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BREAKING: After 12 years of asking Warwick School finally publicly admits to historic abuse and says sorry in letter sent to thousands

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 29 June 2023

The letter below is being sent today to all parents of boys at Warwick School and to all OWs for whom Warwick has details. Twelve long years after I first raised the issue of the physical abuse I, and so many others, suffered at the hands of sadistic bastard Geoffrey, Geoff, Eve, during his two stints at the school, we are getting there with this public mea culpa. Last year Warwick apologised to Eve victims personally, accepting that our allegations were true. Now, for the first time, we get a very public and explicit acceptance from Warwick that it had problems with historic abuse. But we are only part way there.

The music teacher I tracked down to Scarborough was not prosecuted for sexual abuse by the CPS though victims bravely came forward. It should reconsider. The CPS is still sitting on the case of another Warwick serial paedophile and has been for two years during which time one of the six Warwick victims who had given evidence about the horrible abuse they had suffered at his hands killed himself. I still sit on the names of other teachers who abused boys at Warwick sexually, one of whom ( now dead)  has a prize in his name which the school hands out. Maybe this letter may prompt more victimsto come forward. At some stage the floodgates must open for what is in the public domain only scratches the surface.

For 12 years I have been badgering Warwick and I know that some OWs and some ex teachers will never forgive me for forcing this issue and they have made their contempt for me very clear. How dare I attack the old place? I do so because it failed in its duty of care and a lot of us suffer to this day as a result. However, this letter is progress and we must pray that it prompts others who suffered to realise that they were not alone and to step forward.


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