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BBC cannot bring itself to headline the big story on terror threat, those darn jihadists

Another day, another reason to wonder why on earth I have to pay a license fee to fund the BBC. This time the subject is the terror threat. Read the headline below “fastest-growing UK terror threat is from far right” and you would think that the streets are crawling with Nazis wanting to blow us up. Well er…not exactly, as the text of the article makes clear.

Friday 20 September 2019
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Shocking Photo Article - Miranda's sweet pussy

822 days ago

…will be rather disappointed by their nature, The Miranda's I refer to is, of course, the restaurant next to … a sharp right angle as it heads off to Kardamili. Miranda's boasts a wide menu but in fact normally has one … this with a cat which does not really belong to Miranda's but just wanders around begging as Greek cats do. …


Photo Article: I have won the Mrs over to Miranda's in Kambos

854 days ago

…to the Greek Hovel where I live. As you sit in Miranda's you stare up at the castle, you see cars, lorries … I have won her over, the Mrs is a member of the Miranda's fan club too. As for Miranda herself she picked …


An evening out: Miranda seduces me as Lovely Eleni can only watch

1185 days ago

…Can I ever admit to lovely Eleni just how good Miranda's Greek salad tasted? But it was only a Greek … up the small square and sat at a table outside Miranda's as the woman herself toiled at the stove inside. …


Venturing into the next door taverna to Eleni's in Kambos - Miranda's

1186 days ago

…Hovel and, being brave, made my first visit to Miranda's, the taverna in between the Kourounis taverna and … chopper ,mending store. I think that this is Miranda's. I have translated the sign from Greek lettering … on that but henceforth I shall refer to it as Miranda's. The taverna itself is set back 25 yards from the … I just type and save, I shall load this later. Miranda's has an A Board on the street but that is just for … to frigana chopping.Big time. Tonight it will be Miranda's again. it is a day for the two salad diet …


My status is upgraded by Miranda: I am honoured

1177 days ago

…of Kambos advertises all sorts of delight at Miranda's little taverna. Fish, grilled meats, toasted … folks will no doubt now also define me as being Miranda's waiter. What a silly world I inhabit back in …


Photo Article - the view from Miranda's: nice weather for Ducks

476 days ago

…second litre of water as I enjoy a late lunch at Miranda's in Kambos and recover from my labours. Yesterday …


Photo article: Ouzo O'Clock in Kambos Greece on the UK's Independence Day

1183 days ago

…By 2.30 PM it was ouzo o'clock. So I headed to Miranda's as you can see below and raised a class to Boris, …


I am having to boycott the new "creperie" in Kambos - this is appalling

756 days ago

…the side of its walls. Straight ahead of you is Miranda's restaurant which advertises wonderful choice but … fantastic rural Greek food and incredible value. Miranda's itself has a few small wooden inside but it is … up in poor English on a board stuck in front of Miranda's shade does not mention crepes but instead has a … rows of tightly packed plastic tables in front of Miranda's tables. You must try to navigate around them to … get to Miranda's and the clear intent is to steal any passing …


Photo Article - Sunset over a snow capped Taygetos, the view from Kambos Church

565 days ago

…of 537 (when I am there). I enjoyed a lunch at Miranda's - pork in a wine sauce, oven cooked potatoes and …


Photo Article: The Kambos Creperie parks its tanks on Miranda's lawn..for now

748 days ago

…a wooden shade at the Kambos institution that is Miranda's. This is shown in the photo below. The Chairs on …