s bearcast i shut the windows at the Greek Hovel to cut out the noise of the cricket circus. I really could stay here for good and not come back to the UK. The Mrs is not so sure but she is warming to the idea.  In the podcast I look at St James House (SJH) a POS handing me a bit of a triumph as accounts restated, Big Dish (DISH which I expose for lying and mugging poor old Malcolm Stacey HERE  have some folks no shame?  I also look at Kier (KIE) and Thomas Cook (TCG).


1802 days ago

TRIUMPH: Financial Reporting Council says Tom Winnifrith complaint saw £800m First Derivatives have to alter its accounting policies

To those who say that ShareProphets is a joke site run by a fool or a knave, stick this letter below from the Financial Reporting Council where the sun don’t shine. Yet again the FRC is marking my homework with A*s.  To those cretins on the Bullettin Boards who abuse me daily I ask: when was the last time you got a regulator to force an £800 million market cap company to change its, overly aggressive and misleading, accounting policies? Ouzo time yet again for the Sheriff of AIM


1819 days ago

Shock ‘em at Brockham – disaster for Angus Energy, Catastrophe for UK Oil & Gas, The Weald basin promote died today

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.  This is a bleak day indeed for the Weald basin, Horse Hill, and all the fools who believed Lyin’ Steve Sanderson and shameless ramper Big Dave Lenigas. The dismal results first thing, from UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) were enough to justify ouzo on my cornflakes at Sheriff of AIM towers but mid morning saw news from Angus Energy (ANGS) and its Brockham site which is disastrous for those who disseds me and believed Lyin’ Steve and Dave. It is the death knell of the shameless and morally repellent, Wield basin (bigger than Saudi Arabia) promote.


1826 days ago

Ouzo O’clock in North Wales, misery in the valleys as IQE warns (as predicted)

The Sheriff of AIM is surely entitled to a celebratory breakfast ouzo at his hovel in North Wales? On Wednesday I flagged up a profits warning from the Krauts at Siltronic and suggested that IQE (IQE) was likely to follow. Less than 48 hours later the Cardiff dog duly barks. As a long term bear I have repeatedly warned silly sell side analysts, Thirsty Paul Scott and others that this company is a crock…once again I stand vindicated. And so to detail….it is grim.


1958 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: ouzo time at Sheriff Towers as Accesso halves

I told you on November 8 that shares in Accesso (ACSO) would halve as I published a major short dossier. Oh how my critics laughed and scoffed for they all know better. Well it has not taken long for it to be ouzo time and vindication again at Sheriff of AIM Towers. I discuss DP Poland (DPP), Fox Marble (FOX) and a shameful ramp by Brokerman Dan, that is to say Dev Clever (DEV)


1975 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Luke Johnson is THE acceptable face of capitalism, Frontera (which is not), 1 day to go

How I suffer for you dear listeners. All is explained. Then there is a long discussion on the administration of Patisserie Holdings (CAKE). I move on with a few more words on The Escape Group (ESC) which I covered HERE and then look at Eve Sleep (EVE) and the folly of Neil Woodford, Scancell (SCLP), Anglesey Mining (AYM), Ariana (AAU), Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV), Chesterfield (CHF) and Metro Bank (MTRO). Finally it is one day to ouzo time (again) on Frontera Resources (FRR).


2004 days ago

Frontera – Nomad quits, shares suspended, it is game over morons & ouzo time for me

I have spent all weekend being abused on twitter by morons who own shares in Frontera Resources (FRR) - notably @keithcareth, check his feed he is insane -  who insisted that I did not know what I was talking about, that the FCA was after me, etc etc etc. I await an apology as today – as was inevitable after our weekend revelations HERE and HERE – the Nomad, Cairn, has quit. The shares are suspended and here is why it is game over.


2023 days ago

MySquar – the scale of the fraud gets worse but is there hope for shareholders? Er…

I have a small bottle of ouzo ready for Monday at 7 AM GMT when shares in the fraud MySquar (MYSQ) will be thrown off the AIM Casino as no Nomad is prepared to replace disgraced SP Angel which quit a month ago.  But the news today gets even worse.


2041 days ago

Sound Energy: the spinning stops, the plates come crashing down – ouzo time

Do you remember when shares in Sound Energy (SOU) were 80p+ and some commentators thought they would multi-bag from there?  I warned you that this was a stock built on spinning plates and that, one day, reality would cause pain and misery for shareholders. That day is today, the shares are down by 29% at just 17p. But could it get even worse?  You bet it could.


2047 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the time of year when my hatred of Amazon mounts

I explain why I am cursing Amazon almost daily. I look at redemptions and fund managers a problem lurking under the surface but also how do private investors react to stocks going to zero or doing an IQE (IQE). I look at worrying data from China and then at Utilitywire (UTW) - another Neil Woodford car crash - and at Interserve (IRV). Ouzo for Nigel Somerville soon I sense.


2051 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Je parle le Franglais avec les Grenouilles!

In today's podcast I look again at yellow journalism re Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) as covered HERE and the MySquar (MYSQ) fraud. The corrupt deadwood press is part of the problem not the solution. I cover the latest news from MySquar in case I don't have time for a dedicated article. Today is a Joshua day but I hope to write as he takes a nap. I  also look at Mirriad (MIRI), Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN) anmd Haydale Graphene (HAYD) whose news today means that Nigel Somerville will have enjoyed ouzo on his breakflast cornflakes.


2075 days ago

CEO of Fishing Republic lasts minus 1 days before company goes bust is that a record?

On 27th September the joke company Fishing Republic (FISH) announced that it was “pleased to announce the appointment of Daniel Quinn to the Board as its new Chief Executive Officer, with effect from 17 October 2018.” Today, 16th October the company fessed up that it was bust. No need to clear your desk Danny Boy, in fact no need to buy cakes for the staff on your first day at work tomorrow. At least your CV won't need much touching up. Is this a record: Minus 1 days from appointment to an AIM tits up? Darren - make my ouzo a double!


2086 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - First Derivatives More to Come (ho, ho, ho - crack out the ouzo)

Our Winnileaks Matt Earl special on First Derivatives (FDP) has set the cat amongst the pigeons. But I have bad news for the men from God's chosen lands of Ulster who run First. I have more and hope to air soon. Ho ho ho. Get the ouzo and ice ready. In this podcast I also cover spoofing at BlueJay (JAY), Fastjet (FJET), Frontera (FRR), the scandal at Indigovision (IND) which is enough to have us all voting for Jeremy Corbyn, Mayan (MYN) and, in some detail, Condor Gold (CNR), the gold dog which has sent so much of the cash of my good pal Jim Mellon to money heaven. I fear Jim will have to get his wallet out again soon.


2089 days ago

Progress report from the Greek Hovel – storm Zorba hits my olives

I am beginning to think that God is not pleased with my restoration work at the Greek Hovel and is punishing me with an annual plague of my poor olives. Last year it was the hail storm ten days before harvest that destroyed the crop almost entirely, leaving my field carpeted with rotting berries and my neighbours crying into their ouzo and facing economic misery.


2115 days ago

Photo article - supper in Kardamili

This is just to make my pal Evil Knievil jealous. I found myself in Kardamili, Islington on Sea, to use an ATM and to buy Evil a very superior bottle of Greek red wine, to show the old wine snob that not everything produced here tastes of mouth-wash. far from it.


2126 days ago

Photo article: trekking up to Zarnata castle with Joshua on my back - amazing views of Kambos and the Greek Hovel

The ruined Frankish castle of Zarnata sits on top of the hill overlooking Kambos and on its nearer side the village of Stavropiglio. I often sit staring up at it, in awe at the largely still standing outer wall which threads its way around the hill, when enjoying an ouzo in Miranda's or from the tables outside the Kourounis taverna run by lovely Eleni. In an attempt to inject a bit of culture to the holiday of Godless daughter Olaf, I led the family on a trek up that hill yesterday, with young Joshua on my back.


2139 days ago

A great and exciting day looms – I move into the Greek Hovel tomorrow!

I started today at 4.30 AM GMT in Bristol. I did not have the rub of the green with logistics in Athens and thus I did not arrive at my posh Kalamata hotel until 6 PM GMT, 8 PM local time. I have checked my emails , enjoyed a Greek salad and am just about to order an ouzo. But the really good news comes from George the Architect…the Bat Room at the Greek Hovel is wildlife diversity secure, the power and water is still working and so tomorrow I move in….


