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The US Abortion clock: shameful dishonesty from “pro choice” baby murderers

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 28 June 2022

The 1973 “Roe vs Wade” ruling has been overturned which, according to the liberal media and “progressives” elsewhere, is tantamount to a ban on abortion. Of course, it is not. In honour of almost 64 million lives ended by abortion since Roe vs Wade, here are the awful facts.

Abortion has not been banned; the decision has simply been returned to the States, similar to the four devolved administrations of the UK. Imagine if Boris Johnson implemented a UK-wide abortion law – what would the progressives scream then? Simply put, America is following the wise British choice. Yet everyone, including the wretched Boris Johnson, bemoans this decision.

In some states, like Vermont and Virginia, this will give full reign to extreme progressives, many of whom want abortion legalised until the point of birth (first or second trimester only). I call that infanticide, but the liberal media believe it is a woman’s right to have her baby murdered at 40 weeks.  Such states are big on defunding the cops, reversing gun laws and high taxes, too.

Oddly, there is a material exodus – of those who can afford it – from such places, as many head to states where the 2nd amendment is respected, taxes are lower, cops are supported and abortion is hard to come by. In such states, most people support the right to life, and vote for senators who share their worldview. It is called localised democracy, which the progressive left is always keen on – until locals no longer vote “the right way”.

But this is not about men, scream the liberals; abortion is all to do with women’s bodies. Yes, these are the same liberals who, for the past two years, have given ordinary folk little choice about receiving an entirely untested vaccine. If you don’t agree to the covid jab, you SHOULD be banned from the workplace, shops and ordinary society. Back then, it was “my body, the Government’s choice”.  Oddly, the liberals cannot see the double standard here.

According to the placards, “abortion is healthcare”. Try telling that to the 64 million dead babies. Oh, you can’t: “healthcare” killed them.

This is not about birth control, but protecting rape victims, say the liberals - as they did, entirely dishonestly, in Ireland’s referendum. But as the abortion clock shows, very few abortions are about rape and incest. So far this year, there have been 436,685 abortions in the US. Of those, 4,235 – or <1% – were babies conceived as a result of rape or incest. 99% were killed as a form of birth control.

And, of course, the ruling is racist, hence the particular anger and trolling of justice Thomas, a black man who supported the overturn of Roe vs Wade.  According to liberals, the move is racist because c. 20 million since 1973 were performed on black women, a disproportionate number.  Those who are less “progressive” may say that, with fewer abortions, there would be more black babies born, and would welcome that. Is it really racist to support the idea of more black babies being born? Apparently, it is.

The whole debate is highly charged. But the numbers are staggering. We rightly recoil in horror when we consider six million Jews dying in the holocaust. But Roe vs Wade has seen 64 million lives snuffed out, with 99% of them ended simply as a method of birth control. Yet unless we see that as a good thing, we conservatives are labelled uncaring.

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