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Photo Article - a Woodlarks training walk up the River Dee
Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - this is what I do when not writing or walking
Photo Article update from the Welsh Hovel - a sight to delight daughter Olaf


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Photo article - supper in Kardamili

259 days ago

…ever. my poison is ouzo but as a real contrast to Miranda's up here in Kambos my food was a delightful salmon …


Photo article: Joshua and his dad on a walking tour of the back streets of Kambos

260 days ago

…leading off the square bordered by what was Miranda's and lovely Eleni's Kourounis taverna. Heading …


Photo Article: back at the Greek Hovel and a 5th wedding anniversary lunch costing 18 Euro

265 days ago

…took me and Joshua for an anniversary lunch at Miranda's in Kambos as you can see below. Two beers for me, … But I bet the food will not be as good as that at Miranda's. …


Photo article: trekking up to Zarnata castle with Joshua on my back - amazing views of Kambos and the Greek Hovel

270 days ago

…its way around the hill, when enjoying an ouzo in Miranda's or from the tables outside the Kourounis taverna …


Photo Article from Kambos - if you wondered what happened to the accursed Creperie

311 days ago

…I stare out of the restaurant formerly known as Miranda's where I will soon pay six Euro for a superb home … As I stare out at the small square in front of Miranda's with the Kourounis tavern, run by lovely Eleni, …


Farewell to the Greek Hovel & Kambos - 240 trees and out

355 days ago

…lunch of beef in tomato sauce and peas at Miranda's in Kambos. Actually it is not called Miranda's


Photo Article - the view from Miranda's: nice weather for Ducks

356 days ago

…second litre of water as I enjoy a late lunch at Miranda's in Kambos and recover from my labours. Yesterday …


Photo Article - Sunset over a snow capped Taygetos, the view from Kambos Church

445 days ago

…of 537 (when I am there). I enjoyed a lunch at Miranda's - pork in a wine sauce, oven cooked potatoes and …


Photo article: Proving I am a real man... pyromania at last at the Greek Hovel

455 days ago

…was a kick in the gonads. Thus after lunch at Miranda's - an excellent calamari cooked in a sardine based …


Photo article: Tara's twin cat in Greece

534 days ago

…plant. But this friendly soul sitting near Miranda's in Kambos is her doppleganger. …


A tale of two restaurants The Katelanos and Miranda's in Kambos

536 days ago

…in my old age now that I know the delights of Miranda's up in Kambos. Up at Miranda's there are never any …


Photo article: All change in Kambos, farewell ouzerie, au revoir accursed creperie or is it goodbye?

548 days ago

…into the little square in Kambos which has Miranda's at the top, looking up at Zarnata castle, and the … good move too. There are just four tables inside Miranda's and the temperature here as it gets dark is … want a drink in the evening, one the 15 seats in Miranda's are gone, they now appear to have a choice …


A last lunch in Kambos, Gary Sausage holds court, excrutiating embarrassment at the creperie

626 days ago

…the main square. Three of the main four tables at Miranda's were occupied. At two sat local Greeks sipping … before he refocused his attentions on his gaggle. Miranda's was thus pretty full for a late lunch period. It … square being "owned" by the Kourounis taverna, Miranda's and the shop where I buy poison for frigana and …


Photo Article: The Kambos Creperie parks its tanks on Miranda's lawn..for now

629 days ago

…a wooden shade at the Kambos institution that is Miranda's. This is shown in the photo below. The Chairs on …


An empty Kambos creperie says what Lovely Eleni is too nice to say - the intruder is toast

630 days ago

…share two courses and a quarter litre of Rose at Miranda's. Miranda herself has retired but the food is, as … all made with fresh local ingredients. Perfect. Miranda's was packed out - that is to say all six tables …


I am having to boycott the new "creperie" in Kambos - this is appalling

636 days ago

…the side of its walls. Straight ahead of you is Miranda's restaurant which advertises wonderful choice but … fantastic rural Greek food and incredible value. Miranda's itself has a few small wooden inside but it is … up in poor English on a board stuck in front of Miranda's shade does not mention crepes but instead has a … rows of tightly packed plastic tables in front of Miranda's tables. You must try to navigate around them to … get to Miranda's and the clear intent is to steal any passing …