2145 days ago

Photo Article: Cynical Bear does the decent thing on Optibiotix

For eons Cynical Bear has made one of his seven things that will never happen series, that Optibiotix (OPTI) shares would not reach 100p. As you may have twigged, they have reached and now breached, closing last night at 124p. And with a very pregnant deal pipeline so a stack of RNS's on the way, we who ignored the old Bear are feeling happy. I teased him that by way of apology he should send a bottle of ouzo to Sheriff of AIM Towers. He is a good man old Cynical Bear. Late last night, guess what arrived...


2146 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: no need to send ouzo: my advice to Pantheon Resources is on me, just because I am such a nice guy

In today's podcast I look once again at Argo BlockChain (ARB) filling in a few errors and ommissions by Cynical Bear. I cover Ascent Resources (AST) which looks grim, WanDisco (WAND) and Pantheon Resources (PANR) where, once again, I demonstrate what a terribly nice chap I am.


2160 days ago

More Adam Reynolds humble pie for Cynical Bear as Optibiotix hits 100p & more to come – where’s my ouzo?

First there was his flip flop On Sosandar (SOS) when he ‘fessed that his bearishness was an error. Now Cynical Bear’s much repeated claim in his seven things that won’t happen series, that Optibiotix (OPTI) would not hit 100p is in tatters too as the shares have this morning touched that level. Time for another volte face? And more importantly…


2165 days ago

Confronted by the Kambos Village President in Miranda’s

As is my wont, when in Kambos, I walked into the restaurant formerly known as Miranda’s and headed for the small cooking area at the back. The new supremo, the new Miranda, explained what was on offer and after due consideration I went for small pieces of pork in a wine sauce with a side helping of zucchinis and okra.  That will end up costing me six euro.


2165 days ago

Photo article from the Greek Hovel - the stone (not brick) bathroom takes shape

As I arrived at the Greek Hovel on Sunday I was surprised to find the two elderly men employed by Gregori the snake killer hard at work. They sat under the shade of a large olive tree hammering away at stones to make them the right size and shape for use. Following my "ban the shiny modern bricks" edict those stones are now being used to build the bathroom in the master bedroom, the bottom floor of the new wing.


2186 days ago

Crack out the Ouzo at Sheriff of AIM Towers: Fastjet shares crash as potentially terminal cash crises emerges – feck you Citigate

I guess the journalist smearing bastards at Citigate Dewe Rogerson might be about to lose another retainer. Their response to my probing of the financial woes of their poxy client FastJet (FJET) was to threaten and smear me. Fuck you Citigate. Now Fastjet has ‘fessed to just how grim things are. It could be tits up time by the weekend. Crack out the ouzo, let’s celebrate. I shed no tears for a company that stands by the actions of scum like Citigate. And I warned shareholders often enough what financial fate lay in store for FastJet.


2218 days ago

Folli Follie - surely it is double ouzo time now!

Having collapsed by another 25% yesterday to just 4.8 Euro shares in Folli Follie were suspended on the Athens stock exchange first thing today prompting a bearcast ouzo. Initially the company told the Greek media that it was because of all we nasty bears spreading false rumours and creating a disorderly market. Then at 11.30 GMT the awful truth came out.


2218 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - it is Ouzo O'Clock! Folli Follie suspended

Hooray. After this week's doorstepping and podcast special and the work back in Bristol this is a great day. I suspect it is game over and discuss the probable demise of Folli Follie. Never buy a stock on a PE of 1. Elsewhere I look at rumours concerning Nomad Northland, at Echo Energy (ECHO), the fraud MySquar (MYSQ), my letter to Julie Meyer HERE, Sound Energy (SOU), Westminster Group (WSG) - with its revolting chairman ex Tory MP Tony Baldry - and Frontera (FRR) and its latest pre placing ramp. Now come on chaps, if you enjoy bearcast - and I know 1000 of you do every day - please donate £10 NOW to the Woodlarks charity walk - HERE


2300 days ago

Photo Article - Sunset over a snow capped Taygetos, the view from Kambos Church

It was my penultimate day in Kambos, the nearest village to the Greek Hovel. I had parked in the small side street that leads off the main road up and past the newest and biggest of the, at least, five churches in out settlement with a population of 537 (when I am there). I enjoyed a lunch at Miranda's - pork in a wine sauce, oven cooked potatoes and an ouzo for seven Euro. I left eight, headed back to my car and drove up to the turning square opposite the Church.


2306 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel - Rain stops play again

For some reason I could not sleep a wink last night and thus my excuse for not returning to the Greek hovel for more failed bonfire lighting is that I am just so dog tired that I fear that I may fall asleep at the wheel. That is not something you wish to do on a Mountain road. Hence I content myself in my hotel wish washing my socks, admin matters and writing like a dervish. And trying to catch up on some sleep. If I manage all of that I may treat myself to a slap up meal at Katelanos tonight: Mountain greens, octopus and ouzo.


2313 days ago

Crack out the Ouzo - UK Oil & Gas shares in freefall on Broadford Bridge disaster

If it was not ouzo o'clock at the Sheriff's Greek bolt-hole after the Servision (SEV) debacle it sure is now after UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) fessed up to disastrous news from Broadford Bridge. We bear have been utterly vindicated but there is far worse to come for the morons who thought they knew better - the shares have slumped to 1.9p but they will now inevitably fall to as low as 0.5p in the coming weeks.


2423 days ago

UPDATED: FCA launches probe into Telit - Sky! Telit says FCA has raised issues

Maybe the regulators are not utterly useless after all. Sky is this morning reporting that the FCA has launched a formal probe into Telit (TCM). It is ouzo O'Clock round at the Sheriff of AIM Towers!


2483 days ago

Jacob Rees Mogg is the saviour of Greece - erect statues in every town. the Moggster finds 53 billion Euro down the Hellenic sofa

I am no particular admirer of my Oxford contemporary, the pompous MP for somewhere in Somerset, Jacob Rees Mogg. But my fellow residents of the Hellenic Republic should at once establish a committee to erect statues of the pin stripe suited buffoon in every town square in our great land. The heroes of 1821 should stand shoulder to shoulder with the man who has arrived at a solution to our economic misery and enslavement by the fucking Germans, sorry I meant the EU, and banksters. Jacob Rees Mogg is the new Byron.


2507 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: 3 resignations: Telit (Nomad) & Avanti Coms & Redcentric CEOs - can I claim scalps?

That Telit (TCM) is going to zero is a given as I explained yesterday HERE. But now we need to know why Canaccord quit on May 26 as Nomad. I suggest the reason in this podcast and call for a wider AIM Casino rule change on Nomad resignations. Then it is on to 2 CEO resignations. The bombastic prick David Williams has gone from drowning in debt Avanti Communications (AVN). Avanti is toast but I run through the red flags pertaining to Williams himself and ask a question about his payoff for failure. As for Redcentric (RCN) can I claim this as a scalp? Frazer  Fisher must have known about the mega payroll fraud of March 31 2016 as I revealed HERE. Yet he trousered a big 2016 bonus and sold stacks of shares just after publishing the 2016 number which he KNEW WERE CROOK. This departure is to avoid him being in situe when the FCA, FRC and SFO announce their findings. Actually can the Sheriff claim a scalp on the bombastic prick Williams too? I got the FRC to pan his company and exposed all sorts of Avanti red flags and naughtiness. Two scalps in a day - ouzo time?


2561 days ago

African Potash: Crack out the ouzo, adviser Peterhouse quits it is game over

"Lyin' Chris Cleverley, fascist lawyers Memery Crystal,, NED Declan O'Brien,clueless accountants RSM Tenon, SA sleazebag MP Mark Simmonds, Phil Edmonds, Andrew Groves, we have beaten them all, we have beaten them all!. Lord Hain of sleaze, can you hear me? Lord Hain of sleaze ... your boys took a hell of a beating! Your boys took a hell of a beating!" Yes I think we can now declare victory in the war against African Potash. It never ends well for frauds especially those who hire fascist lawyers to send wanker letters to The Sheriff of AIM.


2561 days ago

Diary of a diabetic - 9.6 WTF?

I am meant to test my blood sugars twice daily and be in a range of 5-7 whatever that means.Almost two months ago I was 15.3 but these days an almost zero carb, almost zero alcohol, low stress and modest daily exercise lifestyle plus five pills a day has seen me happily in "normal" territory for someone tackling type 2 diabetes, for some days. But I just tested myself and it was 9.6. WTF!


2596 days ago

Diary of a diabetic day ..whatever: a disastrous week

I have not even bothered to test my blood sugar levels for the past few days. I know they are up. I can feel a couple of the symptoms of type 2 diabetes making a minor comeback. Last night, for instance, I felt the need to piss several times. Net result: no sleep. And it is all so predictable. I could kick myself. Or certain others.


