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Harrods’s Boss Bang on the Money on Immigration

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 9 March 2013

I never thought I’d find myself writing this but someone close to Harrods’s owner the Phony Pharaoh is talking common sense. The man is Michael Ward the managing director of the ghastly West London emporium and he has lashed out at the mainstream political parties on the subject of immigration. His point is that the Labour/Conservative alliance are so terrified of being soft on immigration that they are making it damn hard for those we would all like to move here to actually get in. Spot on.

The British public has no problem with folks turning up here who wish to work hard, pay taxes etc. The problem we all have is those who turn up in the UK and then become a drain on the State. Frankly we have enough Heather Frost type home grown talent in that department without needing to import any.

But in order to be seen to be tough on immigration the mainstream parties have both supported policies such as reducing the number of highly skilled migrants who are allowed in each year. My ex-girlfriend is an Indian National. She is highly skilled, has never claimed a penny in benefits and paid vast amounts in tax. Yet she had a nightmare getting the right to stay here. We want folks like her in the UK but partly as a result of the shitty way the UK has treated her, the odds are that she will soon be paying taxes to the German exchequer. Germans like to welcome hard working folk.

It may play well with Daily Mail readers for politicians to boast about how they are cracking down on the skilled worker scheme which is abused. But in reality it just damages the economy. And it does nothing to stop the welfare tourists who are those who cause anger among ordinary Britons in the first place.

How to tackle the welfare tourists? Simple. By changing a system that allows Heather Frost to life a dream existence at the taxpayer’s expense. That would also dissipate voter resentment about the immigration since it tackles the sort of immigration that offends us all. And it helps the economy.

The Cheeky Girls get that point. Mr. Ward gets that point. It is just the political elite who have never got that point. I cover the great political thinkers of our time and their solution to this issue (I refer to the Cheeky Girls) in an article to be found only in this weekend’s Tomograph newsletter which will go out on Saturday night. To make sure you get a copy register HERE

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