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Does the Met Office think we are stupid? Hottest April since 1940 claim.

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 9 May 2024

As I have noted before, when one uses weather stations on RAF bases you can always prove there is global warming. But beyond the data, surely we all have the evidence of our eyes.

The latest claim from the global warming loons is that April was the warmest since 1940. So what was causing that global warming 84 years ago? We were told that global warming only started in the 1970s. Whatever.

The met say that April was boiling hot but I know that here in North Wales I was turning the heating up at the requests of guests and the kids. I know that I was also running a wood burning stove to keep the living room hot. In short, I felt cold. And there might be a reason for that: it was cold.

According to World Weather, there were just three days of sunshine in April, there were nine days of rain and there were 18 days of cloud. The average daytime temperature was 9.4 degrees centigrade. Just, to take one year at random: 2022 saw an average temperature across this rain sodden land of 11.7 degrees and six days of sunshine. Okay 2021 was also warmer than 2024 and saw five days sunshine. It goes on and on.

In short the Met Office is now just telling plain lies from contrived data to support the global warming narrative. And anyone trusting their own senses can see that.

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