Shocking Photo Article - Miranda's sweet pussy

702 days ago

…will be rather disappointed by their nature, The Miranda's I refer to is, of course, the restaurant next to … a sharp right angle as it heads off to Kardamili. Miranda's boasts a wide menu but in fact normally has one … this with a cat which does not really belong to Miranda's but just wanders around begging as Greek cats do. …


Photo Article - cats in Greece

732 days ago

…tourist resorts, although not at places such as Miranda's in Kambos, the poor creatures starve as custom …


Photo Article: I have won the Mrs over to Miranda's in Kambos

734 days ago

…to the Greek Hovel where I live. As you sit in Miranda's you stare up at the castle, you see cars, lorries … I have won her over, the Mrs is a member of the Miranda's fan club too. As for Miranda herself she picked …


Photo Article from the Greek Hovel: dealing with rats as I discuss kidnapping some cats

739 days ago

…it here. There is one store on the Square where Miranda's and lovely Eleni's Kourounis taverna provide two …


A Sunday Morning by the church in Koroni, Greece

740 days ago

…which I gave to Joshua. I thought fondly of Miranda's up in Kambos where there is never any fish on …


In trouble with the Police again

744 days ago

…owned by Lovely Eleni and the square in front of Miranda's. At that point the road makes a 90 degree right … in front of Eleni's taverna and the square of Miranda's. Traffic coming in from Kardamili can see such …


Sitting in Kambos speaking French - looming competition for lovely Eleni & FFS I am NOT a Kraut

745 days ago

…yards from the Kourounis taverna and just next to Miranda's. Now Miranda's limited menu does not include …


Photo Article: Back in Kardamili with the Mrs - More global warming and mixed feelings

746 days ago

…much cheaper food up at the Kourounis taverna or Miranda's in Kambos. Kambos is a Greek village with no …


Olive inspecting with Nicho the Communist postponed (again) - St George's day drinking in Kambos

761 days ago

…time to find my friend, rather worse for wear, at Miranda's the establishment next to the Kourounis taverna … his cousin is called George. The man in charge of Miranda's today is also called George. In fact almost every …


Photo article: The road to nowhere ahead of my hot date in Kambos tonight

1057 days ago

…a road but a road to where? On my way down to Miranda's I stopped the car and started to walk up this …


An evening that was a farewell to Kambos until December

1057 days ago

…I can use the Kourounis wi-fi while sitting in Miranda's next door and did that as i tucked into a last …


My status is upgraded by Miranda: I am honoured

1057 days ago

…of Kambos advertises all sorts of delight at Miranda's little taverna. Fish, grilled meats, toasted … folks will no doubt now also define me as being Miranda's waiter. What a silly world I inhabit back in …


My father and his twenty five penises

1059 days ago

…bad. I think of my father. For I am sitting in Miranda's taverna in Kambos enjoying a lunch of chicken and …


I met this amazing woman late last night in Kambos

1063 days ago

…having enjoyed a relatively late meal at Miranda's I drove slowly home to the Greek Hovel at …


Photo article: Ouzo O'Clock in Kambos Greece on the UK's Independence Day

1064 days ago

…By 2.30 PM it was ouzo o'clock. So I headed to Miranda's as you can see below and raised a class to Boris, …


An evening out: Miranda seduces me as Lovely Eleni can only watch

1066 days ago

…Can I ever admit to lovely Eleni just how good Miranda's Greek salad tasted? But it was only a Greek … up the small square and sat at a table outside Miranda's as the woman herself toiled at the stove inside. …


Venturing into the next door taverna to Eleni's in Kambos - Miranda's

1066 days ago

…Hovel and, being brave, made my first visit to Miranda's, the taverna in between the Kourounis taverna and … chopper ,mending store. I think that this is Miranda's. I have translated the sign from Greek lettering … on that but henceforth I shall refer to it as Miranda's. The taverna itself is set back 25 yards from the … I just type and save, I shall load this later. Miranda's has an A Board on the street but that is just for … to frigana chopping.Big time. Tonight it will be Miranda's again. it is a day for the two salad diet …


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