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383 days ago

Abi the teenage curtain twitcher with a new snitch on those folks at the Welsh Hovel

I was only joking when I suggested that someone here in the last village in Wales, snitch-on-Dee would report me for having a bonfire. But hey Abi Lancelotte, the teenage curtain twitcher.


401 days ago

Is Britain’s thickest MP Claudia “abolish every European” Webbe?

I realise that there is stiff competition for this title but Claudia is a strong candidate. Ms Webbe was elected as  Labour MP but currently sits as an independent as she was suspended from the People’s party after her arrest for allegedly harassing another woman. The real scandal is not whether she is a stalker but just how someone so dim managed to become an MP in the first place.  A clue lies in her education at a string of joke former polytechnics.


415 days ago

Problem listening to bearcast or the hang up phone calls at 6.43 AM or 1.02 AM – it is the same issue: industrial scale harassment

If you are have had an issue listening to bearcast via your Apple feed let me explain why. It is the same reason I got phone calls at 6.43 AM on Saturday and 0.01 AM today. And before any folks suggest that in some way I deserve it, no journalist deserves this harassment and the wife and 5 month baby of a journalist never deserve harassment. Surely even the biggest chatroom moron can see that. 


424 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Buy, sell or hold Centamin

I start with harassment by phone call – 11 in three hours last night, 6 in 30 minutes starting this afternoon. It is not going to stop me writing about Zoetic (ZOE) and other frauds! Then onto a reader’s idea that £5.99 gets to tell me what NOT to write. Then onto Woodlarks. I did my first serious training walk yesterday which I’ll write up later but we now have FIVE walkers lined up for May 29 and Woodlarks desperately needs cash so please donate HERE. Finally a look at Centamin (CEY), not my greatest investment. But where now?


424 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - so could Neil Woodford take down Hargreaves Lansdowne after all?

I think last night saw more phone harassment but maybe it was just pocket calls. Anyhow, I have spent some time chatting to North Wales Police about comrade Seth Freedman and the Zoetic (ZOE) inspired menacing phone calls of last month. They are taking it seriously. In the podcast, I discuss this plus the news that Hargreaves (HL) may be sued over Neil Woodford and the myth that there is a short position in small and mid caps to be squeezed.


426 days ago

Now the Zoetic numbskulls up the harassment and try to hack the Tom Winnifrith computer via some phishing!

Late night menacing phone calls from hired bully Seth were spurred on by Zoetic (ZOE) shareholders. There is the online trolling. New twitter accounts sent up to impersonate me and spit out bile just at me crop up weekly. I can’t remember if it was this lot who posted death threats or [email protected] Capital (SYME) owning morons. One act of harassment blurs into another when you expose frauds. Last night I got a strange email which is below..


435 days ago

How twitter fails me in dealing with those it accepts are “hateful” towards me

I am an investigative journalist. Folks involved with frauds or invested in frauds do not like me and so that leads to industrial scale trolling of me. This includes harassment of my family and even death threats – this is one of the two posted on chatrooms this weekend.  There is a lot of chatter about protecting female journalists from harassment or, post Caroline Flack, celebs from being trolled. So how does twitter protect me?


439 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Remote Monitored Systems is 'avin' a Turkish, just go to companies house

Just a few housekeeping points. I have spent a happy 1/2 hour chatting to North Wales Police about harassment. The miscreant now finds two forces looking at him and a third may join soon as he has, I discover today, also harassed a couple in Dorset as they grieved the chap’s poor father.  Secondly, I’ve invested a five figure sum in a stock which will shock you. All is revealed on my latest video show out today.  Thirdly, my main energies remain on new family enquiries. Then there is a detailed look at Marchale (MAC), Chris Akers and its patently forced and misleading Trading statement. Finally onto Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) and digging into its new distributor. It is ‘avin’ a giraffe if it expects anyone to take this nonsense seriously.


440 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Wildcat a lesson from 2001, one of its directors should need no reminding of

There was a lot of excitement today at the Welsh Hovel with moving compost pits. More on that gripping subject later. I then look at Hurricane Energy (HUR), Cellular Goods (CBX), Coral Products (CRU) – once again as a value buy, Wildcat (WCAT) and the Zoetic (ZOE) linked harassment of myself and Peter Brailey.


440 days ago

The Zoetic pest Seth Freedman now harasses Peter Brailey and myself again – Police brought in

You will recall how Seth Freedman harassed and insulted me over the course of 16 phone calls on 24 February. He said it was investors in the fraud Zoetic (ZOE) who had prompted him to contact me and that he would take pleasure in defaming me. Another Zoetic expose appeared here yesterday and like a puppet on a string, Seth is at it again, this time harassing Peter Brailey as well.


441 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the last of the dozen or so phone calls ended close to midnight, this is harassment

The called was prompted by Zoetic (ZOE) shareholders and I tell the story in full. It is the sort of harassment that is making me feel more and more that it is time to call it a day and write up my family history, 1805-1941.


473 days ago

Monday cartoon - endangered species edition

Nope not a reference to folks called Tom Winnifrith as the [email protected] Capital (SYME) owning morons up the harassment with the shares still suspended ,although I am getting a little freaked out this morning. This refers to another endangered species.


512 days ago

Twitter thinks it is okay to call a one-month-old baby a bastard if her Dad is a journalist who you fantasise about killing

Yesterday I reviewed how one fellow on Twitter who was a self-confessed shareholder in a con of a company I continue to expose, [email protected] Capital (SYME), had responded. He did so by fantasising on Twitter about killing me, about me being bankrupted and by suggesting that my wife had slept with another man to produce our one-month-old daughter, as you can see HERE. Normally I let these things go but just now and again when my family is roped in for abuse I complain to Twitter.


861 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The Trolling & harassment of myself and my family plumbs new depths

It seems to be followers of Versarien (VRS) and Bidstack (BIDS) leading the charge but there is another matter as well. suffice to say, this has been a bloody week and as I celebeate my birthday this weekend I wonder how many more years this can go on for. In terms of companies I discuss the hot air at Big Dish (DISH) and the red flags at, soon to leave AIM, Cloudbuy (CBUY). Followers of IQE (IQE) please take note.


2110 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Sound Oil, FastJet to Cloudtag, gravity cant be defied forever

I have met with an unprecedented barrage of hate and harassment from folks in Liverpool as I describe here. Moving on from that I ad my thoughts to those of Gary Newman on Sound Energy (SOU) and Graham Neary on FastJet (FJET) and chip in with a few ideas on Motif Bio (MTFB), African Potash (FRAUD), GLI Finance (GLIF) and Cloudtag (CTAG)


2496 days ago

Daniel Stewart & Quindell: same ramper, same lunatic shareholders, same harassment of critics – same end game

Last week I had a feeling of déjà vu – it was the Quindell summer all over again. The harassment had begun and I was wondering why.

At Free Speech & Liberty Pizza the phone kept ringing. We’d pick it up and there was silence or music. We’d put it down.  Few minutes later we’d get the same call. Same result. Someone was trying to jam our phones. There were a few patently bogus reviews of the restaurant on Tripadvisor – obvious fabrication.   That was just what happened last summer as Quindell morons thought they could shut me up by putting this place out of business.

As it happens we are trading more profitably than ever. Folks rather like us for standing up for free speech.

Then there was the twitter harassment.