2597 days ago

Kicking myself for that parting line: I am not a gin sozzled ex pat

As we walked out of the restuarant last night here in Kardamili, my eight month old son Joshua made eye contact with two ladies who, I guess, were about a decade younger than I am. He started smiling, they started smiling and soon conversation broke out. Joshua is a great ice-breaker whether you want him to be or not.


2600 days ago

Sitting in Kambos speaking French - looming competition for lovely Eleni & FFS I am NOT a Kraut

There was I sitting in the Kourounis Taverna in Kambos having taken the Mrs and Joshua up to see his inheritance, that is to say the Greek Hovel. The Mrs and I were enjoying a Greek salad prepared by Nicho the Magician, that is to say Eleni's other half and Joshua was enjoying a few bits of bread and smiling at all passers by. A lady came up and introduced herself.


2617 days ago

Photo article: Diary of a diabetic day 18 - a tale of two soups

Having explained to the nice lady who runs my favourite restaurant here in Kalamata why I had to turn down a free ouzo she expressed great sympathy about the plight of a man with type 2 diabetes. And thus, having finished my grilled octopus and black eyed peas and mountain greens, I was presented with a bowl of soup.


2619 days ago

Diary of a diabetic day 17 - turning down free ouzo

On my new machine, the blood sugar reading this morning was 195, up from 146 the prior day. What on earth had I done wrong? I ate sensibly, I took good exercise and I only had one ouzo. It must have been the ouzo. I cursed myself. I reckon that reading is up in the high ten points old scale. Type 2 diabetes is a real bastard,


2621 days ago

Photo Article: Grilled Octopus supreme - diary of a diabetic day 16

The excitement of the snake killing left me so excited that I skipped lunch which I know is not the way that a man with type 2 diabetes should behave. There is no need to lecture me. Perhaps i should not admit that i had also more or less skipped breakfast, having just one small piece of rough bread. The oddity is that I am eating far less but am not hungry. Well it is not that odd.


2633 days ago

Diary of a diabetic day 4 - I think I am getting better and so is my father

Day 2 of my battle to tackle type 2 diabetes showed just exactly why there was no way I could do so without shoving my keyboard in a cupboard and changing every aspect of my life. I had to go to London to do some expert witness business for a friend. So it was all on board the 4.47 AM having done a very early morning blood test which came out at 11.7 down from 15.3 the night before. I know that post fasting measures will be lower but even so: I was told those new zappo pills would work fast!


2643 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - sitting in Shipston it is Cloudtag day! Where is the ouzo Dad?

It seems as if  my father has drunk all the ouzo. Who can blame him? But how will I celebrate if the fraud Cloudtag (CTAG) is booted off AIM today? Join in the fun with our Cloudtag termination clock HERE. Elsewhere I look at Bowleven (BLVN), gosh I loathe its management team, Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO), also run by tossers, and Strategic Equity Capital (SEC).


2644 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Photo Bearcast: Ouzo time as asset strippers crash & burn, MRS scandal and FastForward Joke

Next week may be disrupted by events in Warwick as I discuss at the end of this podcast but I shall be at UK Investor Show come what may and really hope you join me and 3,000 others there - book now for tickets to be sent on Monday HERE. In this podcast I look at Management Resource Solutions (MRS), why its RNS statements just do not add up at all and why I hope for bankruptcy. I also look at the latest news from FastForward (FFWD) which - if you do a bit of digging is a 100% rum and coke. Finally five years after certain folks turned down cash offers for Rivington assets preferring to asset strip them I bring you photos of a Master Investor show hall promising 5,000 attendees but in fact almost empty.  Photo one show c500 folks in the main hall, the stands at the same time are almost empty! Ouzo time for me, a cup of cold sick for the asset strippers. It is hard to resist the temptation to gloat and indeed I found it just too hard. It is ouzo O'clock.


2652 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Contest Sponsored by the FRAUD Cloudtag (again)

It has only just dawned on me that in exactly two weeks time, at 4.30 PM I shall be cracking open the ouzo to celebrate the fact that no Nomad on AIM is so desperate for cash and morally bankrupt that it will act for the fraud Cloudtag (CTAG). And there will thus be an RNS issued to say that it will be slung off the Casino. As that day looms, how will the Bulletin Board Morons spin that as good news? Happy hunting on Cloudtag threads - and others - as we ask you to nominate the most moronic BB posts or tweets in the comments section below. The deadline is midnight Sunday 19th March and, yes, Wildes our pet in-house loon - can nominate his own posts if he wishes.


2667 days ago

Crack out the ouzo, 100% vindication as TrakM8 bailout placing gets underway, investor misinformation confirmed

This morning, after a series of profits warnings, AIM uber dog TrakM8 (TRAK) has announced that there is a bookbuild underway on a £1.66 million bailout placing at just 65p. The shares are now 67p bid so you'd be a moron to participate but conversations are being had between institutional morons and hapless broker FinnCap right now, not withstanding the fact that today's statement lays bare the Nov 28 interim statement as 100% misleading.


2673 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: More ouzo, vindicated on RapidCloud's descent to zero as well

In the main bearcast today I touch on the Cloudtag (CTAG) fraud but that is really covered in its own bearcast HERE. I do look at RapidCloud which was suspended today and will lose its AIM listing in a month. Who warned you that this would face a "terminal conclusion" 149 days ago? Was it PR wankers Walbrook or Nomad WH Ireland or savants on the LSE Asylum? Er no, it was me HERE.  I then look at Challenger (CHAL) a zero in waiting, Iofina (IOF) and IGAS (IGAS) both of which should also be zeros. I commend today's excellent piece from Nigel, the Deputy Sheriff of AIM,  on the Servision (SEV) scandal HERE. I take Nomad Allenby to task for failing to comment on this and for allowing Servision to mislead mug punters. AGAIN. Finally I take apart overvalued ramp Wey Education (WEY). Its shares are up 33% today. That is a ramp not a reflection of value.


2673 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Ouzo Photo Bearcast: Cloudtag, the fraudsters and the morons - it is downfall day for you

I waited until 10 AM before drinking a bit of my father's ouzo in celebration of the Cloudtag (CTAG) take-down described earlier HERE. That is the sort of restrained guy I am. Boy does the ouzo - pictured below - taste great and its only 51 days and I shall be back in Greece for a lot more. Today has been a 100% vindication for The Sheriff of AIM and my fellow bears and the Bulletin Board Morons and fraudsters are now in undignified retreat. I discuss what happens next, have a few new revelations and a few lessons the morons will, no doubt, not learn in this bonus podcast.If you are client of Novum stuffed into today's placing I explain how you can get your cash back.


2673 days ago

BREAKING: Photo Article: Sorry Dad Needs Must - Cloudtag's Nomad quits shocker! Ouzo Time

I had brought the bottle below back from Greece for my father. But I know he will understand. It is a very large celebratory ouzo for breakfast as the AIM fraud of the year Cloudtag (CTAG) has fessed up - its hapless Nomad Cairn has finally had enough of signing off on lies and has quit. It gets worse and it is going to get worse still. Bulletin Board Morons and Aidan Earley who smeared and attacked The Sheriff of AIM for repeatedly calling this out as a fraud line up and apologise now you bastards!


2676 days ago

TrakM8 - Another disastrous profits warning: how close is it to breaching bank covenants?

All the shit I got when I warned y'all repeatedly what a crap company TrakM8 (TRAK) is almost seems worth it now after yet another awful profits warning. No doubt share blogger Paul Scott, crony capitalist PR Man Reg Hoare and uber-bullish analyst Lorne Daniel of Finncap have already ordered that crates of ouzo be sent to me at once as my top analysis is vindicated again. It is what this warning does not say that should terrify you. Things will get worse.


2679 days ago

Sitting in my favourite restaurant in Kalamata all alone with an ouzo - gosh I'm glad to be out of this game

For me this is a delight. I am in my favourite restaurant in Kalamata and I am the only customer. I have chatted to Amelia the owner and am half way through my first ouzo. Grilled octopus has just arrived with some greens, Amelia insists that I try some. I am not normally a rabbit food sort of person but they are splendid.


2680 days ago

Photo Article: This really will make Evil Knievil drool again

Charlatan Darren Winters coughing up nearly all the cash he owed us after his latest court thrashing was a good reason to celebrate. And thus, I headed to my favourite restaurant here in Kalamata and started with an ouzo. Sadly the fresh octopus was not available. Hmmmmmmm. how to tease my friend the bear raider Evil Knievil with pictures of what treats lay in store? Could I top the honey soaked puddings at the Kourounis Taverna in Kambos (prop. lovely Eleni) or the fresh octopus at this place?


