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BBC Question Time – Balanced Audience of …Labour party workers

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 7 March 2013

And you in the audience said Dimbleby as he picked out a rather plain looking young lady who then ripped into the poor UKIP lady basically accusing her of being an out and out racist. This young lady was allowed time to have a go again and again again. Gosh the local citizens of Dover seemed very well briefed about UKIP campaign literature in Eastleigh.

The lady was in fact Amy Rutland and you can find her twitter account here.

On it she tweets conversations to woth Stephen Twigg, labour’s uber-smug panellist on QT, boast on twitter how she termed the UKIP lady as “disgusting” on QT and oh, er…she works full time for the Labour party. Oh and she does not live in Dover. So just your normal BBC balance then.

Oh...that twitter account seems to have been changed. Let's rewrite history then. Sorry Amy you smug little bitch the cat is already out of the bag. And just for the record why is it that if UKIP says immigration is an issue it is disgusting but when your own party now says that immigration is an issue it is acting like a party of Government? Are only lefties allowed to talk about immigration on the grounds that they cannot be racist whereas you think anyone on the right must be?

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