University of Bristol has "something to suit everyone" this month - if you are a commie with sheep fixations that is

Tom Winnifrith Tuesday 12 April 2016


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I guess most people on the Bristol Uni public events email list are members of the Welsh Militant Tendency then. Or am I just a bit narrow minded? You see my email arrives and I am promised that this month "we have events to suit everyone."

Goodie goodie thought I - an evening with blond lap dancers gyrating on stage before reading their favourite excepts from the works of Ayn Rand with a screen at the back showing a replay of West Ham winning the FA Cup in 1964, all washed down with free ouzo on tap. Surely that would please lots of folks? Oddly it appears not to be on offer. Instead I have a choice of:

Bristol Speakezee - Camouflaging animals and dreaming of synthetic sheep

We are currently in the middle of the earth’s biological evolution and revolution. Since the start of time, the animals in this world have constantly adapted to the changes in the environment and so have we. Interested in having a laugh while learning about the past and future of biology AND raising money for charity? Come join us for an evening where two of our experts discuss biological change – from both a natural evolutionary perspective, as well as our plans to move forward in a synthetic world. Tickets £5.00. Advance booking required. Proceedings for this event will be going towards the Against Malaria Foundation.


Global Political Economy in the 21st Century: A problématique and critical research agenda

Professor Stephen Gill, from the Department of Political Science, York University, Ontario, will sketch aspects of the interdisciplinary field of global political economy and make suggestions for a critical pedagogy and research agenda. This will be linked to an effort to conceptualise, outline and interpret some of the constitution, contradictions and governance of actually existing capitalism in the early 21st century, and some of its impacts on politics, society and the integrity of the biosphere. Followed by a book signing and drinks reception. Free, booking optional.


I can see why it might be hard to charge for Prof Gill's commie, capitalist hating, rantings since only about three people on this planet will have any idea what he is on about. Anyhow, charging could be sort of capitalist which is evil right? As for synthetic sheep...I just give up. Anyhow it is good to see the Uni splashing taxpayers cash on events for "everyone". How terribly inclusive.

Did anyone say panes et circuses?

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