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The liberal media runs scared of the mid-terms Red Wave – denial on BBC Woman’s Hour

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 7 November 2022

The liberal media is now waking up to the idea that, tomorrow, American voters will use the mid-terms to blow an enormous raspberry to their man creepy Joe Biden and to the whole ultra woke agenda of their beloved Democrats.  Well, that is to say they know that the GOP will hand out an enormous whipping but they cannot admit why.

The BBC Radio 4’s flagship show Woman’s Hour is, as I recently showed HERE and HERE, a place that exists in a parallel post truth universe as it constantly rams its agenda of victimhood and oppression down the throats of its dwindling audience. And thus to discuss the mid-terms it brought on a lame Democrat strategist. And to balance the debate it also brought on a Republican. No, of course it did not. This was a liberal host talking to a liberal lobbyist and pretending it was a balanced analysis.

So the host suggested that the Dems were going to get a whipping on Tuesday. The guest retorted that this always happens in mid terms so there is nothing to see here, we knew this wo0uld be very bad, and that went unchallenged. Actually, it does not always happen.

Yes, In most mid-terms the party holding the Presidency loses seats in both the House and the Senate but not always. If we say the modern era starts with JFK he lost 4 seats in the House but gained 4 Senate Seats in 1962 but the Dems held both parts of Congress. In 1970 Nixon lost 12 House Seats ( there are 435) but gained 2 Senate seats (there are 100). Hardly a bloodbath. In 1998 Clinton gained 4 House Seats and saw the Democrat Senate tally unchanged. In 2002 George Buish Jnr gained 8 in the House and 2 in the Senate so seizing control of the upper chamber. In 2018 Trump got a whipping in the House, losing 41 seats and control, but gained a net two in the Senate.

So, it is not a given that in the mid terms the party in the White House gets an across the board whipping. Indeed, just six months ago, House leader Nancy Pelosi predicted that the Dems would hold the house and make Senate gains to cement control (it is currently 50/50). And the polls and most pundits concurred.  But since then, a stack of chickens have come home to roost and despite jingoistic war mongering via proxy in the Ukraine, the Dems have headed due South in the polls.

So, it’s a lie that a mid-term thrashing was always inevitable: why was this lie not challenged? Had Woman’s Hour presenter Emma Barnett not done her homework or is the narrative more important than the truth? When the liberal establishment is using lies to get its excuses in early you know that they know that Tuesday will be a day of glorious triumph for those of us who believe in God, hard work, low taxes, the right to defend yourself against crime and the importance of family. That is to say the Republicans.

The guest was then asked why abortion had not turn the tide towards the Dems as we all thought it would. Of course we ALL think that 64.2 million abortions since Roe vs Wade in 1972 is not enough and we want more babies to die. Er… the BBC you do not speak for me or for most Americans.

We were told that more young women were registering to vote so abortion was helping the Dems. Really? The overturning of Roe vs Wade is not a ban on abortion as the BBC still insists, it is a recognition of what is already happening, that different States are pushing through different laws. In some states folks actually do want to ban abortion. In others like Vermont, the Dems have pushed through the idea that you can murder a baby right up- to the point of birth. If the Dems want to die on a hill of defending infanticide that is their call but to think that is a massive vote winner just shows how out of touch they are.

In some communities it is a big vote loser. Watch Nevada flip to the Republicans helped by a surging Hispanic vote for the red team. Hispanics are usually Catholics so take a dim view of infanticide. They also feel threatened by newer migrants arriving to compete with them in their jobs they have historically won, low paid jobs. They want to keep their slice of the American dream but the Dems tell them it is racist to oppose unlimited immigration.

So what about Biden asked the interviewer, suggesting that he was not exactly an asset. Of course, he is not. His poll ratings are dire. It is no fluke that Democrat candidates in marginal districts are asking him not to stump with them. But the guest ridiculed this idea saying that he had done some great things, notably his work for trans rights but somehow the message is not getting across. And that went unchallenged too.

The Republicans must hope that the Dems spent the last days of the campaign talking about the joys of abortion and radical trans rights. That will help pile up the votes in hipster Brooklyn and in Hollywood but elsewhere will, at best, have no effect. Meanwhile the Republicans will talk about rising crime and about surging inflation and the cost of living crisis. Guess what issues will resonate with what used to be called soccer moms?

The Woman’s Hour slot showed why the Democrats and their pals in the liberal media are in abject denial as to why they are so out of touch with middle America. The Democrat woke agenda and a hopeless President, shielded from real scrutiny by a pliant media in 2020, are a toxic mix. Just how toxic will be revealed tomorrow.   

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