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Today’s Instalment of The Conservative Party Suicide Plot: Protecting welfare spending

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 4 March 2013

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has suggested that the Government should cut welfare rather than defence spending. That seems like the sort of thing a Tory should support. Why should our troops in whichever pointless wars they are fighting right now not have the best armour and bullets for their guns and not have to worry about getting a P45 if they make it home alive? And is not welfare spending (at more than three times defence spending) bloated?

Apparently not. A Downing Street spokesperson said: “The Government has already set out additional welfare savings. If new and specific proposals were to emerge, then they would need to be considered.”

To which I say just two words: Heather Frost. A system that allows someone who has never worked to fund: the purchase and maintenance of a horse, flying lessons for her partner, the hire of a fairground attraction for her kid’s Birthday party, etc is a system that is flawed. And every day we read of other Heather Frost type figures, perhaps not in the league of the Queen of welfare parasites but still living a life of fecklessness funded by the taxpayer. For the arrogant and out of touch elite who lead the Conservative party to say that they cannot cut welfare spending is quite simply pathetic.

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