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The Greek Political Elite in action?

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 8 June 2012

Why is it that most senior Greek politicians seem to be extremely fat? Did they eat all the bailouts? As my beloved Hellas heads for another election next week, heaven knows what will happen. Will there be a coalition which opposes being totally buttfucked (sorry I meant bailed out) by the EU or is will there be one which signs up for national humiliation, more austerity, etc. I do not know.

If I were a Greek watching my leaders in action here:

I think I would be considering:

a) not voting and going back to the ancestral village to farm both whatever benefits I could as well as my goats

b) not voting but asking relations in Sydney, Vancouver or New York if they would sponsor me for a Green card

c) not voting and taking advantage of Schengen to go to Germany as a Gastarbeiter as Greeks used to do before the EU brought it prosperity.

I cannot see that any of the Greek politicians on offer are very appealing. They are either fat establishment crooks or fat fascist/communists who, I am sure, would be crooks if they got into power. I hope Greece thinks back to Rigas Feraois and his war song ( Thourios) from the days before the heroic struggle of 1822:

For how long, o brave young men, shall we live in fastnesses,
Alone, like lions, on the ridges in the mountains?
Shall we dwell in caves, looking out on branches,
Fleeing from the world on account of bitter serfdom?
Abandoning brothers, sisters, parents, homeland
Friends, children, and all of our kin?

Better one hour of free life,
Than forty years of slavery and prison.

Greece should reject any further EU aid, default on its debts, go back to the drachma and build again. It can rebuild with a competitive currency but not within the Euro. Such an out-turn will cause problems for banks across Europe but that is Europe’s problem. It should not have allowed Greece entry to the Euro in the first place knowing full well that Greece was not fit for entry. The Greek problem is one created by a corrupt political elite across the EU. The Greek people should not suffer decades of poverty and serfdom as a result. I would hope that if Greece exits the Euro then this will encourage people across Europe to reject the failed political vision which our elite still clings to.

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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