2682 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I stand corrected, the CEO was not in the bath & killers gorge, political correctness gone mad

After the Slater & Gordon (SGH) bearcast earlier you may have thought that I was sleeping off half a bottle of ouzo. Au contraire, I have been touring the Mani with George the Architect, the man who helped me to expose InternetQ last year. We went past Killers Gorge. Why can't you kill unsuitable boyfriends of your daughter or sister any more? As my daughter prepares to turn 16 this year I sadly conclude that this is yet another example of political correctness gone mad.  In terms of stocks I offer a couple of corrections on Tracsis (TRCS) after yesterday's bearcast then look at Xtract Resources (XTR), Ascent Resources (AST), FastForward (FFWD), the over ramped hype company with which my good friend Jim Mellon is involved, Cobham (COB), Infrastructure India (IIP) and also the fraud Cloudtag (CTAG). And I refer to a drooling Evil Knievil ref THIS ARTICLE.


2682 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast - It's a 7.14 AM ouzo O'Clock as Slater & Gordon crashes again

Oh dear. Oh Dear. Another trading statement from Aussie law poltroons Slater & Gordon (SGH) and it is grim all round. The shares - A$8 when the fraudulent businesses of Quindell (QPP) were bought - are now 20 cents. And they will go far lower IF a debt for equity swap is agreed and that is the best case scenario. The Rob Terry Quenron businesses are now shown as worthless, another day of V for Vendetta, Vengeance and Vindication for the Sheriff of AIM. Crack out the ouzo and make mine a large one!


2698 days ago

FRAUD Jiasen - ouzo time as Filthy Forty AIM departure #24 is booked, NED walks

Did it jump or was it pushed? ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty posterboy Jiasen (JSI), one of the Fujian four, has announced this morning that it is proposing to delist from AIM and move instead to NEX (the lobster-pot formerly known as ISDX) - just when we thought that the race to AIM departure #24 from the Filthy Forty was down to a two-horse race between Asian Citrus (ACHL)and MoneySwap (SWAP). Jiasen also announced the departure of a NED with effect from the end of February.


2715 days ago

Spunk the Mon(k)ey - TrakM8 disaster acquisition exposed - told y'all

It is my birthday today and the TrakM8(TRAK) supporters club of top blogger Paul Scott, crony capitalist PR man Reg Hoare and tech analyst Lorne Daniel of FinnCap need each to order a bottle of ouzo to send me with a note saying "you were right - you is da king". Subsidiary accounts for Route Monkey have finally emerged and are truly diabolical just as I predicted to hoots of derision from the supporters club.


2715 days ago

My most sober birthday in 34 years - no wonder I am feeling ill

Oft accused by folks who do not like what I write of being an alcoholic, the sad truth is that these days my poison of choice is ginger beer and I drink almost nothing. When in Greece I might have an ouzo at the end of a hard day, here in the UK I drink almost nothing. 


2721 days ago

Challenger Acquisitions chairman quits after just 358 days as company admits its in real trouble

Cynical Bear is probably onto his second bottle of ouzo by now thanks to today's news from Challenger Acquisitions (CHAL). Mr Bear has warned you time and time again about the numerous red flags associated with this company and indeed made it one of his two sells of the year with a target price of 0p HERE. And today we learned that after just 358 days with the company the chairman John Le Poidevin has resigned. It gets better if you are Mr Bear. Have another ouzo.


2734 days ago

Great lines for New Year's Eve with the mad lefty friends of the Mrs, Marine Le Pen could be a winner

I have begged for a pass but it seems that I am committed to spend New Year's Eve with the deluded lefty friends of the Mrs, public sector workers the lot of them. The venue is, I think the house where the Mrs attended the 2015 General Election "victory party" which included that classic line "This can't be happening, I don't know anyone who votes Tory". I was almost sorry I missed that one.


2736 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - suffering at the Post Office as Cloudtag fesses up to ANOTHER lie

In today's late bearcast I relay a stressful experience in the Post Office and the discovery of ouzo in my local Sainsbury. Is it just for me do you think? Cloudtag (CTAG) was caught telling porkies AGAIN, this time by Nigel, and I discuss that. I discuss React (REAT) shares in which we own. Then I look at Servision (SEV) and finally note Drunken Sailor's revelation on United Cocao (CHOC). And there is news about what is in store between now and Boxing day.


2751 days ago

Olive harvest at the Greek Hovel - day 7: They think it's all over...it is now!

Myself and the two women who work with George the Albanian finished work at 5 PM today, having started at 8 AM. It was dark at the end. I could not see what was an olive and what was a leaf as I worked the separating machine. I just bashed the twigs and leaves hard with a plastic paddle and pushed anything that felt like a olive through the grill. My hands are stained with olives and feel raw from pushing those twigs and olives across that grill all day.


2752 days ago

Day six of the Olive Harvest at the Greek Hovel - bad marks Peter Greensmith

Adam Reynolds and the Mrs are in my good books for returning phone calls and thus giving me phone breaks today. Peter Greensmith of Peterhouse did not and so ensured more toil and torture for me. Bad man Peter. Anyhow the sun shone all day and we toiled away as ever.


2755 days ago

Photo Article: Day 3 of the Olive Harvest at the Greek Hovel

At about 2.30 this afternoon George the Albanian wandered over carrying the electric olive harvesting rod which I think is called a twerker. Battery kaput he said and looked unhappy. I endeavoured to look sad too but internally I was delighted because surely this meant that we could knock off early. Bar a 40 minute break to upload my Advanced Oncotherapy bombshell article and 20 minutes at lunchtime when I devoured a hunk of bread dripping in olive oil, a small piece of feta and a tomato all provided by George, I had been working hard since just after eight. And I was aching all over.

Sadly my inner joy was short-lived.


2757 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Please God let those emails arrive so I can ruin someone's weekend

I have had some emails read out to me and they are dynamite. I hope they will land in my in-box soon. I shall pop into the small church on the way to the Greek Hovel tonight to say a prayer for their safe arrival as if they arrive some folks are in deep deep merde and it will certainly be an ouzo o'clock moment.  Please join me in my prayers. Elsewhere I look at Boohoo.com (BOO), Avanti Communications (AVN), Cloudtag (CTAG), Mosman Oil & Gas (SHITE), African Potash (FRAUD), 88 Energy (HYPE) and with that I wish you all a happy weekend.


2762 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: TrakM8 - disastrous interims, profits crash, cashburn horrific - 100% vindicated

"Lorne Daniel at FinnCap, PR man Reg Hoare, Nomad Ed Frisby, Broker Joanna Scott, Edison Research, Proactive Investors we have beaten them all, we have beaten them all!. Paul Scott can you hear me? Paul Scott ... your boys took a hell of a beating! Your boys took a hell of a beating!" Yes The Sheriff of AIM is again 100% vindicated and it is ouzo o'clock already thanks to dog TrakM8 (TRAK)! But where next for the shares? All is discussed in full in this bonus podcast.


2763 days ago

New Bulletin Board Moron of the Week - sponsored by African Potash & lyin' Chris

The ouzo is on ice for the suspension of shares in the fraud African Potash (AFPO) on December 7th and I am still comtemplating buying a share and going to its GM in Guernsey on 20th December - it would be a hoot. Its dwindling band of followers are posting some delusional rot although the Cloudtag boards are a better source of madness. Anyhow post any BB comments or tweets (even comments from our own Wildes on Fastjet) in the comments section below. The deadline for entries is midnight on Saturday 3rd December.


2775 days ago

You don't know how draining it is giving a talk to the suits - now its Christmas party time

I gather that there were a some FT and Guardian journalists in the roolm as I gave a talk at the Offshore Alert fraud conference today and so I made a point of making a few points about how corrupt and useless the deadwood press was. It was just too good an opportunity to miss. 


2782 days ago

GOTCHA Andy Carroll: Mosman admits to misleading investors after weekend expose

That was an easy pull down of the shysters at Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN) lead by Andy Carroll. Is it too early for a celebratory ouzo? Perhaps hapless Nomad SP Angel should send a case of ouzo to the Sheriff of AIM to thank me for doing its job for it? At the weekend I exposed how Mosman has mislead investors for more than a year HERE. This morning it fessed up:


2791 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: banking £309 fecking quid from Audioboom - 21 bottles of ouzo ahoy!

