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Twitter thinks it is okay to call a one-month-old baby a bastard if her Dad is a journalist who you fantasise about killing

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 24 December 2020

Yesterday I reviewed how one fellow on Twitter who was a self-confessed shareholder in a con of a company I continue to expose, [email protected] Capital (SYME), had responded. He did so by fantasising on Twitter about killing me, about me being bankrupted and by suggesting that my wife had slept with another man to produce our one-month-old daughter, as you can see HERE. Normally I let these things go but just now and again when my family is roped in for abuse I complain to Twitter.

Twitter is a media company and folks in the media should take threats against journalists and their families very seriously. I have written a number of times about how I am supportive of folks like Ash Sarkar, not because of the appalling things they say and write but because of the attacks and threats she receives in response. Frankly, no-one should face this sort of thing but, having been a journalist for 30 years and knowing that journalists do get killed and attacked for what they write, I feel very strongly that we in the media should always show solidarity with each other.

I suggested to Twitter that this broke its guidelines. The response was swift. It did not. The posts were not hateful or harassment. I would argue that since the posts were responses to articles written by a journalist, they were harassment and they were rather hateful. But you cannot appeal against Twitter and so the posts stay up and this moron will continue to spew hate against myself and my family, perhaps today as I have another expose on his beloved [email protected] capital in the pipeline.

As for Twitter, it is again exposed as a media company that offers a platform to those who want to fantasise about killing journalists. What nice folks! There is, of course, a double standard here. Had I sent out those tweets about, for instance, Meghan Markle, my account would have been terminated at once as soon as anyone complained. Rich and powerful celebs are afforded every protection by Twitter. Humble journalists are afforded none.

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