Going for a Haircut Greek Style

Tom Winnifrith Saturday 11 August 2012


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This is not a reference to the Banksters. They will take another Greek haircut in due course when Hellas eventually defaults. Today it was my turn for a Greek haircut. This is an odd neighbourhood of Athens. We have a corner store (not actually on the corner but 3 doors down) manned by a nice Lady from Bangladesh. Needless to say she is open all hours, the Greek stores are not. Perhaps racist triple jumpers from the Nazi Golden Dawn party would care to explain why this lady’s presence is so bad for the Greek economy?

Next door is the hairdresser. She insisted on me taking an action shot. Well she gesticulated. Thank heavens she only spoke a few words of English. And so after “Olympics…London.. smile” to which I replied “all too awful” which she did not understand I enjoyed a haircut in silence. I find that the worst part of having a haircut in the UK is the attempt of someone who is not interested in me ( and vice versa) to try to find a subject of mutual interest to discuss. I think I would pay more just to have my hair cut in trappist silence.

The only downside of the inability of myself and the lady ( not exactly swamped with other customers – I think I was 50% of her morning trade) to communicate is that her view of what is short hair and mine are a bit different. As her electronic sheers whirred away, I sensed that I can now go several months without having to brave another babble of inanity and associated trim back in the UK. Always look on the bright side.

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