Yes my royalties have arrived. I comment on Audioboom (BOOM), Andalas Energy (ADL), Inspirit Energy (INSP) and Cloudtag (CTAG). My other podcast on why Hillary Clinton is the World War Three candidate is HERE.


2802 days ago

BREAKING: The Curse of those who challenge the Sheriff of AIM strikes again...

Oh dear it may well be ouzo o'clock round at Sheriff Towers if not all round coke & hookers time, as it has just been pointed out that one of those silly folks who made the mistake of trying it on with legal threats appears to be in a spot of bother. Congratulations, you have  just met the Sheriff of AIM....


2823 days ago

Photo Article - Happy Days: guess what I found hidden in the car boot?

I was rooting around in the car boot for some bags for Sainsbury's and guess what I found? Hint: it is from Greece, it looks like water and it made my day as I had run out of the stuff many weeks ago.


2844 days ago

TrakM8 Trading Statement: More joy for myself, a bear, than for Paul Scott

I am aware that Britain's top share blogger Mr Paul Scott is flying back from an extended Greek holiday this morning. When he lands at Gatwick and checks his smartphone he will see that shares in his beloved TrakM8 (TRAK) have dived by 10% today, to just 200p to sell after a piss poor trading statement. I hope Paul has some duty free ouzo for the Sheriff as I think he owes me an apology on this one. Hmmmmm I can almost smell the aniseed now...Scotty you know where to send it.


2893 days ago

Scoop: Ingenie Canada to Wind Down Operations - oh dear another Quindell fraud write-off for Watchstone

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear., if my father had not drunk it all, it would be another ouzo moment for the Sheriff of AIM with news that Ingenie Canada is no more. We have been warning for ages that the Toronto based frauds of Rob Terry were falling apart but Watchstone Group (WTG), the rebranded Quindell has been in denial. There you go.


2896 days ago

Photo Article - the House of Paddy Leigh Fermor in Kardimili part 4

I sit here now in Shipston with my father, trying to persuade him to come to Greece for the olive harvest in December. It is not that he would be much good in terms of picking olives. I suppose he might lean against a tree up at the Greek Hovel and bash the branches with his walking stick. But I think his role should be more concerned with drinking ouzo with the older men of Kambos so that my liver is preserved and I can play a full part in the harvest working with George the Albanian and his family.


2899 days ago

Gulf Keystone: shareholders lose 95.5% of the company: vindication ( again) for the Sheriff!

Its apology time. To all those morons who have berated me for being a Gulf Keystone (GKP) bear from 180p down it is time to apologise. Today, Paul Curtis and the GKP barmy army have suffered the final kick in the gonads with news of a massive debt for equity swap which sees near total equity wipeout. Its ouzo O'clock for the Sheriff of AIM who awaits the apologies.


2900 days ago

Hero of the day Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon skewers those who lied about Brexit

Tim Martin of pubs chain JD Wetherspoon (JDW) is a Eurosceptic and a man who calls a spade a spade. In today's trading statement he deals with those who lied blatantly in the run up to the referendum. Tim Martin: we at ShareProphets salute you. Personally I find his pubs fairly ghastly but next time I am passing buy I shall pop in and have a drink for Mr Martin toasting you publicly. Does Mr Martin serve ouzo? Tim writes in the RNS: 


2901 days ago

Ouzo O'Clock - Avanti Communications crashes as I predicted

Look back at our coverage of satellite disaster story and serial issuer of fascistic lawyers letters Avanti Communications (AVN) you cannot say that we did not stand up to bambastic bully boy CEO David Williams and warn you. Today there has been a pre close trading statement, the shares have crashed by 60% to just 24p and the Fat Lady is starting to gargle. My father & I will crack open the ouzo early today.


2912 days ago

An evening that was a farewell to Kambos until December

Lovely Eleni's Kourounis taverna has still not reopened. But the hardcore clientele led by Nicho the communist and Vangelis in his pink shirt still sit resolutely on its outside tables, using its internet link and chatting with the wider Eleni family. Rather naughtily I have discovered that I can use the Kourounis wi-fi while sitting in Miranda's next door and did that as i tucked into a last meal of Mani sausage and courgettes.

And then I said farewell to Miranda explaining, in Greek, that I was going to England tomorrow. Yes you heard that correctly I spoke a few words of fucking Greek. And then back to Elenis where I explained why I was leaving. I showed them all the picture of the Mrs at Mistras and they understood...

Vangelis talked of drinking.


2912 days ago

My status is upgraded by Miranda: I am honoured

It is my last full day at the Greek Hovel and I shall miss my life here badly. It is just after three in the afternoon and I sit in the shade in the centre of Kambos typping away with a glass of ouzo to hand (celebrating vengeance after eleven years) watching the world go by. As ever the A Board on the main street of Kambos advertises all sorts of delight at Miranda's little taverna. Fish, grilled meats, toasted kangaroo, the list goes on. Actually I made up that bit about the kangaroo but it might as well have been on the public menu becaase the actual menu is...what is on top the oven today which is chicken and spaghetti.

Miranda gets me


2913 days ago

Plucking up courage and heading back into the fields...sssssnakes!

After yesterday's encounter with an adder I was not exactly gagging to go frigana cutting today. The only real patches left are thick bushes whrere the shoots can be up to six foot tall and where, one imagines, snakes regard it as an ideal place to sit around waiting for prey. Or me. So I procastinated, swapping emails with David Lenigas, and writing a long piece on Tony Baldry, a loathsome scumbag former Tory MP who makes your avereage adder seem like a nice piece of work.

But I was conscious that I had enjoyed a few ouzos the night before and so needed to spend some time toiling in the heat to burn off those calories and so, in the end, plucked up courage and headed off to the fields.

Full of petrol 


2914 days ago

Fuck Fuck Fuck I shouted - poisonous snake encounter

I decided that it was time to tackle the frigana bushes that sit just outside the fence on the mountain side of the land at the Greek Hovel. Access is easy as the fence runs alongside a paved road used by the shepherd and, as far as I can see, nobody else at all.

I approached the first bush which sat on a rock and slashed away the grass in front of it so that nothing mide jump out at me. So far so good. I then started hacking away at what was a ha5rdy old bush with every sprout intertwined with grass and other green things. Fuck!


2919 days ago

Photo article: Ouzo O'Clock in Kambos Greece on the UK's Independence Day

last night I met an amazing woman here in Kambos. More on that later but I am in awe. Then it was watching the Brexit results on the BBC on the internet as the smug biased lefties had to come to terms with how the great unwashed had given them and the rest of the elite a total kicking. I tried to get two hours sleep but a drunk comrade from the Eurosceptic trenches, Lucian Miers, woke me up. So I worked a bit and then slept. By 2.30 PM it was ouzo o'clock. So I headed to Miranda's as you can see below and raised a class to Boris, Priti, Nigel, Michael et al but also to my late grandfather Sir John Winnifrith and my Uncle, Chris Booker, who was in a fine mood today. Cheers to you all.


2925 days ago

OFFICIAL: It is Ouzo O'Clock all day as Piers Linney's pride & joy Outsourcery goes into administration

Dragon's Den flop and serial business failure Piers Linney said that the proudest moment of his business career was listing Outsourcery (OUT) on AIM in 2013 at 110p. Oh dear, the piece of Turkish has today gone into administration. How will the PC tossers at the BBC spin this debacle for their pin up boy Piers? That is their problem, mine is how much ouzo to drink to celebrate this announcement:


2926 days ago

Disaster: The Kourounis taverna in Kambos owned by Lovely Eleni is shut for upgrade - Greek salad crisis

It was eight days ago that my father and I popped over to Kambos to visit the Greek Hovel and to meet a friend of mine from the neighbouring village. We will come to him and his village, the Feta village, in due course. He did not show up. Perhaps, as we had both had vast amounts of ouzo when we made this plan, he had forghotten. Worse was to come, we arrived to see that the Kourounis taverna was shut. Eleni's husband Nicho said "ten days, no coffee, no Greek Salad, no ouzo" And with that Dad & I sloped off to the ouzerie opposite, a place frequented only by very old men. 

It was my first visit there and we had a couple of ouzos. The owner - with whom I crossed swords regarding parking a couple of years ago - brought


2927 days ago

The Mrs heads home from Greece - life without her is very different, I'm back at the Hovel

British Airways staff were again brilliant today. On Saturday I arrived at Kalamata airport with a barely mobile father and weak step mother. Within minutes a cute airline lady had helped me get a wheelchair for my father and i was told my job was over. The lady put them at the front of the line and I had nothing more to do. Today it was the turn of the Mrs. We arrived and the small departure lounge was again heaving with lobster pink Northern Europeans forming long lines to check in for flights to London and Paris.

