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Prince Harry Photos – Who Really cares? Who Looks Silliest?

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 23 August 2012

Prince Harry appears to have enjoyed himself in Las Vegas. I am sure that 40 years ago his uncle Andrew (then also third in line to the throne) would have enjoyed himself in similar ways. But that was before mobile phone/cameras and the internet. Harry is perhaps not the brightest spark on this planet and so should have known that one day such antics would have been spread all over the nation’s breakfast tables c/o Fleet Street but is it really that important?

It would be a tragedy if Harry became King. Not because he is a bit of a lad and a bit (okay, very) dim but because it implies unfortunate events (or lack of them) elsewhere in the house of Windsor. The odds are that he will not be King and as such he faces restrictions on what he can do without opportunity to do things he may wish to do. That is his lot. Of course he has numerous compensations but still it is an unusual position in which he finds himself. As far as I can see he has shown bravery in signing up for combat duty and, generally, his behaviour suggests that he does not seem to have a malicious streak, indeed he seems a friendly fellow.

Whilst you would not want Harry on your pub quiz team, the folks who look the daftest in this whole episode are the press officers for the Royal Family. With the pictures in non UK papers and all over the internet who on earth thought that trying to stop Fleet Street from publishing them would a) stop anyone in Britain who wanted to from accessing them online and b) stop Fleet Street from publishing as soon as it became clear that everyone had already seen them? The exercise was pointless and just added to the humiliation the Royals must have felt.

It is also vaguely disturbing that there are those in the establishment who still think that they can deny those of us in Airstrip One access to information that the whole of the rest of the planet can access. The information in question is dull and irrelevant (he is a 27 year old single man and can do what he wishes as far as I am concerned – I am not sure that I really care) but the act of attempting to deny access is as unwelcome as it was pointless.

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