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Light blogging ahead, journey back Playboy PR girl finally gets in touch

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 17 August 2012

The bus timetable on the internet said that there were buses at 10 am and 12 noon from Athens to Igounemitsa. My late grandmother (Lesbia Winnifrith) only missed one train in her life and that was when she was so early she caught the one before. My mother’s side of the family (Bookers) only ever turn up on time once – at their funerals. Luckily I did a Winnifrith and arrived at 9 to find that the bus was actually at 9.30. Eight hours later I arrived in Igounemitsa.

This is the ferry port that takes you to Corfu or, in my case, Italy. I am now killing time as the vessel does not leave until midnight. This place is like a half finished Tilbury without the glamour but much hotter. I doubt the “new port” at which I am staring will ever be completed. But enormous ferries still chug into the quayside to load and unload. These vessels are vast and as I sit here in a cafe on the other side of the road it seems as if their sheer momentum could carry them through the building site and across that road. But that would be hard work and this is Greece.

And so the journey home starts. It is light blogging for the next ten days as I travel across Europe by bus, boat, train and plane. And try to get that book finished. I see that there is a scorching weekend in store for Britain. Enjoy it.

And as I prepare to sign off, I have just noticed that I have received an alert from LinkedIn. Lucy Sharp, PR girl for playboy, has finally accepted my invitation to connect. Regular readers will not need to search this website to see how we first came across each other. Anyhow, perhaps she will now show me what networking is all about. Another good reason to go back to London.

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