I found a different cute airline lady and said that my wife was heavily pregnant, as she is, and within minutes she was again at the head of the queue leaving dozens of the lobster pink Brits and froggies fuming behind her. Then she was through passport control and was off and I headed back to town to face another three to four weeks at the Greek Hovel with just the snakes and rats for company.

When the Mrs is here I am on holiday so I only work 3-4 hours a day at my PC and I do no manual labour at all. I enjoy three meals a day and more than the odd drink. "After all we are on holiday" say I as I order another ouzo. I get to sleep on clean sheet in an air conditioned hotel and enjoy swims in luxury pools. The Mrs is paying and it is a treat. I enjoy my hols with the Mrs. We talk, we plan, we discuss. Life without the Mrs is very different.



2928 days ago

TomWinnifrith.com comes out for Remain and against Brexit - Don't say its true: help me comrades

Apparently this website which is four years old this week, TomWinnifrith.com is plastered with adverts for the Remain Camp in the Brexit debate. It seems that on this website you cannot avoid the tax exile Sir Richard Branson and his ghastly lies. A reader asks if I have changed sides? Oh no, major Tom, don't say its true...

Euroscepticism is in my DNA. Chris Booker is my maternal uncle, my paternal grandfather Sir John Winnifrith was a "leave" spokesman in 1975 but as I explain HERE I have already voted for Brexit with my head as well as my heart


2933 days ago

The Patronising Patrician Twit looks down his nose at me at Paddy Leigh Fermor's house

Rather foolishly no-one took exact directions to the house of Paddy Leigh Fermor which is about three quarters of a mile outside the main area of Kardamili. My father sat in the other front seat and my step mother and wife sat in the back as I drove along the main road reliant on the fact that the Old Man had been there before. That was an error, Not for nothing does my father make regular donations to the Alzheimer's society.

Indeed, on occasion he manages a real triumph by sending a cheque to the society in an envelope addressed to one of my siblings while sending to the Alzheimer's folks a long, rambling and illegible letter in which he makes rude observations about a range of family members exempting - on this occasion only - the intended recipient.

As such the satnav skills of my father were rather lacking. He being almost totally immobile, my very pregnant wife not much better, it was thus down to my step mother and I to find a native and get directions. I take my hat off to my step mum who took directions in Greek and thanks to here we, somehow, arrived albeit rather rather late.

The house is open at certain hours and you have to get on the list to visit as part of a large group. Chez Leigh Fermor is 


2940 days ago

The Greek Hovel...now to the Architectural Council ...the joys of Greece

The forestry permit was meant to take three months but took seven. Our architects - who one imagines are not exactly rushed off their feet with new projects - then took another two and a half months getting ready plans which were meant to have been ready when Forestry came through. But last week I was told that we will submit for a Building permit next week.

No-one answered my emails since then and so


2946 days ago

Photo: The last person to say goodbye and the only person in Kambos who speaks worse Greek than me

A final farewell to Kambos...well for a week only. Having escorted my father back to Kalamata next Thursday I shall be back at the Greek Hovel in a week's time. A final farewell means popping into the Kourounis taverna for an ouzo with the owner Nicho, the husband of lovely Eleni. Farewell say I to Eleni, who wishes me "good travels." I remind you that she is the best English speaker in the village. In her arms, as you can see below, the only person in Kambos whose Greek is worse than mine. 


2963 days ago

Wildlife diversity report from the Greek Hovel - day 5

I was hoping that the canisters which are meant to keep the snakes away would have arrived in Kambos today. I was told they would. Naturally they have not. This is Greece. "They will be here on Wednesday" means "There is no chance at all that they will be here on Wednesday". I am bloody well not moving up to the hovel without them.

My friend Nicho the communist asked why I was not yet resident in the the village and I explained. "You really are frightened of them aren't you" he said while laughing loudly. Fecking hell isn't everybody? Nicho then explained to a gaggle of Greek old men sipping ouzos what was happening and they all laughed too. Ha bloody ha. They all live in the village where there are no snakes, I dare them 


2977 days ago

Ouzo O'Clock already: Dragon's Den flop Piers Linney admits Outsourcery is almost toast!

Well you cannot say that you were not warned! I have exposed time and time again on this website how the business career of one series Dragons Den flop Piers Linney has been marked by serial failure. The loathsome self-publicist Linney said floating Outsourcery on AIM at 110p in May 2013 was the highlight of his career. Today Linney has admitted that his company is almost toast. What fucking brilliant news.


2992 days ago

University of Bristol has "something to suit everyone" this month - if you are a commie with sheep fixations that is

I guess most people on the Bristol Uni public events email list are members of the Welsh Militant Tendency then. Or am I just a bit narrow minded? You see my email arrives and I am promised that this month "we have events to suit everyone." 

Goodie goodie thought I - an evening with blond lap dancers gyrating on stage before reading their favourite excepts from the works of Ayn Rand with a screen at the back showing a replay of West Ham winning the FA Cup in 1964, all washed down with free ouzo on tap. Surely that would please lots of folks? Oddly it appears not to be on offer. Instead I have a choice of:



3006 days ago

A profit is never a profit until it is in the bank - ref Ascent Resources

I would like to say thank you very much to all those Bulletin Board Morons who ignored my advice to sell shares in Ascent Resources and piled in to buy some more this morning. Thanks to them we were able to offload shares bought for £20,000 around Christmas for c46,000 after costs. Cheers. That will pay for a few ouzos. 


3010 days ago

The Poster listed the MacIslands of Greece & I thought vomit

For lunch today for less than £15 the Mrs and I enjoyed two glasses of ouzo ( both me), a Greek coffee, mineral water, breads, a fine Greek Salad, some amazing mushrooms baked in vinegar and local sausage. I was not allowed any Dakos which is a Cretan speciality as the Mrs says I have had enough already. For those who have not enjoyed it Dakos is a creamy form of feta and oregano and chopped tomato on top of a barley rusk,a hard form of bread. It is quite magnificent. Simple Greek food is a delight and a reason to come here. 


3011 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast for Ms McCall of Easyjet - I dont care if your pilots have willies or not you have ruined my day

Carolyn McCall the CEO of Easyjet (EZJ) is obsessed with how many of her pilots have willies. She wants more women in the cockpit. I dont care who drives her bloody planes she has ruined my day with appalling customer service and I now find myself tired and bad tempered at Athens Airport, not having a stiff ouzo as planned in Crete. As such Ms McCall deserves a bearcast special.


3026 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 9 March: Bell, D&D, PR Fuckwits at FTI & Glenwick Rampers talk balls

I warn you that there is a lot of bad language in this podcast. I start with the balls talked by D&D on Fastjet (FJET). I have put the company on the spot as to what $20 million cash available means and I await a response. It matters big time. Then there is Andrew Bell talking balls on Horse Hill ahead of placings ahoy across the board. Then those who denied placings at Pantheon (PANR) and the posh fuckwits who spin for Scancell (SCLP). Both denied my stories. Both placed today. Folks: you know where to send your ouzo apologies. I discuss those placings and also that of Armadale (ACP) - a pisser as we own those shares. Then I discuss dire results from Glenwick (GWIK), shares in which deserve to halve and which were ramped by the same sort of mothers who ramped CEB/Andalas. The result will be the same. And also a horrid profits warnig from Tandem Group (TND) comes under the spotlight. I also mention my articles today on greedy Junior Doctors ad the BBC's woeful Trump coverage HERE


3036 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 28 Feb: Getting ouzo ready for Slater & Gordon, MIDAS in Mail talks shite & Mervyn King on banksters

In today's podcast I look forward to results from Slater & Gordon (SGH) at around midnight Sunday. I explain how goodwill writedowns, bank provisioning and other matters work ahead of what will be an ouzo, beer, popcorn and coke evening of joy for me. Then it is onto explaining why the MIDAS column in the Mail on Sunday penned by the silly bint Jo Hart is talking shite on Aureus Mining (AUE). You would have thought by now that Jo would have grasped the basics of how DCF models work. It seems not. Then I end on Mervyn King's warnings of a new bank crisis. I think he may be right.


3039 days ago

Happy days - Shares in Phorm suspended - Another Kill for The Sheriff of AIM

My only problem is that I have run out of ouzo. Call it poor Phorm (PHRM) but I am thus unable to celebrate the AIM Casino suspension of trading in shares in another POS company in the traditional manner. I shall have to make do with neat orange juice.


