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The Independent Newspaper, Woolwich and Britain’s out of touch liberal elite

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 26 May 2013

I’d never buy The Independent. It is a sorry rag produced by folks at the heart of the Westminster media liberal bubble for an audience of public sector employed middle class deluded lefties. It is almost as loathsome as the Guardian. But the bloke in front of me on the plane is reading it and so I cannot but help marvel at its coverage of the Islamofascist atrocity in Woolwich.

The real victims? Natch it is Britain’s Muslim community “forced” to condemn the attack. No-one is forcing anyone to do anything but it strikes me that if leaders of a particular community find it hard to condemn what was a despicable act there is something badly wrong. It should be a natural reaction to condemn what happened. But heck we all know who the real victims have to be in liberal la la land. Forget the poor bloke hacked to death it is the entire Muslim community.

Nothing sums up how out of touch the liberal media classes are with the rest of us than a small diary story which notes that after News at Ten covered the attack the next commercial break featured an Army recruitment ad. The paper somehow thinks this was unfortunate and will not play well with potential recruits. But then it is not nice middle class Guardian/Indy reading lads who ever sign up to fight for their country. Most of the time such young men seem to support “the other side” or to believe that concepts of Country ( as opposed to EU Super state) are just terribly passé.  

I would sense that among the portions of society who normally supply recruits to the army the determination not to be beaten by an evil enemy will have seen an increase in the number prepared to sign up to fight for Queen & Country.

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