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The hypocrites celebrate referenda, the Irish celebrate murder

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 28 May 2018

On Friday, the Irish voted to legalize abortion at up to 12 weeks. It is now Sunday and the BBC - my only English language TV here in Greece - is still covering this story with a manic obsession. "What a modern nation Ireland has become: a gay PM, abortion on demand, the Church in tatters, cue picture of joyous crowds." Okay, it does not mention its joy at the collapse of the Irish church but it makes its views clear with pictures of nuns scuttling away from polling stations looking miserable.

Meanwhile back in the UK the same folks who reckon that the 17.4 million who voted for Brexit did not really understand the issue and should have left it to the politicians and experts, cheer on the result. What a great thing this referendum was, prattle Owen Jones and the rest of the metropolitan elite. More hypocrisy for tea Gina Miller?

The campaign wsas deceitful. Those who supported abortion talked again and again of sad cases where women were carrying a foetus that would not survive birth or one created as a result of rape or incest. It is hard not to accept that such women should have a right to a termination.

Occasionally some campaigners strayed off line and mentioned a foetus that we knew would be handicapped or have Down's Syndrome. Surely they argued a woman carrying such a foetus has a right to an abortion. Really? Are they saying that the life of someone with a handicap or with Downs' is worth less than the life of a healthy human? The Nazis took a similar line. I challenge anyone holding that view to walk with me to Woodlarks on July 28 and to tell the campers there that their life is worth less than yours or mine, that they have fewer rights, including the right to life, than you or I.

The reality is that the vast majority of the 3,000 Irish women travelling to the UK for abortions each year and the many more who will now have abortions in Eire will be killing healthy babies created as a result of consensual sex. By using extreme cases the YES campaign have persuaded Ireland that it will allow thousands of such babies to be murdered every year.

Abortion in Ireland will like abortion in England , it will now be just another form of birth control, largely for those who could not be bothered to use other forms. Yes a woman should have a right to control her body but that right does not trump the right to life of another living being. The reality that those crowds of young folk and feminists celebrating in Dublin this weekend choose to ignore, is that they are celebrating the right to murder a living being because it is an inconvenience, it would change the lifestyle of the mother.

The law in Ireland was inhumane in that it denied abortions where there was a compelling moral case, for instance where the baby could not survive. I, or rather an ex-wife, have been in that position. I feel that our conscience is clear. But the laws that will now be introduced are nothing other than the legalisation of murder. I suppose we are meant to regard this as progress. My uber liberal daughter Olaf will call me a dinosaur but I do not see this as progress in any way shape or form. And Olaf, I do have a right to a view even though I am a man. Half those babies who will now be legally murdered would have been male. All would have been humans.

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