3067 days ago

Video: Tom Winnifrith Presentation - how to make money in a bear market

Yes that is a glass of ouzo on the lectern. In part one of my presentation (HERE) I explained why my world view and stockmarket view remained bearish. In the second part I offered up specific ways (shares to short) and general ways to make money in a bear market.


3068 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 27 January - Please Mr Lenigas stop lying to your mad followers

Bears are the new regulators, in fact the only regulators. Jabba the Hutt wants shorting banned. Worse still he is telling his deluded followers that shares in Afriag (AFRI) and his other dogs fell because of shorting. That is untrue as I explain in this podcast. I also cover: the after effects of ouzo, Frontier Resources (FRI), FastForward (FFWD), TrakM8 (TRAK), PeerTV (PTV), Sirius Minerals (SXX), London Capital (LCG) - in detail - and Jiasen (JSI)


3068 days ago

A grateful reader shows his thanks - it is ouzo o'clock

The chap took my advice and had shorted Daniel Stewart (DAN) and with its shares now being booted off AIM that will be a 100% win for this reader. To show his gratitude he bought me a little present as you can see below.


3070 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 25 Jan - 2 hours after Ouzo O'Clock

Okay I am celebrating the impending departure of Afriag (AFRI) from AIM so might get a bit carried away in this podcast, there is a bit of bad langauge. Other than dancing on the PLC grave of Jabba The Hutt as he tries to spin this disaster I look at: Green Dragon Gas (GDG) - PLACING AHOY - Servision (SEV), Jiasen (JSI), TrakM8 (TRAK), Fusionex (FXI), Independent Resources (IRG) and Plexus (POS).


3070 days ago

Afriag to quit the Dodgey City of AIM, BIG WIN for the Sheriff

"David Lenigas, Yusuf Kajee, Paul de Robillard, Spin Doctor David Bick, Nomad Cairn Financial we have beaten them all, we have beaten them all! Jabba The Hutt, can you hear me? Jabba The Hutt... your Afriag boys took a hell of a beating! Your boys took a hell of a beating!" Yes, Afriag PLC (AFRI) has just announced that it is leaving the AIM Casino and will now only be listed on the ISDX lobster pot and its shares are collapsing. It's ouzo O'Clock for the Sheriff of AIM once again as more bad guys are driven out of town.


3074 days ago

Tom Winnifrith's only Q1 presentation, free booze & pizza January 26th

I had not planned on visiting London until late April and I certainly had not planned on doing any seminars but an unlimited supply of ouzo sees me change my mind so if you are free on January 26th from 6 PM...I will be doing two presentations in Clerkenwell.


3105 days ago

David Lenigas quits ALL AIM companies? Why? Its ouzo o'clock anyway for the Sheriff: Another KILL

This morning fat Aussie share ramper David Lenigas has, without warning, resigned from the boards of all five AIM Casino Companies on which he sat: Inspirit (INSP), Afriag (AFRI), Rare Earth Minerals (REM), Bacanora (BCN) and Evocutis (EVO). Why?


3122 days ago

Most Certainly ouzo o'clock - George the Albanian is located at last

After a whole day spent at the Kourounis taverna in Kambos I have finally met up with George, the sprightly 60+ Albanian who leads our olive harvest. I called lovely Eleni at the hospital to see if she had any idea how to track him down. She gave birth to a baby girl yesterday and admitted to being a bit tired but knows she will be back in the kitchen by Sunday and so is gearing herself up. She offered up an idea of where to find George's number.

Lovely Eleni's younger sister, who is really very, very lovely too, called and at about seven tonight in wandered George. In great relief I hugged the man for I was starting to panic. As ever, I bought him a Tsipero and myself an ouzo. And we sat in silence as he speaks not a word of English and my Greek is er...rather weak. But lovely Eleni's very, very lovely younger sister 


3123 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 3 December - its almost Ouzo O'clock thanks to InternetQ

Naturally I start the podcast with InternetQ (INTQ) after my bombshell report earlier HERE and the company's pathetic response which I counter HERE. Then it is onto DiamondCorp (DCP), Iofina (IOF), Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN) and finally Rosslyn Data (RDT) - whose CEO just can't remember his career in adult films - but that is the least of his problems.


3225 days ago

Greek Hovel Air Conditioning – I am frigging Heath Robinson

There, as you may remember, is just one habitable room at the Greek Hovel and its windows are sealed with masking tape, holes in the wall are now filled in, I fact it is almost impenetrable for the local wildlife diversity. But in summer that also makes it unbelievably hot at night.  Without a fan I would be sitting here drenched in sweat as I type and unable to sleep afterwards in what becomes a sauna. 

And so last year I bought a fan.



3243 days ago

Quindell: the biggest stockmarket fraud for 30 years, it 'fesses up - Tom Winnifrith Bearcast part 1

In this part of the bearcast I go through all the frauds admitted to by Quindell today, the bungs, the lies, the non disclosures, the revenue recognition issues, the panama pumps. Most of this has been revealed on this website already but today Quindell fessed up. What we said abut Himex, TMC, Stretton Knowles, the fraudster Rob Terry...it was all true. And that means that Rob Terry WILL go to prison for this. And so will others.

Part two of this podcast - what happens now to shares in Quindell and Slater & Gordon is HERE

I suggest that UK Investor Show Magazine which came out this weekend now looks visionary on this fraud. You can read it here 



3243 days ago

Quindell Results Out - Bearcast from Tom Winnifrith part 2: what next for Quindell & Slater & Gordon Shares

You have to end on a high and so that is it for a while from me. Full stop. Unless Rob Terry is arrested (whch will happen at some stage), I am not filing here any more. Because it does not get much better than today. Quindell has just released its 2014 results and I am 100% vindicted now. And so there is a two part Bearcast. In part 2 (this one), I explain what next for shares in Quindell and Slater & Gordon. One more bearcast and it is ouzo o'clock.

You can listen to the other part of this podcast - the sher scale of the biggest stockmarket fraud for 30 years HERE

I suggest that UK Investor Show Magazine which came out this weekend now looks visionary on this fraud. You can read it here 


3268 days ago

EazyJet screws up - My Euro to Ouzo conversion programme continues

I arrived at Athens airport at 7 PM on the dot and sober as a judge with plenty of time for a 9 PM flight to Gatwick, given that I had already checked in and only have hand luggage. Er..oh. My flight is delayed by 3 hours and 20 minutes.

That means that I am likely to arrive at Gatwick at c2.30-3PM GMT and will then have 150 minutes to kill before the first bus to Bristol departs. A nightmare journey awaits.

I head to the special needs easyjet desk and say that I have a special need, I am thick. What does this all mean? An officious lady says shows me a pack of vouchers which I guess get me a sandwich and a drink and offers me the chance to get behind 140 other sweaty Brits and escaping Greeks to queue to get the voucher of which she has a stack of in her hand. Put another way "fuck off and line up with all the other peasants, I am not even going to use the word sorry since you are only a customer and I view you with complete contempt."

I say ta but no ta and head off to get a frozen yoghurt and to wander to the terribly expensive Sofitel opposite the airport. It has a great internet connection.

As it happens my Euro to ouzo conversion programme of the past eight days has not gone according to plan and I appear to have around 1200 Euro burning a hole in my pocket. I now have four and a half hours to kill. I have no choice. The PC is plugged in. I am writing and a large ouzo with ice has just arrived. This could be a long night and I fear that my only company will be my best friend ouzo. I have eight days of relative sobriety to make amends for.


3274 days ago

Breaking - sharp movements on Betfair: Oxi set to win in Greece!

The betting markets have a better record of calling elections than opinion polls in recent times and so take note - there have been heavy betting on Betfair in the past three hours - and that betting is on Oxi! winning here in the Greek Referendum. Hooray - that calls for an ouzo.


3274 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 5 July: Greece, China, Quindell & house prices

Polls close here in Athens in just over three hours. I shall shortly head off to my local polling station to have a final butchers and then to Syntagma Square to sit underneath the Greek parliament as the results come in. I shall blog away here on ShareProphets as Greece decides whether it is Oxi or nai. Pro tem this podcast covers Greece, China, Quindell and UK House prices.

This podcast is recorded in the most excellent Anthropology cafe in Athens which I heartily recommend - although it really needs to start stocking ouzo

And fear not Champagne Charlie Gibson fans, I had not forgotten about you. Just a reminder of why the Edison analyst is a convicted felon HERE and as a bonus a reminder of how it is not only the poor he screws HERE - and a reminder of why I feel the urge to remind you all HERE


3275 days ago

Returning to the Oxi rally in Syntagma Square Athens last night – joy and pride

Refreshed by a couple of ouzos and with my report loaded I wandered back to the rally in Syntagma square. The party continued well past midnight with a succession of pop stars performing. Each sang and also offered a few thoughts on the political situation. Pop stars are not generally the brightest sparks in the universe but as long as the said Oxi to which the crowd replied Oxi (please each repeat three times) nothing mattered.

There must have been well over 50,000 people at the rally. There were parents


3285 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 24 June it is ouzo o'clock all day

Ching ching, a day to celebrate.  This podacst starts with two apologies ( one to Big Dave Lenigas) and covers Alecto, Daniel Stewart, Elementis, Afren, Mosman, Monitise and of couse Rob Terry, fraud, Quob Park and Quindell


3305 days ago

I sit where Where Greek Independence began in 1821 as the country prepares to go bust

In March 1821 the Greek war of independence began as the folk in the Mani launched an uprising against the accursed Turks. The Mani, where the Greek Hovel is situated, was always quasi independent anyway but its warlike folk started a fire that could not be supressed. The first major triumph was the storming of the Turk held fortress at Kalamata. No Maniots died but the entire Turkish garrison was slaughtered.

Right now I sit opposite that fortress, in Kalamata bus station having just purchased one more ouzo for the road, to Athens. Tomorrow


3305 days ago

My cunning travel plan to get back to Bristol - yes it involves ouzo

The Mrs wants me back in Bristol by tomorrow afternoon and it is nice to be wanted. And so I embark on the journey back from the Greek hovel with a cunning plan given that there are only intermittent flights from Kalamata at this time of year.

First up, 


3310 days ago

Happier Times at the Kardamili Police Station

I sit with my back to the door at the Kourounis taverna typing away, writing almost anything to avoid the torture of completing the subbing of Zak Mir's book. Is it too early for an ouzo to stiffen my resolve to face the torture that awaits?

The cop at the Kardamili police station, who lives in my home village of Kambos, has just wandered in and pats me on the back "yas Tom" says he and wanders to the bar. This reminds me that I visited the police station at Kardamili once again last week. You may remember that last summer I spent a couple of hours detained at the Kadamili nick thanks to a bent cop and bent hotelier and so my memories of the place were, shall we say, mixed.

But I am trying to get Greek residency so that I can buy a car, a motorbike and a gun for the Greek Hovel. And that means that I had to go to Kardamili police station to present my papers. I took my Greek speaking wife with me for protection. Would I meet the bent cop who incarcerated me last year? Would I meet his goon of an assistant who looks like the nasty gay character in Coronation Street? I was rather nervous.


3312 days ago

Another ouzo says Vangelis - after an hour of subbing Zak Mir I deserve it

I was just planning to return to the Greek Hovel after an hour of subbing Zak Mir's golden prose. I had forgotten just how appalling is the way that he mangles the English language and am feeling pretty shell shocked. It has taken two ouzos to get this far and my task is only 30% done. 

And at that point I heard a cry from the bar at the Kourounis taverna "Tom, ouzo". 


3321 days ago

A two snake day & the Mrs is on a plane struck by lightening

I was meant to pick the Mrs up at Kalamata airport in about thirty minutes but it appears that she is back at Gatwick. Her plane was struck by lightening and so had to turn back. Now her phone battery is dead so what to do? Sit in Kalamata and have an ouzo or two? Sounds like a plan.

Meanwhile it has been a two snake day.


3322 days ago

My first ouzo for the road as Geriatrix stares at my screen in the Kourounis taverna

I am sitting happily tapping away at my computer loading a bit of blockbusting copy for ShareProphets in the morning. The Kourounis taverna in Kambos is pretty full with little groups here and there chatting away happily. The doors are flung wide open as it is a warm night. Outside at one of the tables my friend Nicho the Communist is holding Court. Behind me I can hear lovely Eleni chatting and laughing loudly. How do I know it is her? Well there are only four women in the taverna and the other three are sitting in front of me.

As I tapped away an old man reminding me of the Asterix character Geriatrix hobbled over propped up by a stick and stared at my screen.  He looked hard for a couple of minutes.


3486 days ago

Another ouzo, 1033kg of olives and real excitement

I am rather dreading heading back to the Greek Hovel tonight. I left at 3 PM as the electricity had gone again. I fled naturally to the Kourounis taverna where lovely Eleni assured me at 4 that it was back on. I sha;l find out shortly but have my torch ready just in case. But I postpone the trip back with another ouzo.

I hung around in Kambos because at 5 PM George the head olive picker arrived with the first 25 sacks from the Greek Hovel. We deposited them at the Olive Oil factory in the centre of the village and I now have a yellow slip saying that I have deposited 1033 kg ( just over a tonne) of olives. There is at least another half a tonne to arrive tomorrow as we finish up the harvest. Bags are stacked at the hovel and the only trees left to harvest are on the flat area next to the house. We are almost done.

So tomorrow we finish. It is Christmas pudding with Nikko, Vangelis and the others, steamed by Eleni. And we are done. And I had a Quindell whistleblower on the phone as a bonus. That job is almost done too. More on that tomorrow.


3491 days ago

At the Greek Hovel the Olive harvest Really Does Start Tomorrow and Kambos a hive of activity

You think Greeks are lazy. That is because all you see is folks in Athens sipping coffees all day. Out here in the Mani life is hard and folks do both a main job but also work the land. So my pal Vangelis is a delivery driver for Dixons but has – I think – 600 olive trees. Nikko and Eleni at the Kourounis taverna also own trees up near the Greek Hovel – they start their harvest tomorrow. And so do I!

The lovely Eleni has put me in touch with a new group of workers. Another chap called Foti, George and his son. I met up again with George today and we start on the olive harvest at 8 AM. So no ouzo for me tonight. To give you an idea of what lies in store for me here are some photos I took last week of a man harvesting trees on the road/track up to the Greek Hovel, just above snake hill. It seems to me that it looks like rather hard work.


3491 days ago

Picture article: Winter shower arrangements at the Greek Hovel

You may remember that my shower arrangements at the Greek Hovel are somewhat rudimentary. I attach a picture of the shower, aka a hose pipe dropping down from the vine on the "snake terrace."


3558 days ago

Paddy Leigh Fermor, The Mani and Kambos

Back in the 1960s my uncle visited the Mani on his first honeymoon. Oddly he and his wife were joined by another couple and within months his wife had run off with the other man. That is an aside. It took my uncle more than two days to get from Athens to the Mani so remote and cut off was the region. 

Here in Kambos the dirt track to Kardamili became a road back in 1965 (two years after that fateful honeymoon), roads south from there were built later. The man who brought this peninsular to the attention of the wider world was Paddy Leigh Fermor, a truly amazing man once described as a mixture of Indiana Jones, James Bond and Gerald Durrell.

Though incredibly clever, Paddy was no academic and so after being expelled from school (issues with a young lady) in 1933 he walked through Europe to Greece. Along the way he noticed that something was not quite right in Germany. When war broken out he signed up immediately and was sent into Greece since he spoke the language fluently. His most heroic exploit was in Crete where – with the partisans – he captured a German general on the North of the island and transported him across Crete to the South where he was lifted off by British Destroyer. The film, based on the episode, has Leigh Fermor played by Dirk Bogarde

In the war Paddy’s code name was Michalis. After the war he stayed on in Greece fighting with the Royalists in the Civil war. He refers to this in his two classic books on Greece


3560 days ago

My First Hangover at the Greek Hovel – getting to know the locals in Kambos

I had planned to stay sober until my return but I fear that I have been led astray. I blame OTE Telecom. I still cannot get on the interwebby at The Greek Hovel so spent all Sunday working from the Kouronis taverna in Kambos, run by lovely Eleni. At about 10 O’clock Greek Time I was done writing and asked for my bill. But instead I was summoned to the bar and asked to sit with four men.

Either side of me were two Gentlemen who spoke English. The younger (George) was a relative newcomer to the area, the elder (Nikos) is a greying stocky man with a walrus moustache. It was he who had cross words with me on my second day here when I supported the Krauts rather than the Argies in the football. Since then we have exchanged nothing but pleasantries. Behind Nikos was the man in the pink polo shirt (Vangelis) and behind George was another George, a Greek only speaking builder.

I was told “it is not will you have a drink but what are you drinking”. They were on the hard stuff and so I opted for ouzo. Nikos told me that they had decided they needed to know me better as I was now their neighbour.

They refused to let me pay and four hours later I was rather the worse for wear. Nikos was concerned about me biking home. He offered to drive me several times but since he was also a tad unsteady on his feet I declined